Does anyone know a Medifast approved Mayonaise Substitute??

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Hi All,.

I cooked 5 lbs of boneless Chicken Breast in a slow cooker and I think I over cooked it! It is so crumbly it resembles tuna fish!!! The only way I can think of is to make it like chicken salad. I mixed 7 ounces with 1 tbsp of Miso Mayo and it was so dry. The Miso Mayo is also is high in fat and adds CARBS.

If anyone know a Medifast approved substitution for Mayonaise please let me know.

Thank you and any ideas will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!..

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Mayo, whether regular, lite or fat free, is not recommended on the Medifast plan due to the high carbs. I've used in it's place a ranch dressing or thousand island dressing that is within the allowed cal/carb range for dressings...

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If you look in the archives, Nutrisystem said Nayonaisse was ok. Never heard of it before but you might try it. As for the chicken salad, what about ranch dressing ro something like that?..

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My Kraft Fat Free Mayo has 2 carbs per tablespoon. It would probably take a lot to moisten 5 lbs of chicken, though..

What about mixing up some oil and vinegar type dressing? Yeah, that would add calories but not carbs and I usually end up needing to use that type of dressing on my salad when I eat chicken for my L&G to get my calories above 800...

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Thanks CowgirlAtHeart and Pam for suggesting the dressings. I have always used only mayo. I tried it with Ranch tonight and it tasted really good!..

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Get a big can of Swanson's low fat/sodium chicken broth and have it as soup. So much better than fatty mayo. A small amount of broth can be the snack or check with Nutrisystem about using less chicken and the broth as part of the Lean. I think it's better to toss the 5 pounds of chicken than put mayo on it, so bad for you...

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Thanks Joanne and Lucylouwho for the additional ideas. I really, really appreciate all the input, I don't want to have this chicken go to waste. In fact, I'm going to cook up a batch with shirataki noodles, chicken broth, green onions, and mushrooms. Thanks for the ideas!!!..

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I think the nayonaise is soy based, you'd find it probably in a whole foods/health foods store. You can also use soft tofu, with a dash of salt, small ammt of lemon juice and some spices (that would go with/in your chicken salad recipe - pepper maybe tarragon or dill, or whatever you like)- use a blender on it before you add it to the chicken, and it will be the consistancy of mayo.

Though you might not need the whole brick of tofu...but you could make the whole thing and have on hand (only will keep for about a week). Freezing makes the texture go funky, so I'm not sure what else. The soft tofu is good for adding extra protien to shakes (and counts as your Lean if you use 1/4 of the block).


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Thanks, mszzzi for the tofu tip. I still have a lot of chicken and any and all ideas are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks again..

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