Discipline during Medifast

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I am posting this tonight for accountablilty, and I AM ready for the negative comments! Tonight was the opening day party of the ski resort in my town! I am a ski patroler and it was OPENING DAY! I CHOSE to have a few beers with the crew tonight, but I did make lower carb and calorie choices today, for ALL my meals. Today, I went over for calories , but kept the carbs in check. (I also doubled my exercise!) I will accept what the scale "gives" me on WWI day, but it felt so good to "let loose with my crew!" I only had 5 drinks over several hours(ONLY! What a joke...that was 5 too many!) But I thought about EACH ONE and, I understand the consequences. This ONE time, the ends DID justify the means. I needed this time to bond with the crew that I will be working with the rest of the season. Several of them were my students less then a year ago! No excuses...It JUST IS! I know this is not the ideal Medifast thought process! BUT this was "RIGHT" for me, "RIGHT NOW." I only post my DIGRESSION to keep myself accountable.

Thanks for giving me this forum to admit my weaknesses..

Hugs to all!..

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Brave girl for posting...

Life is life ya know and after losing 50 lbs on my own and now using Medifast to take me down the homeward stretch and teach me how to handle food, portions, etc...For me, it's at times just worth it to enjoy yourself and have fun...I decided when I started Medifast almost 2 weeks ago, I was NOT going to quit and I was NOT going to use special occasions if I so choose, to keep me down from accomplishing what I have set out for myself....

I don't just want to survive, but I want to be healed...Times of enjoyment and festivities and learning how to integrate them into our real life is part of the whole journey I think.....

Comment #1

Thanks, Lysa! It WAS a conscious choice, and I am ready to accept the consequences! It was what was right for the moment. And per my exercise log, I burned the extra calories I consumed today, at least most of them, so I'm willing to accept it. I'm looking at about a year on 5&1...there are going to be times that deliberate choices are going to be made and, this was one of them! Thanks for your kind words and encouragment....and, no worries....I don't plan on going Off Plan for quite a while now! My next "issue" is going to be around July 4th! Hugs!..

Comment #2

Hi there,.

Read your post, and while I try to put myself in your place to relate, I find myself returning to the very bottom of your window, again and againWhy ? There is a graphic there that always gets my attention , and now when I read blogs and posts , I always go to the bottom of the page and look at the ol' goal-o-meter.

So you have managed to stay OP enough to make the ol' goal-o-meter move from 262 to 226 -36.8 "LB"s lost and some to goSo , you had drinks todaySo? How much could those 5 drinks possibly "budge" that meter? Not so you would notice itWe are not talking about "instant fatty" here! All of these indescretions that people are always talking about going OffP... etc etc etc do not have any affect at all due to the occasional failure to comply.

Here's a fact for you to consider. A can of Coke has 110 calories. At 3500 calories / lb , you would have to consume 32 cans to gain 1 lb. Here's another - drink one can of coke per day and at the end of 1 year? = 11.5 lb gain - from just a single can of coke a day? Yep!.

But these are not occasionally drinking one can of coke32 cans - or 365 cans? NOT a "slip" - a life style change. A singel can of coke.... per day.... for a year ? That is a life style change, not just a slip.

Here is another factiod to consider - 1 Mc D BIG MAC.

How far would you have to bicycle to get rid of the calories in a BIG MAC? Any idea? 21 miles. The day that I read that was the day I gave up Big Macs. I figured that while I did have the time to consume one of those at lunch ,., I DID not have the time nor the inclination to ride my bike 21 miles after work that day , and every other day, that I ate one of those gut bombs. It just didn't seem like an equitable trade - the 10 minutes that it took to eat one of those comapred to the several hours it would take to ride it off. Somehow I came out with a negative time balance.

Getting back to what I was saying - the occasional "slip" on one day or one occasion is not going to even budge your goal scale. Won't move it at all! It won't make any difference, but a "slip a day" to the tune of 1 measly coke will tip your scale 10 lbs at the end of a year..

One of those is a slip. The other is a life style changeI personally wouldn't sweat the occasional slip. I would concentrate more on the life style chnges, because they are what makes the slider move!.

Look at what you have accomplished already! You don't have to explain anything to anyone - especially to yourself!.

Just look at that slider. The numbers say it all! (congrats on your progress , by the way!)..

Comment #3

Grab the pitchforks, and torches! Who has the hanging rope?!.... (LOL). Hey, you know what? We are all big people here. You made a CHOICE. Good choice, Bad choice? That's for you to figure out. Sounds to me like you put thought behind it and didn't just crumble to the pressure of the moment.

As I said in another post, we are all going to the same place, and we take different roads to get there. I don't think at this stage, I could have done what you did, and bounced right back on, so I'm not willing to tempt fate. But good for you. Life happens, and we have to learn to live with it. You get my kudos for your accountability, your plan, your attitude and you success so far..


Comment #4

I read your post twice and, of course, others like it from other people in the past. I'm sorry to be the naysayer here but I just don't understand the conscious choice to go off plan by about 1,000 calories or more. For what? To have a few beers with the gang? Doesn't make sense to me. All you do in cases like that is strengthen your "giving in" muscle and weaken your "staying the course" muscle (or something like thatit's from the Beck book). I am glad you had a good time and am glad you're getting back at it, but tell us trulywas it REALLY worth it? You're doing so good otherwise...

