Do you have to have constant blood tests when taking Murad Acne Complex?

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Hi everybody,Just came back from my first appointment with the dermo and was given a course of isotretinoin. I have been told to take 40mg per day and I have to return to the dermo again in 4 weeks time for my first check up. I know this might sound silly but the question I want to ask you have to have a blood test at every check up? Or do you have to have regular blood tests as I know the side affects can effect certain body parts. I only ask because, I am not good at all with needles and blood!! I have fainted in two of my previous blood tests, and another one today at my dermos...I know I'm a bit of a sissy!Thanks for the help!Danny..

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Your question was: Do you have to have constant blood tests when taking Murad Acne Complex?.

But also I'd said try not to follow your doctor's pocket and see how isotretinoin is applied in the rest of the world outside the USA, mainly in the countries where the patient truly matters with optimum Health Care Systems.Ask the people with those colossal intakes after two or three courses if they achieve their permanent "remission dream" even people without severe cases...

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RedMcintosh I couldn't agree more. Taking 40mg of Murad Acne Complex In my opinion is a death sentence and i'd care too much about my body to take it. Dosages around 10-20mg are much more comprehensible...

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Thanks, sowet. A low isotretinoin dosage varies from 0.1 to 0.2 mg / kg. Also it's a wiser economical choice to our pockets.My height is 1.70 m, my bones are medium-sized but I'm very slim and my body fat is low so my weight is 55 kg.My organism felt a lot a dosage of 0.2 mg / kg but wasn't the case with 0.1 mg / kg. The only side effect I have are very slight dry lips. I could try 0.12 mg / kg. That's a pill of 20 mg each 3 days but for now I'm very comfortable with a pill of 20 mg each 4 days.

If every patient consumes a lot of boxes of a drug, more money they'll receive. This is another fact.I almost forget those excessive "check-ups" when you're on a high dosage... yeah... more "gifs" but this time from you to the others... Absolutely unnecessary amount of studies, in the USA, each month.

What absurd and mindless. That Health System self-interested benevolent spirit of true care on you. They're like angels...

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20mg every 4 days will never "cure" your acne. This is another fact. You will just end up taking this low dose for years, because the most it will do is temporary remission. It's also a fallacy that taking a low dose for years is better on your body than a 5-6 month higher dose course. You will still wind up with the same cumulative dose, if not more. Good luck though.P.S.

And if the USA health care system and doctors are so terrible, why are most of the student doctors studying and having their residencies here from foreign countries? lolThose "excessive" blood tests are to make sure your liver is functioning properly and your triglycerides are not too high. No matter what dose of Murad Acne Complex you take, you are not immune to those rare side effects. It sounds like your doctors are the uncaring ones if they are not monitoring those functions.....

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Anyway low or high dosages won't cure acne and of course they won't make a forever-remission. So I prefer taking for 3-6 month a low dose of 0.1 mg / kg without bad liver responses like IB, etc and then have a maintenance dose, usually 0.03 mg / kg.BTW, an excellent thing if all the generic companies don't give any of these kind of things to the doctors. Thanks for make this issue clear.I don't know why some foreign students have their residencies in the USA having other choices in Europe or other advanced countries. I suppose some persons are suicidal and like to eat "healthy food" in their lunches. The first time a saw "Sicko" of Michael Moore I understand the major part of the people in the USA, unfortunately with much sadness are living an unfair hell. I don't understand how you defend that hell.

Enjoy with the fraud.BTW 2: the retreatment, all we know soon or later the isotretinoin treatment will be repeated if you don't follow a maintenance dose.Be sure the USA is the only country has a check-up each 30 seconds per person. The studies are necessary but never so frequently like that. I hope Barack Obama could stop all that, as I said, self-interested system. He will have to exorcize a lot...

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I have a job and health insurance which pays for my health care and medicine. But we're getting off topic here. I am sorry that you hate the USA but the discussion is supposed to be about Murad Acne Complex.....

