Do all Nutrisystem cookies have similar tastes?

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I know everyone's tastes are different but since I have been on the program only 10 days I have time to exchange some foods I don't care for. So my questions are.....

1) Do the cookies all have a similar taste/consitency? I had the choc chip one last night and didn't care for the cakey texture..

2) I also did not care for the choc chip scone. Does the Apple Studel Scone have the same texture?.

3) Do the fudge brownies taste like the choc cake (which I did not love)?.

Goodness, sounds like I don't like chocolate but I do!! I have loved several of the bars, but maybe I don't like the cookies and cakes?.

There are many foods I am really enjoying... I am just looking to some of you on the program for a longer time so that I can possibly exhange some things that don't suit my taste buds. Thanks for any help!..

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Your question was: Do all Nutrisystem cookies have similar tastes?.

I like the chocolate chip scone dipped in hot black coffee. Its yummy that way....

Comment #1

They contain Sugar Alcohol, just watch how much SAs you take in during the day. I posted the SA numbers here:

Comment #2

Chocolate cake is icky. Chocolate nut cookie is good! Haven't had the brownies. Warning: ALL of the breakfast muffins are gag worthy! Blech!! Best things are grilled chicken breast and beef pattie. Taste just fine! Worst things are all of the "italian" dishes. Have a lingering nutri-systemy taste. Pancakes are excellent.

I like the beef tacos also. After awhile alot of the stuff starts to taste the same.....

Comment #3

I love the muffins! Just goes to show you that everyone's tastes are SO different...

Comment #4

The muffins and scones are wonderful, I think. And, the beef tacos have been discontinued a long time. Are you sure you are talking about current foods, Beverly? The old muffins were completely different...

Comment #5

I do not care for most the cookies, the cakes or brownies either. I do like the walnute chocolate chip cookies, they have a crisper texture than the others. Think it's like the texture of Famous Amos from a vending machine..

I love the Thin Mint Crisp bar...

Comment #6

Hl, hope everyone had a great week!!! For the most part I like all the foods except for a few...not crazy about the sloppy joes. I like all the desserts. Has anyone lost their appetite? I still eat all my food but I find myself not wanting too!..

Comment #7

My husband and I don't like most of the cookies either but we LOVE the oatmeal cookie, especially slightly warmed in the microwave. I don't care for the choc chip scone but like the apple scone, also warmed 15-20 sec. Finally, I like the muffins (also warmed) but I have a strong preference for the double choc muffin (the chips melt a little when warmed) and think the blueberry and banana nut are just OK. I'm not a big cereal fan (mainly b/c I like grab and go items). I find almost all of the breakfast bars to be too sweet.

As above, I'd try everything onceyou'll be surprised what you like (and others don't). We all have our own distinct taste!..

Comment #8

I agree AnnGB. The Walnut Choc Chip cookies are much better. They have a crispier texture and taste really good...much better than the softer cookies. I love the scones & the blueberry muffin, but I do soften them with about 11 secs in the microwave & add a couple sprays of ICBINB, like a lot of the others do. I haven't made the scones in to french toast yet or the muffins in to bread pudding. I probably will try that if I ever get tired of them plain...

Comment #9

My opinion: yes, the cookies all have the same cake like texture, but they vary a little. The chocolate chip is my least favorite..

Yes, the apple scone is the same as the chocolate chip. both are a million times better zapped in the microwave about 10 seconds.

The brownie is more gooey than the cake..

Before you send things back, I'd recommend trying each thing once. You'd be surprised what you find you like. there are also tons of ideas here on the boards to improve everything...

Comment #10

In addition to zapping the scones in the microwave, I recommend a little ICBINB spray. it softens it up a little more than just the microwave and it gives it a little more flavor..

Comment #11

Or making the scones into french toast. Greatest use for the scones, IMHO...

Comment #12

I put a little ff cream cheese on my scones or ff ricotta and then top with warmed fruit...

Comment #13

I cut my apple scone in half lengthwise and pop in the toaster. While it is toasting I peel and slice an apple add cinnamon and WF syrup and zap in the microwave about 2 minutes. Then I put the toasted apple scone in a bowl and pour the cinnamon apple mixture on it. It is delicious. Someone else actually posted this and it is now the only way I eat the apple scone.

With the chocolate chip I cut it and toast it. Then I add warmed strawberries and WF chocolate syrup to it..

I like most of the cookies zapped in the micro for 12 seconds. But I like the chocolate bars more so I rarely order the cookies. I do not care for the chocolate cake at all. The brownies are yummy...

Comment #14

The first time I tried a chocolate chip scone I didn't like it. I didn't order them for the next 6 months. In my last order, I decided to give them another try, by toasting them. Yummmm! Glad I did!..

Comment #15

I tried the Choc Chip Scone for the first time today for breakfast ..... I couldn't understand why I was "jet-propelled" all day...then it came to me! Does anyone else have this problem (highly gassy)?..

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I like the chocolate chip scone dipped in hot black coffee. Its yummy that way....

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