Does acne return when done with Murad Acne Complex?

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Did your acne come back after a couple of years after finishing?It seems like most people who went on it had acne come back or had to go on 3 courses of it and are still not clear.Im looking for an answer for my acne because people are telling me anti biotics are not the answer, and plus my BCP is useless while on antibiotics and Im not a big fan of always using condoms with my bf.Help...

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Your question was: Does acne return when done with Murad Acne Complex?.

Home light therapy people....No side effects and is effective for aslong as you use it. Why risk Murad Acne Complex?..

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I have been off now for 1 year. I took a full course and only got clear about the time I was taking my last pills. Broke out horribly during the whole course which gave me a bit of scarring. Nine mouths out the oil came back and with it acne. Back to square one:(..

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Do you want to buy my light??? it's one of the goood ones with mixed red and blue spectrum...

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Well.....How old are you?usually they Prescribe that to People in the later 17.....19 sumin like that.Why this is? Because......As soon as the acne's Cleared up your Hormones and everything from a teenager should be settling Down Around the Time it comes back on yunger teenagers who take the Medication...but if you are an say just Get another subscription.About a 2 month Maintenence Type Thing.And u'll be good for another year.......My Derm Told me to do so.He said about once a year Untill you Grow out of it you may need to Have check up's with us.I said ok Sure......its all free to me anyways so I was like sure thing..

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It cleared me right up, but slowly returned within a few years after finishing...

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Mine has come back after 6 months though thankfully it's not as bad (yet...)..

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I've been off it for 8 months and I have mild acne now. it has come back a little but not as bad. it really just depends on the person I suppose.but it could also be because I haven't been taking care of my skin.learning about skin care goes a long I also went on a very low dose. 20mg I think? once a day and didn't feel much side effects like chapped lips or a sore face. at all. only hair shedding which grew back for me so i'm happy..

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I realize me posting this now that most people who used Murad Acne Complex and it worked for them and their acne never came back probably are no longer on this site... ha ha but thanks for the replys guys!I will be starting Murad Acne Complex end of November I belive. I take really good care of my skin and will also still be on a BCP so hopefully they will help in the long run.Seriously tho, anyone else!!! please post when and if your acne came back after Murad Acne Complex, also, how long was your course, what dose were you on, how severe was your acne, were you on a BCP(if you are a girl ha ha) and did you take care of your skin after, and with what?!Thanks for the replys honestly!!! I love replys! ha haOh also please include your age! thanks!!..

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I was 19 when I took it I took it for a total of 5 months 20 mgs once a day. and I DIDN"T go on a BCP. my dermatologist trusted me enough and while on Murad Acne Complex, I just washed my face with water. that's it.i also did not experience the "it gets worse before it gets better" it immediately started clearing up. my acne was borderline severe I have pictures but thats for another thread i'm planning to write heh...

Comment #9

Murad Acne Complex doesnt even explain why you have acne in the first place, it's hard to take it with absolute confidence knowing it's 100% safe. It will get rid of your acne though!!! but for how long?? then if it comes back, what does that say about Murad Acne Complex?its like this. you ask "why do I have acne?"doctor replies " because you have not taken Murad Acne Complex yet"makes no sense at all to me, but yes it will clear your acne but who knows what else it will do 20-30 years down the road...

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