Dizzy feelings from Ciscutan?

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Hi there ...I have been on Ciscutan for 5 1/2 month .... 20mg per day .... so I take 0,488mg per day/kiloNow my face is clean and I have no acne ... but a few weeks ago my body starts to get same dizzy feelings ... like feeling of faintless in combination with a little panic attack because ervytime I have this feeling, Im afraid to have a black out ...Could this be from Ciscutan?! ... I mean, my blood results are perfect ...

I am off Murad Acne Complex since 3 weeks .....

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Your question was: Dizzy feelings from Ciscutan?.

Yeh totally, I finished my course in the end of May and trust me it was hard. The summer was hot and with my mental health side effects at that time I felt that I will blackout everyday when there was over +25C weather. To make it worse when it is so hot you sweat and I was afraid of getting more acne because of that Well, the best you can do is wait and if you want I can pm you link with great book about Anxiety/Panic attacks. You can learn there breathing tactics and information on how brain works. Helped me a lot. Since I believe that the feeling of blackout, is something to do with anxiety...

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I stopped my treatment in July this year and I have been getting the same as you two, but with mine my face and ears get very hot and I start to feel dizzy, tingling finger tips and I also get pressure on both sides of my head. It feels like a panic attack or anxiety and I just dont feel right after it happens for about 15 to 20 min. I never had any of this before or while on the treatment. I was on Isotretinoin for 7 months taking 80/60mg every two days.All this started about a month after and still dont feel right now While I was on the treatment I only suffered with dry skin/lips and aches and pains.My skin in amazing now though, very clear and I'm happy with the results apart from getting this.My question is: Do you think this is related to my treatment?..

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Well it is totally related to Murad Acne Complex. I never had these things in my life and I really hope it will go away. Panic Attacks were awful the first time when I didnt know what was happening with me. Then it got better, but it is still not what it used to be...

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