Does anybody know if the Medifast food is good?

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Quick question... Does anybody know if the Medifast food is good? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: And remained 100% OP..

And lived to tell about it.

Yay for another OP day..

I feel so powerful!..

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The answer is Yes, but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

I ordered the Simply Grilled Chicken Salad, no croutons, no cheese, no bread on the side, no dressing. Instead of dressing I used a bit less than 2T of their bruschetta salsa, which is a mix of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and garlic. I also used a few shakes of black pepper. Sounds kind of plain but it was delish! And I'm full. And I feel so proud of myself!..

Comment #2

Wow, I know that I can def eat there......

Comment #3

The hard part is watching everyone down their all you can eat fries... sigh..

So I splurged on a cup of decaf haha!..

Comment #4

I love love LOVE Red Robins! You can also get any one of their burgers "protein style" which is a burger wrapped in lettuce. Yumm!.

The salad sounds amazing though..

Comment #5

Red Robin is in my going out to eat rotation, it is very easy to order OP there.

I get a Boca burger "protein style" and ask for a salad instead of fries. It works out really well...

Comment #6

I don't recall if totally OP, but I went there my first week on Medifast and I think I had something called Ensada chicken platter, minus the dipping sauces. From what I remember, it was really good...

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