Does insulin resistance affect Medifast?

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I am just starting on the Medifast program and am concerned that I will not lose weight because I am insulin resistant. I have done the Diabetic Association Diet along with exercise and lost almost nothing. Upon telling this to my doctor, he told me I would lose very little (that encouraged me!). I just wondered if there was anyone out there who has this same problem and what kind of results have you hadJ?.

Jane Manning..

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Your question was: Does insulin resistance affect Medifast?.

Hi rvramblers and welcome!.

I am insulin resistant also and a type 2 diabetic AND I'm 65! This program works. I tried a 1200 cal ADA diet several times without much sucess. I am losing slowly ( compared to younger folks) but I AM losing! I'm due for labs in Aug..

I wish you much success with MF..

PSAre you really RVers? We just finished 5 years full time RVing...

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Hello. I found out a couple of months ago that I was insulin resistant. Decided to try Medifast before I burned out my pancreas. This is only my 3rd dayOK so far!..

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PAM: Thanks for the information and encouragement. I hope this experience with Medifast is my last effort ( ). Look forward to hearing from you again and seeing your progress!.

RUTH: Yes we are RVers! We have been for about four years, and my husband is retiring in March of '08. It is then that we will "hit the road" and become full time. We love seeing this great land of ours and meeting some of the nicest people we've ever met. Look forward to hearing from you again and congratulations on your progress. Let me know more in the future..


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Medifast is absolutely perfect for diabetics and for those of us who do not want to become diabetic (i.e. anyone who is overweight! ). Eating small, frequent meals containing quality protein and moderate carbohydrates keeps blood sugar stable and the pancreas happy!.

Both my mom and stepdad have DMII and have had fabulous success on Medifast. They are five weeks into the program and have lost 23.5 and 25.5 pounds, respectively. My mom's fasting blood glucose used to be in the 200's every morning. One week into the program her fasting blood glucose dropped to the 120's! My stepdad is taking half the amount of insulin that he was prior to starting the program. My mom will probably no longer be taking insulin in the next few weeks!.

Here is information about the study discussing Medifast vs. the ADA diet:.


Researchers released the results of a weight loss study that found that after 34 weeks, diabetic participants using Medifast's portion controlled, meal replacement program lost twice as much weight and were twice as likely to complete the study as participants following a standard food diet based on the dietary guidelines of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Additionally, after 34 weeks, 24 percent of the Medifast users decreased or eliminated their diabetes medication, compared to 0 percent on the standard food diet..

The researchers randomized two groups of Type II diabetic volunteers. One group was given the Medifast Plus for Diabetics defined-formula meal replacement diet of soups, oatmeal, bars and a variety of shakes. The other group was asked to follow a diet based on ADA nutrition guidelines, shop for their own food and manage their own portions, but had the same guidance from the doctors, counselors and dietitians in the study as the Medifast group..

I have been a diabetic for about five or six years. As of today I am completely off all my sugar and cholesterol medications and my blood pressure is normal. My total weight loss on this program has been 50 pounds. Ill tell you; this has made the difference to me in life and death. I truly believe Medifast has been a miracle in my life, says Josephine Shaw, a diabetic patient.

A crucial finding was a significant drop in diabetes medication intake for the Medifast group. After the 34-week weight loss phase, 24 percent of the Medifast participants either decreased or eliminated their diabetes medication. None of the participants on the standard food diet could say the same.

In my twenty years as a critical care physician using surgery and medicines, I have never experienced the amazing improvement in disease that I have in the two years we have been focused on nutritional intervention as the first line defense against disease, says Dr. Andersen. Within 4 to 16 weeks our patients are coming off their cholesterol and diabetic medication and showing dramatic improvements in the symptoms of several other conditions...

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Hi EmmeRN,.


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Just had to add my "I second that" to this thread. I am 53, have been diabetic for many years and am very insulin resistant. I'm on a pump and still have never, despite many regimes, been able to get anywhere near to good control. When I asked my doctor about losing weight, he said it was not possible at my age and with my level of insulin resistance. I've tried about every diet in the book without success, so I was ready to throw in the towel and believe him..

