Do you have loose skin when losing weight from Medifast?

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My question is about how your body shrinks on Medifast if you have PCOS. I can recall when I was 14 yo or so that I had a chubby belly, even though I wasn't considered overweight at the time, I definitely had a pouch or is that pooch LOL.

I didn't start gaining significant weight until I was in my early 20s and it has done nothing but climb without fail for the past 20 yrs.

If you have PCOS and have lost 75 - 100lbs on Medifast, can you tell me if you are getting a beautiful belly without the overhang/or belly apron? I know since I have to lose at least 100lbs that there's a very good chance of having loose skin on my abdomen, but I have been too curious to not ask this question now..


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Yes, I would have to agree with Liz here, I have come to realize that Im losing weight to get "healthy" now and Im not really going to care about the saggy skin and I can deal with that for awhile and then will see if Im going to get surgery to move it or not! But either way, keep losing weight and dont worry about saggy skin! I have pcos too, and I'm losing weight too, and I hope that you have grat results as Im getting!..

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I have PCOS and have lost 100 pounds so far this year. I was diagnosed with PCOS in college and both my sisters have it and are overweight (not as bad as me). I have 170+ to go, so take this with a grain of salt. I don't know if it will change as I get lower in weight. I find that my belly seems to be losing slower than the rest of me (I have collarbones! and wrist bones!). It also is kind of weird that it tends to be in the middle of my tummy, not along the sides (my side to side diameter is the same but my front to back diameter is less).

I hope this helps. Not everyone loses the same and the health benefits certainly outweigh the looks, but I know I have these questions too. As far as my PCOS my cycle has gotten more irregular (I have more 21 days than 28 days and I used to be pretty steady at 28), but not significantly worse and not too annoying..

Good luck with your losses!.


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So, with your menses you get them on time or do you tend to bleed for like weeks at a time? I know that I was fine and well since starting mf, my menses have been horrible! I dont know if I wanna go to the dr or not, for it, but I guess ill wait it out and see what happens!.

Also, I have pcos too! It sux!..

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I'm getting my usual 8-9 day cycles, they're just coming at 21 days more often than at 28 days (3 out of the last 4 cycles). When I first was diagnosed, I'd had bleeding for 6 months and almost needed a transfusion because my hemoglobin was so low. I'm careful not to let it go too far. Their usual first line is a BC pill, which no one wanted me on due to my weight, so I stopped them over 10 years ago. If I have an actual cycle (it stops) but the length in between is 15-30 days, I was told to just let it be..

Of course, the last time I mentioned the 21 days to my doctor, she looked at me and said 'well you're getting to that age'. Ha. Who knew 38 was 'that age'? :-).


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LOL, yes you arent even old yet! You still have some "young years" ahead of you! Well, I'm glad at least one of us are getting the cycles right LOL. I on the other hand are all outta whack and Im guessing it's with me losing weight, thyroid, and all meds I'm currently. But Im going to let it be and wait it out! I have been in the same boat as you with the blood before! I dont know if you were soaking through pads, but Im not that heavy, but it's there! I sure hope and pray that it ends soon!.

I hate PCOS! It bites!.

Also, weight as to do with all our "problems" heehee!..

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I have had PCOS for over 10 years. When losing weight, it tends to come off in all areas at different times. While PCOS is associated with an increase in belly fat, it's more about the resiliency of the skin. Unfortunately for me, my skin wasn't resilient at all and after losing over 100 lbs I opted for abdominoplasty. I didn't notice that I had more belly fat than in other areas, I was just left with large amounts of loose skin that dieting and exercise would not reduce. Skin resiliency has a lot to do with genetics and also hydration.

It's recommended to wait at least a year after reaching your goal weight to consider surgery. I wish you the best of luck and hope your skin tightens up on it's own! As a sidenote, I LOVE my belly now and have no regrets - even with the faint scars I'm left with!..

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Will be starting Medifast on Sunday....very excited! I do have PCOS and I really hope I do lose. I have tried alot and nothing seems to help....I would lose a few but then hit a wall. I have not had a period now since April and it makes me feel like Im in constant PMS mode and usually I do not lose good until after I have a cycle, however, Im going to start sunday even though I have not had a cycle for months. I just hope Medifast will help me lose!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been more ready! Love to hear the stories from others who have PCOS and have been able to lose with MF!..

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Well welcome to the Medifast party! This does truly work only if you are 100% op and you can do this! I have PCOS and well I lost 54lbs already! If I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU lol..

ALSO, As the TOM you will get yours here on mf, it will mess you up either in a good way or bad, or maybe both LOL, but dont let that scare you, you are losing weight and well our hormones and everything will be outta whack for a bit!!!\.

Looking forward to your success!..

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I've had PCOS for 11 years, and have now lost just about 42 lbs. I've dropped 16 inches in 2 months, with 4" gone from my waist. I'm very top heavy, with a large bust, and I swear, that's where half my weight is- I'm now wearing size 2's, despite weighing 150! I had surgery as a baby on a belly-button hernia, so I'll never have the flat tummy I want, but it's gotten much, much better. I'm getting to the point where I'm not going to lose much more with just diet, so I've been adding in exercise gradually, and while it often slows the losses, the change in how I feel and look is so worth it. I'm getting some definition back in my abs now too (I danced competitively for 13 years before some major injuries took me out, so I was really fit before). Medifast has definitely messed up my periods, despite being on birth control, so I look forward to the end of Medifast for that getting better and more regular, but it's a small price to pay.

I wish you all the best of luck, since I know how miserable losing weight with PCOS can be- it took Medifast for me to do it!.


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Just thought I would stop by...and say hi!!! To all my cyster!..

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Hello to you beana too! Yes it is possible to still lose weight with PCOS, hypothyroidism and anything else, it may be slower than others, but hey slow wins the race! I have been lucky so far to lose 61 pounds so far with Medifast and Im very greatful for that and I hope once I get closer to goal that my PCOS symptoms will subside some!..

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I have PCOS. Even in my skinny days, I always had a belly. Looking at me front on, I don't look bad, but my belly and my butt grow out, not to the sides, so once I get a profile look, WOW, wide girl.

After losing 22 lbs, 4.7 inches off the waist and 6 inches off my hips, I still have a horrible waist to hip ratio and my chest size is the same as my waist. In fact, my underbust is about five inches smaller.

I have a hard time finding pants because I despise muffin top or my belly hanging over the waist band of my pants, so if I buy them big enough to fit my waist, I can usually slip them over my hips unfastened. This is why I prefer high-waist pants so they cover my tummy..

My periods are very irregular, sometimes 35-90 days apart. Lately though, they have been horribly heavy and lasting almost the full seven days instead of the 3-4 I grew accustomed to..

However, I have recently learned that I have a rather large fibroid tumor sitting on top of my enlarged uterus (and there's some polyps in there as well), and I'm thinking this may be contributing a little bit to the large belly area. Will be getting these things removed in a month...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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