Does anyone using Medifast have IBS?

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I am about to start Medifast and want to hear anyone's experience that has irritable bowel syndrome? Has the condition changed at all for you? Worse? Better?..

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You will be happy to hear I have had no symptoms since I started MF. I suffered for many years constsntly running to the bathroom. IBS controlled my life. When I started Medifast I was scared of how it might affect me. I have had no episodes! That in itself is enough motivation for me to continue my healthy new lifestyle. I am on week four of transition and still no issues!..

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I have had pretty served IBS for about 15 years now. When I'm on Medifast I actually feel a lot better. I'm still on medication & will be for lifetime (i'm a pretty bad case though) but my episodes are very few & far between now. it really helps mine symptoms & keeps my system healthier. I won't be able to stop my medication but it does significantly reduce my episodes. I'm not sure how bad yours is/how often or if you are on meds but I think it is definately worth a try.

This is my second time on Medifast & back to finish what I started. Definately give it a try & if you need a buddy I'll totally help you out!!.


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I have Crohns and Medifast has been a god send to say the least!! I have never been so "normal" since I had surgery for it in '86. I can actually eat and head out the door.. not worried about where the closest bathroom is. Everyone is different.. but give Medifast a chance.. you may like the results...


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Thanks for those encouraging words! My IBS stays in control most of the time with Immodium every day. You know how trying something different can be a scary thought for fear it will cause an upset...I hope I have as good luck as you did..

Thanks again!.

Sandy (Curlie)..

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I have IBS and did not have issues with going to the bathroom all the time on it (I think that fatty foods really irritated my IBS more) but my gas issues got better for like three days, then went back to the same..

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To manage my IBS, I have to make sure my Medifast meals are exactly 3 hours apart (no less). I also can't eat too many different kinds of Medifast food. Otherwise, it makes my intestines revolt. If I am extra hungry, I have to add some vegetables or something to the meal, instead of trying two shakes at once.

This is probably TMI but, I stopped Medifast this spring, for multiple reasons, but one of them was farts. Yes, it sounds funny, but they were bordering on malignant!... it was like every 10 seconds all day long. I thought I accidently swallowed a methane tank or something. It was embarassing, but also... GROSS!.

This time, I am more careful about the Medifast food I eat. Its kind of boring, but the same thing every day... Crunch bar for breakfast, Chicken soup for lunch, Parmasan Puffs for snack, Cinnemon Pretzels for snack, and Cappuccino for desert (though I drink it with a straw to avoid the bubbles). If I want to try a new food, I only get one box and try it for a week or so.

I also make sure to drink ALL the water I can. It seems to keep me from the back and foreth of... you know... IBS extremes...

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I've got Crohn's but I've been able to hold off symptoms of it when I eat better, exercise,and take omega 3's...

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I am on my 3rd day only, now, but have experienced a great deal of gas. I am hoping to figure out a way to control this. I am retired, and do not have to be in public often, but when I am.....whoa. Does anyone have any suggestions?..

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Which meals are you eating? The bars are known to cause this issue due to the sweetener in them. It does go away with time as your body builds a tolerance...

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Thanks. I have had an couple bars each day due to having to travel. I will stop for a couple of days and see if the situation improves...

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The last time I was on Medifast I, too, had terrible gas for about the first week. What I've heard and read, as well as personally experienced, is that the flatulence does lessen over time...

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What about constipation...I'm having alot of trouble with that and gas buildup. I often wake up at night with stomach discomfort. And only go to the bathroom about every 3 or 4 days!!! And even then, it's not much!!! I hate to be gross but I really could use some advice..



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Remember Medifast is a low residue diet. You will not need to go to the bathroom as often. You'll have to find your new "normal". If, when you do go, it's hard, then Medifast dietitians recommend fiber in capsule form like the citrucel caplets that ensure the fiber is digested in the intestine, not the stomach so it doesn't impact your carb balance. As always, remember to drink ALL your 2 liters of water...

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Thanks so much, MT. I have been taking citrucell powder in a glass of water every morning. I'll switch to the capsules. I do drink more than the 8 glasses of water each day..

Thanks again..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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