MF was my last ditch effort. I still can hardly believe that it is working - but it IS! It feels so good to have hope again ... I really believe I will lose this weight, at last. It isn't even that hard easier than the other diets I've tried and with less hunger. AND my BG levels are terrific. I can hardly believe that either, but it is true.

Maybe the soy protein helps stabilize BG levels?? I don't know, but I sure am glad..

Never thought I'd sound like a commercial for a diet program, but here I am. So look forward to success, at last. And show your doctor that he doesn't know everything. I'll look forward to hearing about your success in weeks to come!..

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That makes sense. I was on the Protein Sparing Modified Fast for almost six years and did lose, but then I was stuck for the last three years at the same weight and nothing else would come off. I finally caved in and tried Medifast and lost 43 lbs in my first 4 months. So I don'nt know if it's a kick in the metabolism's butt or what, but it is working. Right now, I'm at a point where it seems like I'm eating too much. And I'm doing mainly shakes and oatmeal, not always a bar (except like during movies) or while I'm on the run and it's easy to take along.

Kinda funny. I'm eating all my food, too, but it's when I go under 940 I lose consistently. I've even been able to start exercising (mildly). Oh, well, who's to quarrel with success...

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Has anyone noticed a difference in using the diabetic shakes & bars vs. the woman 55 shakes, drinks & bars? I'm insulin resistant and I've been using the 55 with slow weight loss...

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I've been using the diabetic ones and I'm only losing about 1 pound a week!!..

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Hi, I try to avoid bars of both types as much as possible. In my opinion the diabetic shakes make me feel good (not hungry) longer. I use both...

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I am now using the regular ones when I'm going to be outotherwise I agreethe shakes are more satisfying...

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I can't seem to keep from wanting to weigh every day. I started the diet on Thursday, the 5th and lost 4 lbs. Today I gained a pound (LOL). I think I've decided to weigh only once or twice a week..

Also, people are scaring me about the awful taste of the outmeal and different foods, so that this morning instead of outmeal, I ate pudding for breakfast (LOL!).

Hope yours is a good weekend..

The food is horrid! However, I'm determined to hang in there...

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The best eay to eat the oatmeal is to make pancakes or muffins. It's not the taste so much as it is the glue like consistancy. Ruth..

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I have been encouraged reading this thread. I ordered medifast last weekend and am anxiously awaiting Medifast to arrive at my door. Same song, second verse...diabetic, insulin resistant, diet queen here. I lost weight once on byetta ( an injectible diabetic med) but I through up every single day after each injection. I finally stopped taking it. I am praying that Medifast is my friend.

I also love having this avenue of communication with others. I am 58 and weigh 179lbs. I want to loose at least 60 lbs. It sounds like the diet is rapid but healthy weight loss. Looking forward to posting my results soon.


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I heard that a Low glycimic index LOW GI is good for diabetics and the diabetic Medifast program has low GI. My doctor told me if I wanted to lose weight as a diabetic I would have to eat less calories than anyone else.. so the low cal Medifast program sounds good for me. I think it is working. It has always be sooo hard for me to lose weight and since monday I have lost a whopping 8 pounds!!!..

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Same story here. I am type II, insulin resistant, and on a pump. However, I have lost! (I am also the diet queen and tent to get discouraged because the weight just won't come off!) I am losing slowly, but echo so many of the comments made before this is actually working for me! I think the key for me is to stick with it even though the losses are slow. My wt loss has slowed to only abt 1 lb per wk average. I am happy with it, at least it is NOT a gain or plateau right now!..

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I lost another pound.. so 9 pounds already! I know low carb and low cal is good for IR!..

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I begin tomorrow. UPS just dropped off my package. I am excited. Have all of you stayed with the Diabetic meal plan or have you changed to the Women's plan? And where do you get those adorable artistic symbols of reporting your weight loss, etc. on your feed...

