Do you Recommend the Medifast fruit drinks?

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Here's another question for your guys... Has anyone tried the fruit drinks? Do you recommend any of them? Any info is much appreciated... you all are the best.


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I like the cranberry mango one and the peach one. I shake them up in a water bottle, and then I can tell people I'm drinking "tea" or "fruit punch" at a gathering. I haven't tried the others. I'm saving them for later, as I know I'll want some variety in the remaining months between now and goal...

Comment #1

I really didn't care for them. But I never tried them any way other than a drink, I hear adding crushed ice is pretty good...

Comment #2

I liked the cranberry mango with diet soda, as kind of a frothy punch, but I haven't been drinking it much lately because of the cold. I only started in SeptemberI think if I'd done it over the summer I'd have used it a lot, and maybe experimented with more slushy/ice pop type things. The peach tea is okay if I mix it with another flavor of herbal tea and drink it hot, but if it doesn't mix perfectly, it gets really yucky, in my opinionI think it may have been the only time I just tossed a meal out after trying a few sips. There is a recipe for muffins using the cranberry mango I've done a few times, but I've found it to be a lot drier that other recipes I've made...

Comment #3

I like the fruit punch one but I always seemed to get a headache afterwards so I don't drink them anymore. The key was to dilute them. Twice as much water....or more! Otherwise they were too thick for my liking. Crushed ice works too, as milonotis mentioned...

Comment #4

I've only tried the cranberry mango one. I really like the taste, but I could see how some people wouldn't like it. It's creamy and a little thick, more like a melted milkshake or smoothie than fruit juice. I use twice as much water as the instructions say because it's really sweet, and that also cuts down on the syrupy texture. It's one of the hardest meals to mix imo. I've never been able to get a glass with no lumps.

Club soda or sparkling water would probably be better though, so that you're not adding any more sweetness. It would probably make a really good shake/smoothie, but with the weather, I wouldn't want anything that cold right now...

Comment #5

The first couple times I tried the fruit punch I thought something was missing. It has the fruit taste and it sort of has that creamy froth you get in a punch bowl with sherbert or ice cream but what I finally figured out was that it was missing the fizz. I fixed that by mixing it with diet lemon/lime soda. I mixed the packet in with half of the can (watch out for the froth) and then once it was mixed good I added the rest of the can. Now it tastes great..

I also have tried the cranberry mango. While it was ok with just water, I think it will be improved with the addition of soda as well...

Comment #6

I've tried them all: raspberry tea, peach tea, tropical punch, cranberry mango. I like them all as either a straight drink or as a smoothie/shake/slushie...

Comment #7

I really like the Tropical Punch w Diet Cherry 7-Up...

Comment #8

I like them all.I really like them in hot tea,I mix them and use half in a cup of tea (cuz I work nites and trying to get rid of the coffee thing)..

Comment #9

I liked the cranberry mango and the fruit punch......Especially in the summer made into popsicles but they also worked well in situations where I didn't want folks to know I was on MF. I would drink a few ounces off the top of a water bottle and pour one in. Shake it up and then they were ready when I needed them for a meal and folks just thought it was flavored water. Worked well in longer meetings where no meal was being served...

Comment #10

I love the Cran Mango for breakfast. I make it with 8oz water and a few ice cubes and it's similar to a smoothie to me...

Comment #11

I am having a hard time choking down the soft serve stuff any suggestions?..

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