Does anyone know the main differences between Medifast's and Jenny Craig's weight-loss programs?

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My first question is Does anyone know the main differences between Medifast's and Jenny Craig's weight-loss programs? Looking forward for any answer. Another question I got... It only took me losing 25lbs (sheesh!) before people I know are now beginning to notice and comment on my slimmer self. Up until now I was wondering how much more weight I would have to lose before people would start to say something...anything...but now I'm finally there! I'll tell you what, hearing these comments gives me such a boost - not only of confidence but of accountibility and makes my determination to keep going, doing what I'm doing, for the long haul even stronger. :-D..

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Yup, but you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

That's GREAT! I've lost 24 pounds and nobody (except my DH) has noticed yet! I'm pretty tall (5'7) and have been wearing big sweaters all winter, so that may be part of it!.

I can't wait for people to start commenting! DH lost 60 pounds last year, and people at work literally didn't recognize him sometimes... the reactions from folks we hadn't seen in a while were really motivating for him! I can't wait for that to start happening to me!.

Keep up the great work!.


Comment #2

I usually have to lose a lot (25+) for anyone to notice. And for people that see you everyday, they never notice - but they are at least nice and say "you look great" if they know you're dieting - lol! I get the most comments when I wear clothes that fit... can't wait to get some new clothes, trying to hold off!.

You're doing GREAT!!!!..

Comment #3

I think it's funny. People at work recently have been complimenting me on my hair color and hairstyle. They haven't changed! lol I think they realize something is different, but they just can't put their finger on it yet. Maybe after my next 20 pounds.....

Comment #4

And it helps to wear clothes that fit and that aren't too baggy. I realized that I was inadvertently hiding my losses under my too big clothes. When I got some new things to wear that actually fit, people started commenting on my weight loss. New bras helped, too...

Comment #5

Now that you mention it, yesterday I was wearing a fitted top that I now fit into again instead of my usual tank top and cardigan. I guess it's time to retire the baggy cardigans :-D..

Comment #6

Congrats on a great NSV, CC!.

It took me 50 pounds before anyone said anything!!..

Comment #7

When I first lost weight, it took 50 lbs for anyone to notice. I recall having a conversation with a friend that had lost 100+ lbs with WW and asking her... "when do people notice?". It was really discouraging to be working so hard and have not a soul notice. But the moment I bought new clothes, EVERYONE noticed. I was hiding my weight loss behind those saggy, baggy clothes! The same thing happens now. I'm going through clothes so quickly that the moment I get something that actually fits, it's a whole new round of "wow! You've lost so much weight!" It's awesome, but it's really expensive!..

Comment #8

It took losing 35-40 pounds for people to notice. I had a friend notice at about 15, but she's the type that compares people to herself all the time..

Honestly, sometimes I wish people would stop noticing. Once I lost 40 pounds tons of people were noticing and I was getting compliments all the time. Now people check me out every time they see me to see if I've lost more weight-this is starting to bug me...

Comment #9

Congrats! That is an awesome feeling. I can't wait till people start noticing. I can already tell my face isn't as bloated. I had someone the other day ask about my hair. I think they hadn't seen me in a while and it was the weight I had gained...

Comment #10

Its a little frustrating that it takes some of us so much before people notice. Im at 24 and nobody but my hubby and kids have noticed...thats ok though b/c I know, I feel better and one day soon..they WILL NOTICE!!..

Comment #11

I had to be my own cheerleader for quite a while as I'm a slow loser, took me 2 1/2 months to get to this point..

It can be discouraging at times but I tried to focus on my measurements, compared my starting photos, and kept trying on those smaller sized clothes that are in my closet. People used to compliment me the last time I was able to wear them so I thought if I could get back into them it would start happening again - and it did..

I wonder too if some people are just plain hesitant to say anything for fear of either insulting me (as if saying something would make it sound like they thought I was huge before), or simply because they've watched me go up and down in weight so many times before. Who knows....

It is tough to keep going when you feel like you're working so hard at it and have accomplished so much but no one is taking notice. It takes a lot of courage to push past it all and keep going...

Comment #12

Good for you, it's took me til 50 lbs before anyone said anything and still it's only been 2 people. I also think people may notice but are afraid to say anything...

Comment #13

I am still waiting for the big day when someone notices and I am down almost 35! I think that would really help me motivate...

Comment #14

LOL, thats great! Im not getting that "people are noticing" if I'm still losing weight yet or not..but thats cuz I'm hiding behind all my old BAGGY clothes new scrubs for me soon!..

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