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Go to the Community Home screen...look on far right column for Ticker Workshop...enter your weight and follow the directions. Good luck with the Medifast regimen. I'm new at it too...

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Thanks TLD. I really appreciate this. Good luck and blessings...

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I've had my first day and it has been good. I feel good in light of the fact I have a couple of sugar lows today. I know the first week will be a great adjustment, but I am up for it. I can hardly wait to see the smily face move!!..

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Okay-I'm not going to report each day but I was delighted after the first day to have lost 2lbs. Anyone with Insulin Resistance knows that it seems impossible to loose weight. I do have sugar lows some and have to have a piece of hard candy to pull it back up, but I 'm going to try to stay with this. I enjoy reading the post. They are helpful and encourageing.


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Hi Fonda.

Glad things are going well for you! I lost another pound after about 1 1/2 weeks. It takes awhile but it does come off. Feel free to post often! Ruth..

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Thanks Ruth. How long have you been on program? I am determined to stay with this. I had my first challenge today, but made it through it. I sometimes add a banana to my chocolate shake. My sugar has been fluxuating and I need a quick pick up. I will be glad when I don't have the lows.

Thanks for posting..


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I'm diabetic however I'm using the women "s 5 and 1. I figure that the calories are much less than what I'm use to. I had a rough first day...

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I had one fasting glucose reading almost 2 years ago that was 126, technically making me a diabetic (although most of the time the readings were between 110 and 115). I have never been on medication, just encouraged to manage with diet, exercise, and good food choices. Within two weeks of starting Medifast (almost 4 weeks ago) my fasting glucose is now in the high 80's (occasionally up to 92). In addition to losing weight and dropping almost two entire pant sizes in 4 weeks, I'm most excited about seeing my glucose levels return to normal! My post-prandial's are in the high 70's! Diabetes runs rampant in my family, complete with a laundry list of awful complications (amputations, diminished kidney function, loss of vision, coma leading to death), so I'm THRILLED to be backing away from this disease...

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Fonda - Since I've been on the Medifast (07/09), my BS had been running low. I checked with my MD and have been able get completely off insulin (1st week) and now am reducing oral diabetic meds. If you're on diabetic meds, you might need to check with your MD and see if you can be weaned from the meds. Getting off meds would be better than having to get a boost from fruit or candy which takes you out of ketosis. You lose weight faster in ketosis. It just takes a while to get stablized.

God Bless.


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Ted: Thank you so much for this information. I am doing better. I had a couple of days that I did not follow plan. I was also bouncing sugar wise and didn't feel well. For some reason, the last three days, I have been perfect and felt good. I am going to see this through and I want off the lantus and the metformin.

I have only been on a week and only lost 3lbs. I haven't weighed since I went to my best friend's birthday party last Tue. and got off. I will weigh in the morning and I now, finally really love MF. I am not struggleing like I was at first.

I love the current post. It keeps me motivated. Best wishes to you and thanks for helping me. I can't wait until I have lost 32.5 lbs.

God Bless you too!.


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So glad to find this board for those of us with Insulin Resistance. At first I was disappointed with my slower loss this first week(-4) but I have to realize the IR might not allow big numbers. I haven't lost 4 pounds in a week since I was in my 20's!! Are those with IR on the Diabetic Plan or the regular plan?..

Comment #29

Hi Lynne! Welcome to MF. I'm just finishing my 3rd weekit gets easier all the time. When I placed my second order, I thought I'd try some of the regular items as I'm going to be on Medifast for quite some time (110# to lose). My eating habits before Medifast were sooooo horribleanything is an improvement.

Can't wait to see what my lab work looks like in 3 months. My Hgb A1C was 6 and C-Peptides was 10.5!!.

So glad to have the discussion boards for inspiration!..

