Does Medifast food give you gas?

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Ok, This is really embarrassing to ask a bunch of strangers, but maybe everyone on medifast is suffering of the same consequense as me. Any answer or solutions would be so very appreciated!.

Has anyone on medifast; past or present, suffered from excess gas. I am talking the bent over painful kind with the adominal bloating. I have tried gas-x and that didn't do anything. I don't know what is causing it but it is making me miserable and just seems to be getting worse! I noticed it when I first started MF, and it just gets worse and worse the longer I am on the plan..

Please give me solutions! Maybe an idea as to why?.


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What veggies are you eating for your greens? Some like broccoli and cabbage are high gas producers...

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Be careful of the bars...they have sugar alcohol which our bodies do not digest. Some of us need to limit (or not eat them). I can have ONE a day...

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It's the sugar alcohols, some people tolerate them better then others. The Medifast items that don't have sucralose in the ingredients are the easiest on my tummy. I feel your pain hun I have the same problems. I notice certain bars and the brownies bother my tummy..

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I had terrible problems with it. bloating, pains and dr. appointments. I started taking the digestive health sup. and that seemed to help...

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Ouch. I've had that problem, but not to the point of being in pain. The bars do it to me - especially my favorite peanut butter crunch and chocolate mint. I ran out so didn't have for a few days, and the gas went away.

Remember there are Medifast nutritionists available at their toll free number. I've called twice, and they've been very responsive and helpful. Didn't even have to hold for more than a minute. The online nutritionists sometimes don't respond to posts so best to call on something like this..

Congratulations on your success to date, hope you resolve this and feel better soon!..

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I'm SO glad you asked this, because I am suffering from the same problem! I've read all the answers over at nutritional support & they all give some generic answer. None of which seems to be the case with me. Things like avoiding drinking with a straw, or not using a blender to mix meals. Also, the increased fiber possibly being the culprit.

But, I've been at this for nearly 6 weeks! You'd think my body would have adjusted to the increase by now!.

I hardly ever eat the bars & it still happens! I've tried varying all of my meals, to try to find one that might be causing it...nothing..

It started for me about a week in to the program & has been a steady problem since. There are days when I think I can't possibly go on like can be very painful!.

I wish Medifast would give us the "real" answer to what it is! There are hundreds of posts complaining of gas, so it must be the food!.

The strange thing is that it always starts to come on around the same time every day...usually early evening. Like slightly before, or after my L&G. I do eat a lot of raw veggies, but I always have. Even pre-MF & I've never had problems like this before!.

I hope someone has a cure for it!..

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Several years ago while on Medifast, RAW broccoli gave me bent over, almost to the hospital pain. It took me eating it 3 times to figure it out. I'll never forget that pain. Watch out for the veggies trays during the holidays...

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If you go to the REGISTERED DIETITIANS SUPPORT forum and type "gas" into the Search This Forum box (right hand side), you'll learn everything you want to know about this often-posted issue..

Good luck. I hope you feel better...

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I would suggest the process of elimination... Rotate different products to see the biggest offenders. There are some items that give me that problem also. I think diofferent people react differently to various ingredients..

Some folks start chewing gum during Medifast. The sorbitol AND swallowing air can cause discomfort...

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Make sure you're drinking a full glass of water with your bar...this is in addition to your daily water..

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I've heard soy makes some people fart, maybe you could try the whey based products and limit the soy and see if that helps...

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I do not hurt, but I pass A LOT of gas... I j ust read this and I noticed that ppl said that the bars cause this problem. If I am home all day, I do not eat my bars becasue I like to take them on the go, and on those days, my gas is less now that I think of it, I still have it just not as bad...

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"I wish Medifast would give us the "real" answer to what it is! There are hundreds of posts complaining of gas, so it must be the food!".

There's no "real answer" specific to everybody. Different people have different allergies and sensitivities. While there may be many people who experience gas/pain related issues, odds are it's from a variety of causes. The list includes but isn't limited to.

Food allergies.

Food sensitivity.

Celiac disease- diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Not enough water.

Too much diet soda.

Raw vegetables.

General illness.

No way for any nutritionist to diagnose over the phone, they can only offer suggestions. As always, if you're in pain you should probably be talking to a Dr..

Disclaimer- I'm just a history major ; )..

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WOw! Thanks for all the great insight on this issue! FUnny, I did try to do a search in the forums for this topic, but I guess I was looking in the wrong place! I am going to look into all of these great solutions.

Again, Thanks for all the support and knowledge. Despite the painful gas, I still LOVE MF!!!!.



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One of the side effects of Ketosis is flatulance.... I found this conversation between a nutritionist and a dieter:.

"I do a very balanced diet of high protein and carbs and ever since I started it my farts fkn reek! What's the deal and is there something that can help?".

"You are in Ketosis, burning fat. It's actually the stage you want to be in if you are on a high protein diet.".

Also, my DH did the Optifast 900 calorie diet and this was one of the things they covered in great detail.

If you have pain - I would see a doctor to ensure you can stay on the Medifast plan..

My 2 cents...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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