Does alcohol affect Murad Acne Complex blood tests?

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Hi guys - so I'm on my first month of Murad Acne Complex. I took 20mg for the first 10 days and for the last 20 days I take 40mg a day. anyways my next blood work appointment/derm appointment is about 2 weeks away - I'm worried about my blood test because I've drank (malibu rum, and blueberry stoli being the alcohol part of my drinks) quite a bit the first week or so. do you think it will still come up and effect my blood results in 2 weeks? I now know how bad it is to drink while on Murad Acne Complex so I won't drink anymore but I didn't before I started.Thanks Guys!..

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Your question was: Does alcohol affect Murad Acne Complex blood tests?.

You should be okay if this much time has passed between drinking and the hepatic (liver) function tests. But remember, it's not a test you need to pass (well, it kinda is... lol) it's YOUR LIVER that's taking a massive hit metabolizing the Murad Acne Complex and then to give it alcohol to deal with, eh! That's alot of work! Think about all the things they tell us not to do (because it's processed by the liver) like not taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) either. I will probably be a big hippocrit and drink while on Murad Acne Complex as well, but my liver will not like me for it!..

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I read that you arent supposed to drink alcohol 3-4 days before your blood test. so I drank over the weekend and just waited 3 extra days to do it! HAHA. ive been drinking a little here and there for the last 2-3 months of my treatment and my blood tests have been fine..

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Don't drink while on Murad Acne Complex. It's as simple as that...

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Drinking while on tane is extremely dangerous. As a precaution, you should give me all of you liquor. I know I'm a nice guy...

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No matter what you hear, drinking while on Murad Acne Complex can and will cause permanent damage to your liver. The people who say they have no problem with it just cant see the damage that is being done. The best thing to do is switch to another hobby such as smoking marijuana or doing coke, which is less harsh on the liver...

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