Comment #30

Hi secondhanddogit looks like we are about in the same place with our weight and duration on program. I'm hopeful that since I am feeling better this week that I will lose enough weight to see a ten pound loss total for 2 weeks. I'm glad you answered!!..

Comment #31

Hi Fonda.

I started in May. I'm on metformin and Januvia and so I don't have any lows to worry about. My meds remain the same even after 28 pounds lost. Probably need another 30 pounds before any changes. Hope all is well with you today :} Ruth..

Comment #32

Hi Ruth: Thanks for writing. I have had a horrible day food wise. I'm caregiver to my terminally ill father and I have had my son and his family here for the last four days to say their goodbyes. I was perfect on plan for 3 of those days and today, just blew it completely. I had lost 3 1/2 lbs. It is my first week.

I have loved Medifast with the exception of the fall off. Do you do only the diabetic foods or do you order the regular plan? I will be re-ordering in two weeks and I am thinking about ordering the other meal plan. I have enjoyed what I have so far. I just wondered about more variety. I will continue to work with the lows.

You never realize how much you really do eat until you decide to take notice. Have a wonderful week..


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I am insulin resistant and new to MF, when I ordered my food it asked me if I was type II diabetic so I answered no. Now I am wondering if I should be using Medifast for diabetics vs the regular food? Does anyone know the answer?..

Comment #34

I am also insulin resistant. I read on one of the post by a nurse that the regular foods are fine for us as well. I am new also and am doing the diabetic foods this month but plan to branch a bit next month. I have only been on one week. Good luck to you..


Comment #35

I am IR too and real concerned about not losing any weight.

I am going to be diligent on following this plan to a tee for the 1st month..

I am on 10mcg Byetta. Any one else using Byetta?.

What were your results?.

Help! Any suggestions,experience or advice would be greatly appreciated...

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Hi blessed: I used to be on 10mg of Byetta and I threw up every single day. I was sick all the time, so I just quit taking it. I believe this diet will work, but one must be 100% on plan. I have only been on Medifast for a week plus a couple of days. I had lost 4lbs. but fell off over the weekend.

Good luck.


Comment #37

Thanks Fonidasong. I have a months worth of food for non-diabetic so I will use that and see where it takes me. I am currently taking metaforin and hope that with Medifast I can get off the meds completely. However I will always need to take the synthroid I am on for my thyroid..

Comment #38

Hi again Pye: I look forward to your results on the regular plan. I am also on metformin and 30 mg of lantus insulin. I want off both meds and my blood pressure medicine. I weigh 178 and have a goal of 118. I know that's a lot, but after reading Dr. Furhman's book, Eat to Live, and reading his website and listening to his Wed.

He says that most doctors weight charts are too high. I wish I could be a successful Eat to Liver and will work toward that as my goal and become a vegan, but right now, I need the conrol of Medifast. I still have a had trouble. I want one full week of perfect plan. I hope I don't have any down falls this week.

I have always been a "goer" and I am fairly confined to the house with him now. He has been living with me for 6 weeks. So, it is really a challenge. These boards help though. Let me know how you do on the regular plan.

Fuhrman says we can reverse all of it with the proper nutrition. If you have never read the book or visited the website,, I highly recommend it. Have a great week..


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I've read that folks on Byetta typically lose anywhere from 10lb to 26lb. It is supposed to be excellent for reducing the insulin in our bodies-which as you know, is a contributer to our being overweight...

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I am also on Byetta and have been interested in reading your posts about it. Originally, whien I went on Byetta, I lost about 17 lbs, but then ended up in the hospital (not related to the Byetta) and when I got out, I gained the 17 back, plus more. It seems since I have been on insulin and Byetta, I have really gained weight in my stomach area, which just adds to the problems. I am hoping with MF, I will be able to get off insulin and Byetta. I just started with a sample pack and lost 4 lbs. My first full week will be Thursday. I am afraid to get on the scale until then!..

