Does anyone use QUORN products on Medifast?

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My first shipment of food is to arrive tomorrow! Anyone use QUORN products? They're a favorite of mine...

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I just bought some yesterdayGround. I'm going to try it as a Taco wrapped in lettuce...

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I have used that product several times in the ground form and like it very much, but have a hard time finding it. I have never even seen the Chicken Cutlets in my stores. Can anyone tell me what stores they buy them in?..

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I can get them at Shaw's and Stop & Shop. I know they don't sell them at Big Y. I don't remember about Pricechopper. I don't think they have them at Trader Joe's...

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I asked nutrition support about Quorn and I was told that they aren't an acceptable lean...

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They're full of it. They've told me that I could have 3 quorn naked chicken cutlets as my lean if I had a really low carb green.

It depends who you get because some of them don't understand the question..

Instead of asking, just do a search and see what they've said in the past...

Comment #5

Interesting! I'm not a vegetarian but before I started Medifast, I wasn't eating very much meat. I had bought some quorn chicken cutlets (unbreaded) and posted their nutritional information for Nutritional support and was told that they were too high in carbs, too low in protein...

Comment #6

It's 5 carbs per cutlet, I don't remember the amount of protein though but when I asked they said they were fine...

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Hi everyone! I'm new to Medifast As a vegetarian, this thread caught my eye. Even if Quorn was allowed on Medifast, I wouldn't eat it. They make it sound like it's made from mushrooms, but it's a vat grown fungus and known to cause illness. You can read more about it at CSPI...

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Wow GingerBear! That is very interesting. I was eating the Quorn stir fry for awhile. I was not aware that it was a fungus. I assumed it was soy. And I can not eat too much soy either because it gives me a stomach ache if I eat too much. And not only that, there is a lot of soy in Medifast products.

I have never been a big fan of the "fake" meat. I'm a vegetarian because I don't like meat and I find that the "fake" meat reminds me too much of real meat. I've never liked Boca burgers and before Medifast I was eating the more "grainy" types of veggie burgers which are not allowed on this diet. I know that the MorningStar Farms Buffalo wings are not officially allowed but sometimes I have them as my lean. They are not too high in carbs and are very tastey.

Of course, we can't have the veggie corn dogs, which I love! I guess I really am just a carb lover. I guess that's why I ended up so heavy in the first place. Even my favorite veggies are carrots! And I don't know about the rest of you but I am really missing my beans..

Thanks for the info. on Quorn. I think I'll be staying away from them myself now..


Comment #9

Sorry to jump on this one so late, but I just wanted to point out that Quorn is only dangerous to people who are sensitive to it.... same as peanuts. And while describing the product as a "vat-grown fungus" is certainly unappetizing, consider thattechnicallyall cheese (even vegan cheese) is "vat-grown bacteria" and most mushrooms are "feces-grown fungus"! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. We just get over it...

Comment #10

I love the chicken cutlets. I just assumed that they would be okay since they are low in carbs and calories..

Yikes! I just read the above link about quorn. I have never had any of the side effects that are listed..

I am really frustrated right now. I eat a LOT of soy and now they are saying it can be bad for you too...

Comment #11

But that's kind of my point. After a while we all just have to kind of shrug our shoulders at current medical thinking. Remember when cocaine was a cough suppresant, Dr. Pepper was a vitamin, and cigarettes were healthy???? OK, so I'm not old enough to remember that, either, but I do remember that when my oldest child was born, I was told she should sleep on her back. The second one came two years later, and I was told she should sleep on her stomach. The third one came two years after that, and they'd developed these newfangled pillows to prop babies up on their side because...

Current medical thinking was that this was how babies should sleep! Eggs were the perfect food, then they were the devil, and now they're split. Aren't YOU the best judge of what your body does and doesn't like?..

Comment #12

Good points! I have to admit that I looked at my cutlets a little differently this morning when I was preparing them, lol. I am sure that I will get over it...

Comment #13

I only wish I could find the cutlets! The only Quorn products I have access to are all breaded. But have you ever tried the Quorn cutlets with Gruyere??? OMG... so good!.

<sigh> Back to this absolutely DELICIOUS orange shake! (I have to tell myself it's delicious over and over again. Truthfully, it's not BAD or anything, but it's certainly not a gourmet treat!)..

Comment #14

Hey there...sorry I missed this thread for so long. I used to eat Quorn all the time. I didn't eat it when I was 5/1...since Nutrisystem said it was a little too high on the carbs and the sodium was too high. I also think it's a new product for them, so maybe with more information, etc...they might ok it..

I mainly use Boca vegan burgers and MSG grillers and MSG soy crumbles. I have some of the black bean burgers that I cannot wait to get into once I move into that phase of T&M.

Good luck. I was pleasantly surprised at how well you could do Medifast while being a vegetarian. I tend to eat the same thing all the time, but works. lol.



Comment #15

Oh...and I totally forgot until just now....many months ago, myself and another vegetarian over in Rogue land got talking about Quorn. Well...before we knew it...the whole thread got giggling...since the name rhymes with "porn", so we were using it in inappropriate places all over the thread. It was a good time had by all.....

So, who likes "quorn"?.



Comment #16

What about the Quorn Chik'n Tenders? How much of that is actually considered a serving? I added it to my list of "other foods" and I just put in the "serving size" of 1 cup, but that doesn't make sense if the Cutlet serving size is 3 whole cutlets. Help?..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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