Does anyone else have their non-Medifast partner wanting to eat their foods??

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I have a wonderful hubby and 2 year-old daughter..

Since starting the diet I have had my daughter begging for tastes of mommy's "ice cream" and tasty "shakes". I know that it is not harmful to her, but I find it funny that she thinks they are so much tastier than her puddings or ice cream..

Now, this morning, hubby says to me, "Can we start cooking together? Your food looks and tastes so good!". Who'd a thunk? I am the non-chef in the family, but he really likes the purity of the L&G meals I have been preparing (to which I have all of you to thank for these GREAT recipes)..

I just find it interesting that this eating is actually becoming a lifestyle for my whole family to some degree..

Anyway, just thought I'd share..

Have a great day all!!!..

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Oh, and my daughter has also become obssessed with my water bottle. It is the kind with the pop-top. Now this is a girl who you have to force to drink water. Now she can't get long as it is in the water bottle. We had to pick one up just for her! Funny how children model adult behavior. Hope I can get her to love veggies by watching me do it!..

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My family eats the same dinner meal as I. I have my L&G for dinner and make enough for the 3 of us. Believe it or not, they have all lost a little weight just by having a healthy dinner!..

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I cook the same L&G for my DH and teenage son. They also have some type of carb with the meal that I simply pass right on by. There are a few exception meals that I do just "for me" - cause HEY I'm worth it!.

I find myself pushing tastes of my Medifast food on them to prove how good everything really tastes to me so they don't feel sorry for me. However, I track everything so carefully that the little bits I give up are most likely not even enough to gauge a real response on!..

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I have been preparing my L&G for myself and my husband and he loves it. When I ask if he wants something else, in addition to the l & g he says no. He has lost about 5 pounds since I started just by modifiying his dinner. He has also given up alcohol with me (which I REALLY appreciate) My mother (who lives with us) ordered some Medifast and has replaced her lunch with Medifast meals and has lost 4 lbs. and has lowered her insulin units by two or three units per day. My daughter who lives in Chicago ordered Medifast and has lost about 18#! Who Knew?..

Comment #4 hubby wants my stew.....I kid you not...even begged for a taste..he could not believe it was so good....but no he can not have it...Later Prez..

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Yeah I am in the same boat. I make enough for my other half. It is just easier instead of cooking two meals..

Best of luck,.


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That is one of the unspoken benefits...the whole family is eating healthier! I just don't buy the breads anymore and no one seems to miss them. My daughter likes to have nightly cocoa with me...she hasn't even noticed that I bought her sugar-free!..

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A few weeks ago I made an oatmeal pancake and sat down with my DH and 2 Kids (11&9). They were eating cereal. They saw I had a pancake with diet PB & SF syrup. My husband asks "is that a pancake?" Mmm Hmmm I reply with a mouthful. "Wow, that looks good. Can I have one? Which of course I! Then he looks at my daughter and says "I wanna be on Mommy's diet!" And she says "ME TOO!" LOL who would of thought!..

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Prez-your hubby could have all 3 boxes of my stew-ick!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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