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I've read on some of the post that some people have been able to get off the insulin rather quickly. I know that insulin makes us more diabetic. Isn't is something to be afraid to get on the scale. I feel the same way. I am waiting until Friday. As I've said before, I could not tolerate the Byetta and I believe anything that makes you that sick isn't good for me.

I needed that this morning. It made me smile!..

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Fonda - I was waiting for the extreme nausea and diarhea but none of that happened. I was surprised because my Doc put me on Actos over a year ago for IR and I gained weight and my legs and ankles swelled to no end..

Got off that after a month and refused to try any thing else..

Last month my blood work showed that I was now over the line and a diabetic. Scared the crap out of me. Doc suggested Byetta and I resisted. I went back on a 1200 cal day healthy diet and couldn't lose a pound. Called him 3 wks later and started the Byetta. I just finished my month of 5mcg and went to the 10mcgs.

I am hoping that I can lose weight on Medifast again.

I want to get rid of my huge belly. Looks like I'm having triplets.

Let's keep each other informed of our progress on this journey with IR, Diabetes, etc. I hope that we can be a help to others who are in this state.

Researched Byetta..

Comment #43

I am insulin resistant, and also have been diagnosed with PCOS the two together pretty much sums up a stagnat metabolism. I had no success on other plans, but am losing readily with Medifast. I didn't even lose when I was put on Metformin, I actually gained, and was eating 20g of carbs and exercise, so I am in my glory with the Medifast plan...

Comment #44

Thank you for responding blessed. I am excited to have someone to track with. As I had said early, I did not do well on plan for the first week. I probably should have waited a week to start, but anyway, I am perfectly on plan now. I am not going to weigh until Friday, but I believe that we will win this battle. Just reading post helps so much.

She is loosing and she is IR. I will check everyday and report in. I just ate my lean green meal at Cracker Barrell. I could feel the trigers, but I resisted. I did so well.

Thanks again! I saw the cutest little blurb.....LIFE IS A JOURNEY.


Hot Text..

Comment #45

Larbec: Thanks for the post. I am on Metformin also. Is it supposed to make you gain? I just stagnated forever. I hope to report by Friday that Medifast is working for me as well. Everyone seems to be so successful on it.

Hot Text..

Comment #46

Day 2 - Of course TOM started today. I wonder how that will affect my loss this week.

I better mentally prepare even more than I was..

I was in the ladies room all night and day. I needed a Port-a-Potty next to me at work.

I am going to divide my LG between lunch and dinner.

I ate LG for dinner yesteday and today and I'm miserable. Gassy bloated and I still had 2 shakes to go..

Byetta does keep me full and I have less of an appetite since starting it. Gotta get this food in earlier..

Until my next post.......

Comment #47

Down two lbs today. I have been having trouble with water retention in the mornings. I am going to check my sodium content more closely. Probably dining out isn't safe regarding what's in the foods. Dividing the LG between lunch and dinner is a good ideal..



Denny-what a terrefic weight loss. Congratulations...

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First: Larbec, thanks for your post. I have been worried that this too will not work for me. I have tried to cut my cals below 1000, carbs below 20, and 5 days of excersize a week and NOTHING. in fact I gained weight. I am also on Metiforin for IR and synthroid for hypothyroidism; my dr. sent me to a dietitian who thought I was lying when I showed her my food diary and cal/carb charts.

Then my dr. upped my metiforin in hopes of me losing weight due to the increase and still nothing. So as a last ditch effort I decided to give this a try, due to my prior eating habits I find this (now on day 3) to be pretty easy to follow; I just have to remember to eat! Any how after all that I just wanted to say that you (along with everyone else) give me hope that this will be what works for me.

Second: Fonda, 2 lbs is 2 lbs congrats! I weight in after the weekend I'll let you know how I do my first week, to be honest I am scared, if I don't see movement on the scale I might have to cry! haha..

Comment #49

Hi Larbec,Pye,Fonda and all others,.

