Do you think Medifast coupon is true?

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Question I have... Do you think Medifast coupon is true? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. This is what I have been doing to my water the past several days. I make it before I go to bed and let it sit in the fridge overnight..

1 gallon water.

1 medium English cucumber (the unwaxed kind that's in plastic at the store) or a peeled regular cucumber..

10-12 mint leaves..

It's really refreshing! You can strain it, but I just drink the water out of the gallon jug and don't consume the cucumber then discard the mint and cuke at the end of the day when the water is gone..

I can't imagine that this imparts any significant cal or carb to the water, so I have not been 'counting' it, and it hasn't messed with my loss. YMMV..

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Comment #1

That does sound refreshing! I'm doing that tonight for tomorrow!..

Comment #2

Thanks for sharing! I'm getting in on this action too.

What a great idea to add a little twist to our water intake!..

Comment #3

SOunds great I am actually planting cucumbers and mint leaves in my garden! SOunds like a refreshing drink!..

Comment #4

Yes it does. Not like your typical mint flavor though, it's more mild and herbal. I like it minty so I put a lot of mint and kind of crush the leaves in my hand to get the flavor out. It's best when the water is really cold or over ice. And you can of course vary the amounts to your liking, I made some last night with just mint because I was out of cuke and it's good! I have heard you can do the same with ginger and lime...

Comment #5

This sounds perfect for summer! Particularly if I get the metric ton of cucumbers from the CSA again. Now I have more reasons to plant extra mint..

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