Do you like Cream of Tomato Medifast soup?

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Thinking about ordering Cream of Tomato soup, and just wondering if anyone likes it / loves it..



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Your question was: Do you like Cream of Tomato Medifast soup?.

I like it okay as soup, but I LOVE it as soup chips!..

Comment #1

I love the COT with hot pepper sauce and a stick of celery (I pretend I am drinking a bloddy mary) wishful thinking.

I heard you can make chips out of it but have not tried yet. I need to find out how...

Comment #2

I love it as bread, and use it to make Medifast pizza - it's yummy!..

Comment #3

Eating it right now for the first time.... LOVE it! I mixed it up last night and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I do this with all Medifast foods that need to be mixed with water..

Nuked it for a couple minutes and just added a bit of fresh ground pepper and a dash of salt... soooo good!.

Haven't tried making the chips yet, but will have to try that soon...

Comment #4

I love (regular) cream of tomato with basil and I have fresh basil in the backyard, I figured I would try that when I get my tomato soups...

Comment #5

Love it as soup, bread, or chips. A little basil, pepper or Tony Chachere's spice and you are good to go. Some Italian spices in the bread make it fantastic. It is my favorite soup!..

Comment #6

I am glad you posted this. I have never tried it yet but have a box in my cabinet...

Comment #7

Ooohhh... I love it with oregano. Yummo! And a few squirts of Braggs' Liquid Aminos, and maybe some hot sauce, but definitely the oregano!!! Satisfies the Italian food craving!..

Comment #8

Didn't much care for it as soup, but it makes the best flatbread!..

Comment #9

I love this soup...only thing missing is grilled cheese! LOL..

Comment #10

I love it.. with a little splash of chili sauce.(1 tsp) and some pepper.


Comment #11

I like it okay as soup, but I LOVE it as soup chips!..

Comment #12

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