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Don't feel you're under attack my friend. If I would hate USA I've never said "I understand the major part of the people in the USA, unfortunately with much sadness are living an unfair hell."...Pay attention to the words.And yes, we're getting off topic.Have a nice sleep.Auf Wiedersehen..

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40mg per day is perfect. Youll be clear in no time. I only had to take a blood test at my first visit to the derm, I dont know if it's the same everywhere tough. Good Luck dude !!..

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Hey guys,Thank you all so much for the quick and informative replies. I am a bit worried now about taking this 40mg a day, reading certain lines in this thread like "40mg a day is a death sentence" has made me feel kind of uneasy. To be honest, when put on this dosage yesterday I was a bit suprised, because my face has calmed down a hell of a lot as of late and I didnt feel really that my level of acne at this time would need this powerful treatment. But, I was told by my derm that I am 24 years old and everything I have tried in the past has not worked, so this will hopefully kill it off and the isotretinoin would be my last best bet. Well as worried as I feel, I need this gone, so I think I will take on Bialo's good words and start the 40mg tonight before I go to bed, and hopefully see some results. Again thanks for the help, and feel free to give me any more advice if you have any!CheersDanny..

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Sorry, I have a add on question.....My derm told me not to use any facial washes whatsoever whilst on this stuff? Is that a good idea or should I stick to my gentle exfoliater every morning and my clean and clear facial wash whilst on isotretinoin? I just wanted to try and find out what you guys on here did facial wise whilst on this stuff.ThanksDanny..

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Not to clean your face and have all the dirty on your face, tramp style?? Use the Dan's Cleanser. Also the famous Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (the Cetaphil Cleanser for oily skin makes me breakout I remember and not just to me but a lot of people). In my case, I'm using Eucerin which is excellent but maybe the Dan's Cleanser or the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser could be better for aggressive dosages of isotretinoin.Here you have the best cleanser reviews:Dan's Cleanser: Cleanser Pore Purifyng Wash: Gentle Cleanser:Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Reviews the dose, it's your body not mine. You'll fell the side effects too. Do as you prefer. I can repeat this study: least 0.5 mg / kg daily would be wiser.

And as I've said forget a permanent remission. As you maybe could read, I've taken 500 mg / kg and I've just got 60% of remission after that non-sense dose following the "forever-remission dream" but what I have permanent now is a damage in the joints of my knees and that will be there forever till the stem cells could save me that injury.Bye P.S.: remember to use a good moisturizer or a moderate smile could be turned to a bloody one because the skin of that area will be nicely dry. In that you cases can do this: but never this: Greetings.Ariel..

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Hey Red,Thanks for the advice, them reviews are great. Does anyone know what the best cleansers in the UK are for someone in my situation?...Like Red says, I dont wanna start this isotretion tramp style! I was just going on what my dermo told me yesterday, she said add nothing whatsoever onto my skin...just water....but I wanted to get advice from people that have been in my situation. I have oily skin, but obviously my face will dry out from this course. I do have a clean and clear gentle face wash already if this is good enough to use whilst on this isotretion?ThanksDanny..

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Hey!! Are you from UK? Call Summit and maybe you can join their clinical trials since this year 2009 on acne patients without all the isotretinoin side effects. Unfortunately I'm not from UK and I cannot do that. It would be fantastic to share that experience. They even could give you the drug up to it's release at the end of 2011 or beginnings of 2012. can't believe your derm thinks the cumulative the dirty through the day will be removed just with water. It's just ridiculous and absolutely disgusting. So she believes odors for example won't be added to your face during the days...

Nice while you're kissing a girl... BTW... Was she living in France?? Hahaha!! An innocent joke for french people. Sorry At least a person could not to wash the face in the morning because the last night shower and general cleansing. That's more coherent.

The companies are international. Cetaphil is from Switzerland and Eucerin from Germany, so.....

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