Does anybody have the Medifast vegetarian chili recipe?

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Quick question: Does anybody have the Medifast vegetarian chili recipe? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... I noticed how quickly I run out of protein items in my fridge, so I'm thinking of going "family-size" now. One store that jumps to mind is Costco, so I would love to get your feedback on your favorite "lean" items there as I make a list and hit the store this weekend..

Thank you!..

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The answer is Yes, although you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

BJs like Costco is my go to place for pre cleaned salads and asparagus. Very inexpensive...

Comment #2

They have some canned white meat chicken and I LOVE the salmon burger patties in the freezer section. Tasty and quick to cook...

Comment #3

I buy both meat and veggies at BJs (closer than Costco to us). I buy the meats in bulk and split them up at home. The veggies - well, when you need 3 servings per person, it adds up buying at the regular grocery store! They sell giant bags of kale for kale chips (which I am going to have to stop buying because OMG kale chips!), and 2 lb bags of cleaned/strung fresh green beans, and big bunches of asparagus and big containers of grape tomatoes for roasting... and big bags of broccoli florets for more roasting..

I'm a big fan of roasting veggies....

In any case, I go to BJs about once a week for fresh veggies, and probably once a month for meats..

Highly recommend buying at these kinds of stores...

Comment #4

We purchase the Kirkland frozen chicken breasts, their beef steak, Alaskan cod, Ahi tuna, Mahi Mahi, frozen turkey burgers, ground beef, canned albacore tuna, canned chicken breast, frozen salmon burgers, and Kirkland "Eggbeaters". We found the grilled chicken strips to be too salty....

Chicken can be naturally higher in sodium than what you'd expect... as can celery (surprise, surprise), and several other supposed sodium-free foods..

Here on the west coast we also have Cash 'n Carry (a wholesale grocer distributor) that is a great source of veggies at very cheap prices.....

Comment #5

Costco has some great turkey chicken italin meatballs!!! they are quite yummy..

Comment #6

I heart Costco! I buy everything from Costco. Diamonds, furniture, toys, kitchen stuff, everything...

Comment #7

Love Costco too....

I buy the frozen bags of Kirkland tilapia and shrimp. Very convenient. Happy shopping...

Comment #8

LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Costco- I 2nd or 3rd or 4th (whichever) the salmon burgers- OH YUM, you can eat them on a salad or sometimes I have then between 2 or more pieces of lettuce. I also love the Perdue chicken breast- they come with 12 and they are pre packaged in 2's. the veggies ROCK!! so many more things..... LOVE IT!!..

Comment #9

Wow, this is AWESOME!! Thank you guys!! I'll definately be going with your recommendations, I'm so excited!!!..

Comment #10

I buy the frozen Chicken Breasts from Costco, Perdue brand. They come in a 10 pound bag and are thinner than some, so cook faster either on the grill or george forman...

Comment #11

With just my husband and I at home and occasionally one of our daughter's for a few months, I have not found Costco to be cheaper in my area. Not when I factor in the yearly membership cost, the gas back and forth (it is not close to my house or anywhere near work) and then the insanity of the crowds. I do just as well at places like Henrys and watching sales at local stores. Just thought I would toss in the other side of the coin. I realise that we will probably be the only household on the planet without a Costco membership. Oh well...

Comment #12

We just had a Costco open up fairly close to us (15 minutes) and love it! I bought prewashed salad mix, fresh spinach, asparagus, frozen chicken in a bag (don't know what brand), salmon burgers (agree - they're the best!), Boca burgers, and turkey burgers... Unfortunately, DH hears "burger" and gets to salivating - definitely a trigger word for him! So I'm trying to remember to tell him we're having turkey "patties" or salmon "patties" instead - LOL!.

The company I work for pays for our membership, so I don't even know how much that is a year? But I was very impressed with this store. I hadn't been in a Costco in years so it's a nice treat to shop in a new store - everyone's so nice! We'll see when the grand opening high wears off!..

Comment #13

DH's office is practically next to Costco. So he stops there on his way home from work at least 2x each week. Regular shopping list includes:.

Tilipia loins.

Atlantic Salmon.


Romaine Lettuce.

Perdue chicken breasts.

Like kjduffy we get just about everything there...tho I'm still waiting for DH to bring home diamonds..

Comment #14

I am a huge Costco fan. I love the bag of Romaine lettuce...they last for quite a while without turning brown. Ugh....

