Do Vitamin Shoppes like albertsons have diabete testers?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Do Vitamin Shoppes like albertsons have diabete testers?.

My 2nd question is: Hopefully someone a bit more knowledgeable can help me out. I am wondering if I can saute spinach, mushrooms and a little bit of garlic with ICBINB and it count as my dinner salad portion? I mean, essentially spinach and mushrooms is what my salad would be, but it's soooo much better sauteed. Anyone know about this? Thanks!..

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Your question was: Do Vitamin Shoppes like albertsons have diabete testers?.

I dont understand why raw spinach is a salad and sauteed is a me out..

Comment #1

It's about volume. Raw spinach has more volume than cooked spinach.

Raw spinach = 1 cup serving.

Cooked spinach = 1/2 cup serving..

Comment #2

I understand the raw/cooked thing, but when you cook a cup of raw spinach it shrinks down to about 1/2 cup. So isn't it essentially the same thing?.

I always add raw spinach to my salads but enjoy it cooked as well. Your little recipe sounds yummy Marissa. I think I might try that this weekend. I love spinach...

Comment #3

Salads are about filling you up - a serving of lettuce adds exactly 5 calories to your meal and a 1 cup serving of raw spinach is 7 calories. You will always eat more spinach when it's cooked because it shrinks so down so much. 1 cup cooked spinach has 41 calories (link), so that's why when it is cooked, it needs to count toward your vegetable servings rather than your salad serving...

Comment #4

My opinion...for what's it's worth....

We are all trying to learn to make this a 'lifestyle change' and as the old adage goes..."we didn't get fat by eating too many vegetables"....

As long as you are aware of portion sizes and healthy choices ...and this idea is...go for it..

Salads for lunch, and again for dinner can certainly get 'old'!.

So the answer in my opinion is yes...

Comment #5

Sure Marissa! You could do that.........and to tell you the truth, that sounds great!!!!!!..

Comment #6

Yum, that sound great Marissa! But it would count as a veggie because it is cooked...

Comment #7

What kind of dressing is used on a Spinach salad?...I think the salad itself has a name, but it escapes me right now....It has raw mushrooms, sliced hard boiled egg, bacon pieces and the dressing....TIA..

Comment #8

I totally agree!! I don't usually measure my veggies! I have a salad at lunchtime (pre-made from nearby store) & then I make veggies with whatever dinner entree I have. I make sure to take a nice serving, usually filling up about half of my plate. If I'm still not full after eating I'll have a few more veggies..

Like you said, lemme see the person who gained weight from eating veggies... I do log what I eat as well & guestimate the serving size to log, but I never exactly measure. And it's worked for me so far!!..

Comment #9

I put anything on my spinach, jmd...I can't do any more lettuce right now. I'm all lettuced out! Yes, I've tried every freakin' variety! LOL.

Today, I have a fat-free Italian (it's my favorite). I also use the Spritzers French, Raspberry, and I have a Walden Farms Caesar. The only one I haven't liked is the WF Honey Mustard but I just think I hate that dressing period - wouldn't matter if it was on lettuce or spinach! LOL..

Comment #10

One thing I like to do with spinach and mushrooms (and sometimes garlic if I'm in the mood for it, lol) is saute them with Olive Oil Pam, then add Southwestern Egg Beaters and make an omlette. Yummy! Serve with a toasted Thomas' Light English Muffin and some fruit and you have a delicious and filling breakfast...

Comment #11

I was/am pretty much *saladed out* also...ate baby field greens for awhile, but tired of that also, hence the spinach now :P.....getting to the point that even different dressings isn't helping.

I do love the spinach omlet tho!!..

Comment #12

Sure. I do this from time to time. But it actually counts toward your 2 dinner time veggies. 1/2 cup of cooked spinach equals 1 veggie. The mushrooms and garlic are "free foods"..


Comment #13

I dont understand why raw spinach is a salad and sauteed is a me out..

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