Discouraged with Nutrisystem?

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Yesterday I went shopping in my closet. I ran across some tops that I haven't seen in at least 3 yrs. Saw some that still have the tags on. I tried them on and they fit. Some were even to big. (smile).

But what I was disappointed in were the jeans and pants that I tried on. When I gained back my weight (I had lost 75 lbs. on Michael Thurman's diet 3 yrs ago) It must have came back on me differently. What I weigh now, is what I weighed when I bought the jeans...and no way to they fit me now..

I have lost almost 47 lbs. since May 1st. And have lot to loose, so I am just going to take it one day at a time, and I will eventually fit into those pants..

That is what I told myself as I walked this morning. Keep going, you can do this. (Just like I think I can, I think I can.) I know that n/s works. I was on it back in the 80's. You had to go to meetings then, get weighed and blow into this thing that measured something....can't recall right now...

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Your question was: Discouraged with Nutrisystem?.

I feel your pain but we can all get through this together!..

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Someone told me awhile back that the tummy was the last thing to lose..

Have you been measuring? That is really exciting- to see it come off in the different areas. Thighs were huge to me and went down before tummy did..

Hang in kiddo- you are doing awesome!!..

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Zenouba- No ( in your sentence- how nice! So much easier to read. (I know- no need to (on this one)...

Comment #3

But, there are no C's in any of the words....

I'm willing to send you a new keyboard, Kat...LOL..

Comment #4

Yeah I know- I just said it wrong..

At first I thought she got it fixed till I looked for the C's..

Was so much easier to read..

But hey whatever..

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I agree. It does seem to come off differently. My waist and butt are getting smaller and of course, my boobs. I lost some inches in the thighs but they and the saddle bags are giving me fits. My core muscles don't even feel like they are there...

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