Do you eat the same Medifast products everyday?

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I'm sure this type of question has been posted before, so I apologize if this is redundant for some....

Do most people eat the same products each day or do you mix it up? I try to eat oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, a soup for lunch and then a shake, drink, bar or puffs for the snacks. I typically try to have 1-2 shakes a day. Overall, I eat all types of Medifast fast, including the oatmeal..

Would there really be a big difference if I decided to do more Medifast meals as eggs or the soups? There are days where I'm just feeling hungrier and would really love to have 2 soups.

I'm curious to know what most people eat. Or if you notice a stall in loss by eating too much soup, or too many bars or puffs..


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All the meals are interchangeable. You can eat all eggs, or all soups, if you want. The only exception is the maintenance bars in the green wrapper - these are limited to 1/day..

There are lots of people on here who lost tons of weight eating pretzels 4x/day or whatever. Eat what you like!..

Comment #1

I have noticed that if I have more than 2 bars a day it increases the gas issues for me. My hubby politely requested that I not eat more than two a day. LOL. It's usually when we are away from home and I need the portable meals. I guess driving down the road with all the windows open when it's 40 degrees outside doesn't do it for him...

Comment #2

When I get a shipment, I pull out about 45 quart-size ziploc bags and put all my food for each day in one baggie (I order 6 week supplies at a time). I pull a baggie every day and eat what's in the negotiation, I just do it. But...I love the days when I have 1 shake, 1 oatmeal, 1 pudding, (I make boston cream pie from the oatmeal and pudding), 1 bar, and 1 puffs. Yes...those are GOOD days! I get 2 boxes of maintenance bars to cover me for 6 weeks. If the bar happens to be a maintenance bar...then it's a SUPER good day!..

Comment #3

I have my go-to foods: eggs, oatmeal, and the products I use to make shakes, whether that's the drinks or soft serves. On hungry days, I like to make either the chicken noodle or chicken and rice because those fill me up. Sometimes I have difficulty finishing them..

On my my snacky moments, the puffs and pretzels really fulfill that urge...

Comment #4

Eat what you want-you'll lose weight easting any 5 Medifast meals each day, with the exception of just 1 maintenance bar per day...

Comment #5

I have a pretty consistent routine that mimics "regular" eating- eggs or hot drinks for breakfast, bar for coffee break, soup for lunch, puffs for afternoon snack, L&G for dinner with the family and something sweet (brownie or pudding) for dessert. I just CANNOT make myself drink shakes right now- I am cold all the time...

Comment #6

I have tried to make myself eat more variety but I am a creature of habit and I just plain love the brownies. I have one chocolate (pudding, shake or cocoa) mixed hot or cold with my morning coffee and usually have brownies for the rest of the day. The only time I change it up is if I am going to be away from a microwave then I make some completely awful oatmeal,egg and shake muffins (skipping condiments this month) to take with me. I just ordered another case of brownies, 2 cases of the ready to drink chocolate shakes for those away from a microwave meals and a sample of the cappuccino calorie burn to see if I like it for hot caffiene to replace the green tea calorie burn I have been drinking everyday since I started. So far so good on the weight loss...

Comment #7

Routinely it's oatmeal for work breakfast. Eggs or pancakes for non work breakfasts.

The rest of the day it's typically bar at mid morning.

Stew or Chili at lunch.

Pudding mid afternoon..

Weekends and off work days vary. I tend to use more portable foods like bars & pretzels.

Today I was in a Chocolate mood which gets me oatmeal for breakfast followed by chocolate pudding at mid morning, lunch and mid afternoon...

Comment #8

I tend to have.

B: pancackes or a bar, depending on if I'll be home or out.

Snack: bar.

Lunch :chicken soup.

Snack: shake/hot drink.

L&G for dinner.

Brownie or hot drink..

Comment #9

I always kept a huge stock on tons of choices. I never knew what I would be in the mood for. I would bring a huge supply to work and put it in my cupboard so that I could decide each day what I wanted. I did try and do a breakfasty item at breakfast and lunchy at lunchtime to try and be in a routine I was going to follow after 5&1. I also never ate after dinner because dessert issues are HUGE for me. I steered away from bars in general...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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