Does anyone have the Rocket Grill for Medifast?

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I'm really, really leaning towards buying one of these grills. I think we'd get a ton of use out of it in my house.

Anyone have one of these?.


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Here is a link to the site:


Comment #1

Hmmm...I had never seen one of those before. They look kinda cool. I'd be interested to know if anyone has used one of these and what they think of it...

Comment #2

I am always eying this...lots of people seem to want to know how it is. I think the guys have a grill thread that mentions this...try searching for it. Please keep us posted if you do buy looks great! Oh....have you searched epinions? Maybe I'll go check that out!..

Comment #3

How funny. I just got one of these to reward myself for the 47 pounds I am down. I used to reward myself with Lasagna and now I get low-fat cooking toys ; > There is a change..

This is expensive so research carefully to see if you will get as much use out of it.


1) Very easy cleanup, just toss the parchment paper bag..

2) Very fast cooking times.

3) Does well with frozen fish and chicken. I havent tried beef but a Boca burger is done in a flash.

4) Makes a great flatbread from the muffin recipe. Put dough in bag and run your rolling pin over it once, pop it in the grill and you are done. You can carry it all in the car if you are running late. No worry if you turned the oven off..

5) No PAM needed..


1) It is not as easy to see the progress of your cooking. You have to turn the timer off and wait for the grill to open and then lift the bag and look. Once you get used to it, you will be able to judge how long you need..

2) All the fats/fluids drip to the bottom of the bag. This would be great for a fatty meat but we are all eating chicken without skins so this action does not give you much gain and can dry out the meat if you overcook it. Use a good marinade first!.

3) If you run out of bags, you cannot use the grill..

4) You cannot reuse bags (well, I did for a dry run with a flattened muffin).

5) If you are feeding a family, a deluxe crock-pot is still your better value as this is really for single servings, or two very small servings. If you are cooking for one or dont mind waiting for the 2nd round, it is excellent for portion control..

6) It would be nice to have a digital timer to do a 30 second grill but the timer is a dial which makes it hard to get exactly 2 mins or whatever your need.

That's all for now...

Comment #4

Pistachio, thanks so much!.

I also received some feedback from Loungeboy who bought the Cuisinart Griddler. Loungeboy reports that one is very good but stays hot for a long time and is heavy. Because of that, he parks it in a permanent spot on the counter. I don't have countertop area to spare.

Brooke72 gave a rave review to the Hamilton Beach grill (with the removable plates). That is the other one I'm considering. It's about half the price of the Rocket Grill.

Usually I am cooking for 2 (my son and I, as my hubby works evenings). 3 nights a week I cook for all three of us. We eat a lot of chicken and would like to include more fish. I am hoping whatever grill I choose will help with that. Rarely - very rarely - we have a steak or burger. We've been using our Lodge pan for that, but boy can the cleanup be a bear if anything sticks!.

Your info is SO helpful. I can't thank you enough. Now it's just a matter of whittling it down between these final two. :-).

Peace - D..

Comment #5

Boy, I sure do like the easy clean up part. I hate cleaning my George Foreman because it's one of the old ones and the grill plates aren't removable. So, I've been thinking of getting some kinda new one...

Comment #6

Starbuck....I also have an old GF grill. Found a great cleaning trick..

Move the grill so that the bottom is slightly over the edge of the sink. Clean it with a soapy sponge until it is clean. Then I use a clean sponge filled with water. Starting at the top of the lid, I squeeze the sponge and the water runs down into the sink, cleaning everything away! Wipe it dry, store it away and I'm done! It takes two minutes and the easy clean up made me fall in love with my grill again..

Hope it helps!..

Comment #7

I also have an old GF grill and my mother in law suggested this trick: as soon as you are finished cooking, wet a few paper towels and lay them on the grill, then close it. When you come back to clean it after eating, it should clean up very nicely. And then I would do exactly what smith112400 said to clean it...

Comment #8


This is a fun to watch demo of the rocket grill. It will show you quite a bit of what it's like to use..

I have an orginal Foreman grill too - and I clean it just the way you all described - and love it for turkey burgers, some chops, chicken breasts. I also use an electric skillet for various things. I'm passing on the Rocket Grill after looking at it, because the GF one does what I want and I don't want to mess with the bags... but it looks like it would work for small portions...

Comment #9

That was entertaining ; > 8 mins is a lot to cook that little turkey strip. I have never used more than 3 mins for chicken. Any more than the time used to make the food safe just toughens up the meat.

I do look forward to grilling fruit when it is allowed to bring that food group back into my eating plan...

Comment #10

Before I got the Griddler I was very much intrigued by the Rocket Grill. Ya gotta love the zero cleanup, right? It was just fate that I went with Cuisinart instead. Amazon had a sale which made it half the cost of the Rocket....and I can NEVER resist a good sale.

Make no mistake, I put a few appliances away in the closet just to make room for Griddler but I'm happy with it..

I just wonder if, post MF, my rice cooker and ice cream maker will ever see the light of day again??!..

Comment #11

<laughing> The ice cream maker, rice cooker, and popcorn electric bowl and all safely in a box with duct tape for the duration...

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