It was a relief to see that Larbec is losing on MF. Ted is also losing. I did step on the scale this morning just to see what I am doing and it's going down. Needless to say I was elated since TOM started yesterday. I am going full throttle on this thing. I was full throttle on my 1200 cal diet also and I agree that people don't believe you when you tell them you have been diligent with your diet and no positive returns.

Hopefully this is the jumpstart that my body needed to kick this fat loss thing into gear.

Feeling good today!..

Comment #50

I am glad to see that I am not the only one that could not loose weight and just didn't understand why until I became a researcher. My sister would say to me that she has a freind that is diabetic and she went on the prescribed diabetic diet and has lost very well. People that don't struggle with it, have no clue as to what Isulin Resistance is and what it does to the body. I am loosing now though. I can feel it. Looking forward to Friday's weigh in.

Pye: Where in Georgia?? My son and beautiful granddaugthers live in Newnan. It's very nice there. I'm from Arkansas...

Comment #51

Fonda, I live just outside Atlanta. Glad that you can feel it working cos I can't LOL, but I am sure it will I am just so used to being negative about my weight...

Comment #52

Adam works at the CDC in Atlanta and loves it. He is an Auburn grad. Good luck. The weight is going to come off of all of us. Positive thinking!!..

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Hi again Fonda.

My doctor said Metformin should help me lose weight, but I had the same experience as Larbec. Its so frustrating! The more I weigh, the more medicince they put me on, the more I gain! Medifast is sort of a last desperate effort for me before I try gastric bypass...

Comment #54

Mama: I have gained on all the diabetic meds with the exception of the four months I was on Byetta. I lost 25 lbs. However, I was too sick on it to stay on it and guess what, I gained it back! Story of my life after diabetes decided to pay me a visit. I believe Medifast will work for you. I'm not sure I ever get in ketosis, but I am slowing loosing. I know the last ditch effort feeling though.

I am so glad that this is a responsive group on this website. I really needed friends that understood IR. So, yeeeeeeeeeeeeah for all of us and best of luck to you my dear...

Comment #55

Mama, I HEAR YOU!!!!! I have the same issues with IR and meds. I too am doing this as a last ditch effort, it's either this or I am fat that is that (if 1 day I get $$ maybe gastric bypass but it kinda creeps me out). Any how I am having a tough day today but the boards have been helpful and I will get through to another day. I am determined to give this my all. It is my first week. It is nice to hear from you.

From everything I have been reading the success rate seems very high. Best of luck to you and to all of us!..

Comment #56

Hi Fonda, Pye and Blessed.

I was on the diabetic only for the first two months and then I tried the regular and it was fine too. It gives you a little more varietyand I love the chocolate pudding & it does not cause a rise in my bg..

You all seem to be doing well. I'm doing well as far as my numbers but the weight loss is SLOW!!!.

Wishing you well,.


Comment #57

Hi All (Larbec,Pye,Fonda, Ruth, Mama Kitch,etc)on Diabetic,.

I feel all of your pain. I just had a rough moment at work. I was just asked by someone I had never saw before" So, do you know if it's a boy or a girl". Instead of shutting up she keeps trying to explain the situation away..

I don't know you and I've never saw you before. Just don't say any thing.

Does any one else have a great deal of belly fat to lose? Did or are you losing that as well?.

I just need a forum hug right now!.

Good thing I'm on day 4 and doing well. This is my last ditch before the big surgery too. I really think that no matter how little I eat, I'll just keep getting heavier. Any one else feel this way?.

My S-I-L and a couple of people I know had the surgery, but I really prefer not to go that route. I'm going to be patient with this as long as I'm losing. I am a tall woman and I carry most of my weight in my neck,face and stomach.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be overweight growing up. Oh well! I'm still beautiful, smart and fun. I can only get better..

Well I'm rambling. Thanks for listening..


Comment #58

Hi Ruth:That's what I wanted to know. When I re-order in a couple of weeks, I am going to order the regular diet. I had read a post by a nurse that it was fine for us. Thanks for your imput. I am looking forward to it although I am not bored with the one I am on. Have a great day..