I've also discovered the 6-8 pack of gourmet baby heads of lettuce. They are in a clear plastic pack like what the baby spinach comes in. They add a great variety to a salad..

Also love the precooked shrimp...

Comment #15

Love Costco..

I get the chicken breasts. They come in a pack that has ten packs of two breasts each. Perfect..

And the ground turkey. Comes in a pack of 4..

I love the chicken burgers. Need to try the salmon burgers..

And the veggies... yum. Bell peppers, asparagus, lettuce...

Comment #16

Costco list:.

Fresh Salmon - I bake the entire package and then measure out 5oz portions. Keep 1 or 2 in the fridge and freeze the rest..

Fresh Cod - Not my fave but DH loves it so I cut the raw fillets into individual portions and freeze..

Fresh chicken breasts and thighs.


Fresh green vegetables - bagged salad (actually prefer the romaine mix from Sam's Club), asparagus, red bell peppers, green beans, tomatoes, broccoli florets.

Olive oil and spices.

Bottled water..

Comment #17

I love love LOVE Costco!.

Besides the chicken and vegies one of my favorite Leans from there is their marinated wild alaskan salmon. Delicious, quick & carbs. It's one of my favorite L&G meals...

Comment #18

How much does it cost to to get a membership there? We have costco here all over tx!..

Comment #19

I think Costco is about 50 bucks a year and I LOVE Costco! Perfect for Medifast and beyond!.

Their lettuce and other produce (and fruit...for when we can have it again!) seems to last SO long!.

I get the following:.

Chicken Sausage.


3 different types of lettuce.

Gourmet cucumbers.


Turkey burgers.

And for those into that sorts of thing:.

Laughing Cow Cheese.

Babybell cheeses.

String cheese.

(I don't buy these on Medifast as I am a cheese addict, but can't beat the prices).

Good luck! Resist those delicious hotdogs!..

Comment #20

It's $50 bucks for membership a year, but you get 2 cards, 1 for you and another "household" member. So, you or your hubby don't need to be together on the same trip and carry two separate cards. I've shared my costco card with my roommie..

Everyone else.

: Thank you for taking the time to write out your suggestions! This is very helpful for a newbie! =)..

Comment #21

I have my costco protein staples. I buy the large fresh packs of Foster Farms chicken breast. They are packaged in maybe 4 to a package and all the packages are hooked together and perforated so it's really easy to stick them in the freezer and pull them apart as you need them. If you like chicken tenders better, I bought those by mistake last time. I'm kind of enjoying them, but I think I like the breasts better. They are in the fresh meat case and are not injected with anything.

I cut them in half and they almost always cook down to 5 oz per 1/2 steak. If they are smaller, I just supplement with their frozen, uncooked shrimp. They are really good. If I want to splurge, I get the Alaskan wild scallops. Kind of spendy.

I seriously rarely have to shop for meat..

My co-worker and I split a membership so it only cost 25 each...

Comment #22

I get Morningstar Farms veggie sausage patties there (I'm vegetarian, but meat eaters seem to love them too!). Also they have Kirkland brand splenda, which I bought, because I tired of bumming splenda packets at coffee shops. I think that they have diet Snapple, and of course diet sodas if you're into that sort of thing (I'm personally not). I used to get Boca burgers there too, but I got kind of burnt out on Boca burgers, and only eat them when I'm at Red Robin (with a salad instead of fries, of course, and no bun). They also have their brand of egg beaters, though I have found that the Trader Joe's brand is cheaper...

Comment #23

Hi, what brand is the chicken sausage and how does it fit into lean and green? I'm looking for some new leans and have to go to Costco today..

Comment #24

You are missing out on Costco Steph. We use to go to the one off of Cooper in Arlington...

Comment #25

OHHHH, I forgot about the lettuce- They have hearts of Romain comes 6 in a pack, I slice it for the PERFECT shredded lettuce- thinner sometimes and sometimes thicker. It is AWESOME!!!..

Comment #26

Lol - love that - can totally picture that in my mind..

Hmmm - i'm a freak and i'll literally buy the entire full filet mignon of beef and then cut it up into single servings and freeze. sooo much cheaper that way for a normally super pricey piece of beef. I sometimes do the same with the tenderloin of pork. I also love getting shrimp and the wild salmon...when they have it. asparagus, bell peppers, big blocks of the really good parmesan, spinach and their organic ground beef. (15% fat)...

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