Do Nutrisystem bars cause gas?

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I am eating bars occasionally now that I am on maintenance. And I am still getting real bad gas. Saw this thread awhile back but did not pay attention to it. Now I am wondering if these ingredients are the cause..

So I found this thread:.

PSA-Maltitol and Sorbitol can give you a tummyache and more.

I tried reading it and there are 160 ish posts- almost all of them that I found (bouncing on many pages) to be from Sassy- all saying the same thing over and over again. I am being lazy and do not want to scroll thru that many posts in hopes of finding out more info than what she wrote. Basically it will be very time consuming and tedius..

Can anyone sum up or find another area I can read about it?.

From what she wrote (which I appreciate)- most of the Nutrisystem food has this. I found that the South Beach Bar, Fiber One and Special K bar have it too..

That is really frustrating for me if that is the cause. I like the bars to grab quickly and run (am on maintenance). If it is in most bars- that just bites. Beano helps me alot but thought that once I was on regular food and not NS- the gas would be gone. (I used to have bad gas years ago when we lived on TV dinners- must have had these ingredients too??). And when we quit eating them- the gas went away.

So what is the scoop with it? How can I rule it in or out that that is the cause?.

I do not have the runs or upset tummy at all- never have- just gas since day 1...

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Your question was: Do Nutrisystem bars cause gas?.


What is the protein count on them? That has been the problem- want >8 g.

Where do you find them?.

Thank you people...

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If you want to rule out the maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol etc, just read every label of everything you put in your mouth. Now some veggies are going to give you gas, ie broccoli. If you chew gum, you can get excess gas from that too..

Keep track of everything you eat for a few days..

I hate to say this but the older you get, the more gas you have. I heard Dr. Oz say that!..

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