Comment #59

I had one of my students ask me if I was pregnant. It was such an awful feeling! I'm so sorry that happened to you. This Medifast plan will work for us and we will not allow anyone to cut into us and alter our bodies. I keep telling myself that I am the only one who puts food in my mouth and I am the only one to blame. So that helps me stick to the plan. I've lost 15 pounds so far in 3 weeks.

Hugs Hugs Hugs Hugs!..

Comment #60


Thanks for your support. I agree with you 100%. I am strong and determined in every other area of my life except weight. I have to be very conscious of what I put in my mouth and why. I don't want surgery either. I don't think I can handle that..

It's good to see that you lost 15lbs. in 3 wks. Gives me hope. That's all I'm looking for right now is hope. (And a much smaller belly).

Keep up the good work...

Comment #61

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BIG Hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I am sorry you are having a bad day. Sometimes ppl are just thoughtless, they don't mean harm they just don't think before speaking. It is something we have all been guilty of once or twice ( though her backing her comment up was REALLY stupid). If it ever happens again tell them you are have sextuplets and are a single mom any donation would be appreciated! I know I know thats bad! LOL.

Now just forget about others and remember that what you are doing is for yourself not anyone else and YOU know you can do it and WILL do it! Good luck and don't get discouraged...

Comment #62

Thank you all for the support and hugs!.

Today's a new day! Yeah! Another day to do it right!.

I am a glutton for punishment and I just had to step on the scale again after I got out of the shower this morning. I just wanted to see if the scale went up from earlier this week or if it stayed the same..

Needless to say I am still going down. I don't want to say the number until I see what my 1st official weigh in says on Monday 7/30..

So far so good though. My family went to the chiropractor's office yesterday ( which is about 40 minutes from our house) and a Bruster's ice cream is on the way home. Needless to say they had to have big old double dip waffle ice cream cones. Yummy!.

I had to look at them enjoy them ,but I wasn't even tempted to have any.

Maybe that's because I had 2 triple cones last week.

I know my most difficult time will be in a month. 1 week before TOM comes to see. I'm hoping I am so pumped from my progress that I can justify squashing those cravings..

Thanks for your support.


Comment #63

Just read all your is so great to hear other people who really have been there and understand. Everytime I read your posts I feel stronger and more determined. Went to the movies with my husband the other day and ate my chocolate diabetic bar while he ate popcorn and I didn't even miss it. I also took a Crystal Light in with me, and so didn't miss the pop either. It really will work, I know I just have to plan ahead and change my habits. Hope everyone has a good week!..

Comment #64

Hey Fonda......Your story with starting and sticking to Medifast is a mirror to mine. This is my 2nd week. I take lantus 70 at bedtime, 60 in the morning, and humalog injections b/f each meal. talk about crashing lows! I have had to adjust the meal time injections. This has been the most aggrevating issue for me. Having to take sugar to get my number higher just throws off all my hard work...

Any pointers from any of you out there????..

Comment #65

I am taking the lantus at bedtime only. To be honest, I have not been on plan very much this week. I have been gone. I re-started today and ordered a new shipment. I am also not giving up on this. Even if I don't do plan perfectly, I am still doing better than without it and I am walking 3.5 miles per day, 6 days a week and joined curves today.

So, I am re-committing and expect the lows to start again. Med adjustment is the only way. You will probably be able to get off the insulin all together if you stay with this. Reading the blogs help. I read them even when I am not perfect.


Comment #66

The only reason why I haven't lost more weight than I have is because I have been cheating. I am very insulin resistant and I'm losing weightThis diet if followed properly is scientifically proven to get the weight off. It's a God send...

Comment #67

How do you know if you are insulin resistant? i've been diabetic, TII for about 8 years. I've been on Medifast starting 5 weeks now. lost 20.7 during the first month on the diabetic plan so switched to the Women's plan this week, and pretty sure i'll still post a loss. I'm on Metformin, Actos, Glipizide (which i've had to stop 2 weeks ago because of bottoming out) and captopril (not for HBP, just for kidney protection)..

