Does anyone know if I can buy Clevastin in Vitamin Shoppes in Eastern Europe?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Does anyone know if I can buy Clevastin in Vitamin Shoppes in Eastern Europe?.

My next question is: The packaging of the foods looks good but why the single packets can't have an easy tear off is beyond me! I have to keep a pair of scissors handy just to be able to get into most of them! Why can't they be made to tear an inch from the top with just your fingers. I think a safe cracker would have trouble opening them, haha. Let me know your opinion! Thanks..

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Your question was: Does anyone know if I can buy Clevastin in Vitamin Shoppes in Eastern Europe?.

I just look at it as them making sure it stays sealed and fresh. If you travel tho, you want to make sure you have a pair of scissors...

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Is it really that much of a big deal? Can't you just keep scissors in the drawer? Would you rather they not be sealed tightly?..

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You know, I've been critical of NS for a lot of reasons, but in this case, I really must say that I PREFER the trays to be extra well-sealed. It ensures freshness and I know, when I take the meals with me when I'm out and about, that the meals won't leak. I'd much rather deal with the "hassle" of scissors than with the alternative of a weak seal!!!.


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I am kind of surprised here! I have no problem opening up any package. And so I am left confused...

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I agree that the packages are difficult to open- particularly the dinners, AND I agree that I'd rather have a good seal than to question safety and freshness. Since I'm over 60 and have mild arthritis I just assumed it was me since I still manage to spill even with the scissors. Anyone have any tricks to successful opening??..

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LOL It must be what they are ordering opposed to what we are ordering, because I don't have any issues either. Of course, I seem to be able to open the meatloaf without too many issues either... I must be stronger than I think..

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Thanks for all the input! I meant specifically the ones like the pancakes and cookie packages. By the way I found a great way to have the pancakes, get some fresh dried cranberries and sprinkle them onto the pancakes while you are cooking them. They taste delicious and you don't need any surup to sweeten them either! Enjoy..

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I agree with most of you in that it's good to know everything is sealed very well. But there are some of us that have a hard time with them. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and.. I HONESTLY am not trying to be condescending!! But until you either have the disease or live with someone that has it, it is nearly impossible to understand how something as simple as not being able to pull back a piece of plastic from your microwave dinner can be so frustrating..

I either have to have my husband open all my dinners or take a steak knife and cut around them. It isn't a big deal, I wouldn't expect them to change it. But I can't just open something without a thought. And when you haven't had a good day, and you're in pain, and you just want to eat dinner... not being able to open like every other normal person can really be irritating.

I am glad that everything is sealed well for freshness, but sometimes, I'd just like to open up my dinner with my own two hands..

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I have severe arthritis in my hands and haven't been able to open 90% of most packages on the market for years and years. So I guess I never noticed if their was a problem or not with the NS ones. I have this little blade for opening bags of milk that comes in handy. Mine attaches to the fridge with a magnet so I always know where it is...

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I too am glad they seal these foods well, otherwise they could be contaminated when we receive them. I too have trouble opening them due to my hands and wrists. I wouldn't change the packaging though because I would rather use scissors or a knife to open something and know that what I am about to eat is safe...

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I have problems opening everything anyway, so NS is not a problem....just a fact of life. I always just use scissors and don't even try to do it without them. I have a small pair of fold-up scissors that I carry in my purse, but don't remember where I bought them...

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I had not thought the well-sealed dinners were a problem for me, but some of them ARE harder to open than others - whether it is before they are nuked or afterwards - HOT! HOT! HOT! I think I am going to try my boxcutter...

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I've been having trouble opening the dinners that contain gravy without spilling the gravy all over the counter. So annoying! It's really amazing to me that other companies who sell shelf stable food, seem to be able to have good packaging that is easy to open and/or the lid doesn't pop off during microwaving, but not NS.

Oh well, guess as long as we loose weight, that's the important part...

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What I do for the stuff that is sealed like the meatloaf, is run a very thin blade knife around the edge of the plastic. Comes right off. I use the really cheap pampered chef paring knife. It costs $1...

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I just open the package on the plate. If it spills, no big deal and nothing extra to clean up...

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I have been wondering what kind of super glue they use on some of the dinner entrees - I have to open them before I heat them or risk serious steam burns! Also, how did they manage to glue the top on the pasta with broccoli so the top shreds insteads of peels!?..

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I just had to jump in here because I'm laughing out loud! Your wonderful horseback-riding pictures are posted right below this comment! Of COURSE you are strong!! Look at all the physical activity that is a part of your every day!.

Great work, by the way. WOW! You look amazing!.

Thanks for the laugh.... sure does help in gettng through this life, doesn't it?.

As to the topic at hand, I have to use scissors or a knife.... and I don't have any painful or debilitating illness..... I'm just not strong enough. Still, I'm pretty pleased that the food is so well sealed!.

Oh, I read on another board to poke holes in the top of the dinner entrees with a knife before you microwave them. Works like a charm! And no splatters!..

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I seen to have lost my signature!!! Also, yes, the packages can be so hard to open but I think I'd rather have them sealed nice and tight! It does get annoying when things explode in the microwave!..

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2BEALOSER2 - You become a senior member when you have made a certain number of posts. I think it is 100...

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Gee, some of you can open the dinners without a knife? Who'd'a'thunk it?.

I keep a boxcutter and an X-acto knife in my kitchen drawer, 2 pairs of big scissors, and one of those helper appliances to open pull-tabs on carbonated beverages...

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The pancakes bore me after a while, they're so dry..

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As long as the food TASTES good, I don't care if I have to use a jack hammer to get it open. I would want NS to concentrate on quality of the food b-4 packaging!..

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Then I better begin posting more, huh? Its alot of fun to read what everyone says but it's harder to know when it's okay to jump right in...don't want to butt right in. Thanks for the info!..

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I can never get a darn thing open either! Always have scissors handy too. I assume it for shipping reasons though. They just through all that crap in there willy-nilly, they don't want anything exploding in transit. Easier for them, harder for us, I guess...

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I just look at it as them making sure it stays sealed and fresh. If you travel tho, you want to make sure you have a pair of scissors...

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