Does anyone know of a protein drink to get u built for football that u can get at a Vitamin Shoppe?

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I got a quick question: Does anyone know of a protein drink to get you built for football that you can get at a Vitamin Shoppe?.

I also got another question: Can anyone recommend a good scale that takes accurate and consistent measurements? Mine just broke and I guess I should have one to start on the program next week. I'm looking to spend around $30-$40 or less...

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Your question was: Does anyone know of a protein drink to get you built for football that you can get at a Vitamin Shoppe?.

Yea I use a weight watchers scale as well, I got it at Walmart for between 30and 40 dollars I think and I think I remember one that was in the 20 dollar range (if money is a problem). They all are very accurate, but as they get more expensive, extra things that the scale can do are added (so the cheaper ones are just as accurate if all you want is your weight).

Good luck..

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My WW scale was not very accurate at all. I could get on it 5 times and get 5 different weights. I now have a Tanita and love it. Same reading if I jump on it 10 times in a row....

They have a pretty wide range of scalesreasonable to expensive. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond..


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I went to bed and bath and they were out of the WW scale..Of course I couldn't wait so I bought HOmedics digital I think it was $40 on sale. It can keep track of your weight, BMI and something else....It will track 4 people....

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I got a "Newline Well Balance Digital Bathroom Glass Scale" from that I really like. It's under $30. The only thing is mine won't read in lbs; just kg and STONE of all things. It's very consistent, I feel, other than having to multiply my reading by 2.2 each time...

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I like my WW scale as well. Got it at WalMart for around $40.00...

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I have the homedics scale too and it is really good...

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I also have a Tanita scale. I agree with rehabnurse that you can get on it 5 times in a row and get the same exact weight. Plus mine has the BMI option. Bought mine from Jenny Craig when I did their diet about 5 years ago. Sorry I cannot remember the cost....


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Can you tell me where you bought your Tanita scale? Just wondering if I can get one locally rather than from their website..


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Didn't know who you were asking...but, if it was me....

They have a website too...

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I bought mine at Linen & Things. Tanita is my choice...and has even been mentioned in the e-classes as the one the Dietitian herself uses. I find it very, very accurate, just like Sharon said...

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Thanks Sharon & Pam,.

I'm on my way to try to find one now!.

PS. You are a very nice bunch of folks here. :-)..

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I hve a 4 point Tanita from Wal Mart $29. Constantly accurate...

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I have both a Tanita and WW. The reason I got the WW is because the Tanita was not giving me consistent readings with regards to body fat %. I have been happy with the WW (which has many "bells and whistles"). My WW cost around $65 - $70. Bought it online a year ago after doing a Google search...

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Bed bath and beyond or linens and things have good selection of scales. I got a Salter bath scale as well as a Salter digital food scale. Love both...

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