I don't have a lot of time to post all over the boards, so I'm really looking for a few good supportive threads. May I join?.


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Hi Meg. Welcome to this board! You need blood tests to determine if you are insulin resistant. They look at your Hgb A1C, blood glucose, and C-Peptides.

They way my Dr. explained it to me is that my pancreas is working 3X harder than it should to make enough usable insulin. The danger is that the pancreas will wear out and not make enough insulin period..

Hope this helps,.


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Thanks Stephanie. I'll talk with her about it at my next appt (10/3 which is my next MiniGoal target! I have to say, I've been surprised that the Womens plan meals taste SOOOO much better than the diabetic ones! Also thought I was cheating ! I"m still losing, slowly but now I can see myself on this for the year+ that it will take to get weight off. Talk with all soon. Meg..

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Hi and welcom Meg,.

Stephanie summed it up. Congrats on your weight loss. Hopefully your A1Cs will be within normal range..

I just finished my 1st month and my daily glucose readings have been low 70s.

I didn't even think about swapping out from the diabetic program for one of the regular programs. Now you've given me something to think about. Maybe after a couple of months..


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Hi All,.

I had an opportunity to speak with a physician who not only recommends Medifast for his patients, but also lost 125lbs personally with Medifast. I wanted to get some clarification on whether it was best to order the diabetic products vs. the Women 55 products if you are Isulin Resistent but not diagnosed as Type II Diabetic yet. I have PCOS and I'm being treated with Metformin for the Insulin Resistence so my weight loss has been extremely slow and I had been ordering the Women 55 products. Dr. Joe suggested that I try the diabetic products only for 2 weeks to see if the weight loss improved.

He said it's important to remember to stick to the Shakes either diabetic or 55 if you are a slow to no loser. Also give up the bars and never eat them as your first or last meal of the day. He aslo advised if you just can't take the lack of variety on all diabetic products use a 3 to 5 combination - 3 diabetic & 2 55 products (oatmeal, drinks hot or cold, soups). He says this will really help to keep the weight loss and as you you drop major lbs. and you plateu be sure to keep your doctor visits regularly so that your meds are reduced as well.

Just thought I'd share this wealth of information with all of my IR pals...

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Get info MLynn. Thanks for posting it. it's nice to hear from someone with both the training and personal experience! Meg..

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When I started, in March, I weighed 305, my fasting BS was regularly over 200, HA1c were over 10. I was taking 60 Units of Lantus every night, Avandia, I was on BP Meds and a Statin.

I have lost nearly 60 pounds. My fasting BS is around 100, HA1c is below 7.

Here is the really cool part: No Lantus, No Avandia, No BP Meds, No Statins...

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I've been reading this thread since I have to get blood work for the same thing soon. Jimdrash, you have done amazingly well. I am impressed with how you guys have lowered or gotten off meds, and in a relatively short time. That is so encouraging for all of us. Thanks for posting...

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I everyone. I just started today, and have 48 lbs to lose. I am also IR, have syndrom X and lost my thyroid, so as my dr said, I have everything against me in trying to lose weight, but that I still need to. Tired of sooooo much meds everyday. I am on the diabetic program. I'm not a diabetic yet, but I hope this will help me not to become one.

I guess from reading the posts I should not expect to lose much weight each week, but to have it be steady. I guess I can live with that. I had hoped for a real jump start the first month, but who knows. I'll keep up my excerise program anyway. Wish me luck!..

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I was using Metformin, Glyburid, Avandia & insulin shots 2x/day in July 07....I am halfway on my weightloss goal in 10/07....BUT the Doc has me off ALL BS meds!.

Am around 115, Pm around 140...... no meds, zip, zero. He says insulin resistance will decrease as I lose more #....and those #s will drop more...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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