Comment #5

I read your post. My only question is if you HAD to go off plan, why did it have to be 5 beers? Why not just one or two? That's the only thing that came to mind is the amount that you drank...well, that and why alcohol has to be the reason for having a good time and not just being there with your crew...

Comment #6

I'm glad you are back OP today and hope you continue to be so. I couldn't make a decision like that and get back OP right away. A lot of us can't and I think that is the danger in trying it. We think we will, but then once we've slipped, it's easier to fall again. At least for me, and for many of us..

I've been fighting a battle with a big box of cheese popcorn for a week now. I ordered it from my nephew's Boy Scout troop back in October or so and it just came in a couple of weeks ago. I keep meaning to take it in to work, but for one reason or another, it's still sitting by my couch..

It's been hard as heck to stay away from it. Part of what has kept me from giving in is that I know if I do, I won't stop with the popcorn. I'm going out to lunch today at a favorite Thai restaurant. I knew if I had the popcorn, I'd have the noodles with peanut sauce. Then I would have chips at a holiday party at work. And so it would go.

I don't want to lose that time. I applaud you for being back OP, but many of us cannot do that and I do implore anyone thinking about having one cheat to ask yourself, especially this time of the year, would you really be able to stop? It's a slippery slope..

Good luck!!..

Comment #7

There are so many mixed reviews on this post.... This is my take..... and as long as you are not using it as an excuse many times over and over.....

This is a great life lesson. I believe a planned off plan journey is the best off plan way to go. You plan for it in a food sense... and in an emotional sense. You get right back on and begin losing again. I did this last weekend and felt quite proud that I woke up and got on plan with out excuses...

When I get to T&M I completely plan on celebrating the 'here and now's'..... now, they will be very infrequent and hopefully planned out. I want my eating and nourishing to be 98% planned during all times... to the point where I make it habitual versus forced.

I actually know when and where my next off plan moment is going to be. I know that there are many other there screaming at me not to do it... but life is happening around me and I feel pretty darn near perfect... Taking my family to Disney World in Feb.... And I do have a plan to be successful... but I am not going to just kill myself on this trip...

I am planning a 4&2 week.... and there may be bites of treats for me too... but never more than a bite of something I want. This trip is kind of like those 5 beers. Did it have to be 5? No....

Maybe. She can control what happens with her diet... but she may have forged some wonderful long lasting lifetime relationships. And in NO WAY am I saying that the beer allowed her to do that... it was an in the moment kind of thing..

I am proud of you! You are doing a wonderful job... and people who are looking for perfection will not last... it is proven. And perfect people do not live the ups and downs of life. Be human! Make good choices! Lose another 30+ pounds!..

Comment #8

Where are you getting your facts? Why do you think that people who strive for perfection aren't really living life? Or that they "will not last"? I just don't see what is wrong with trying to be the best one can be. What is so noble about saying "Oh I give in! I'm 'only human'" ?

Comment #9

Good morning all! Thanks for all the feedback. I do appreciate all y'all's thoughts. I mainly posted here so that I would be "accountable" and not be able to...."[use] it as an excuse many times over and over...." (sarald ) If I post something like this again, it is my hope that every one of you will jump all over my *****! Did it have to be 5 beers? No it did not. Did I enjoy them? Yes, I DID! And just FYI, I skied ALL day yesterday, in heavy powder, had 2 rescues, and "sledded" the two to the helo-LZ. That is a workout that is unlike any other! I walked home from the party last night....@ 2.5 miles, AND walked to and from my part-time job this morning...another 5 miles.

...and nancharity, I would not say "naysayer." I would say "TRUTHTALKER." You calls 'em likes you sees 'em!.

Here's a picture (I hope!) of the Mountain I patrol! I am so BLESSED that this is MY BACKYARD!..

Comment #10

I'm sorry, but I think this is quite ridiculous...

Comment #11


I always find it so interesting reading all the different opinions...

We all have our own journey here and we are all paying for Medifast out of our own pocketbook!.

I see what everyone is saying as well...BUT, although I am new to MF, I am not new to being on the weight loss journey and it IS a journey and an experience we do go through. Having lost 50 lbs just prior to choosing Medifast to lose the rest...I have came to many an enlightenment about myself....

I have learned that I DO enjoy celebrating on OCCASION...(key word) and through this journey I have and do plan to teach myself how to do that for THE REST OF MY LIFE appropriately!.

When I decided to really take my health seriously and get the weight off from baby's, life, PMS, WHATEVER...I also decided that I would NOT give up and it was not going to be a temporary whim...but really a day to day, occasion by occasion period in my life that I would observe my feelings and decisions around food. For ME that changed everything, as it was a heart felt decison that I made for the long haul...It's not so much what we do in one single day, but what we choose to do each and everyday that will make, or break our success....

Losing weight is challenging and it's harder to keep it off...I am proud that I have kept off what I have lost and by doing that, I have proven to myself I CAN keep it off, IF I make wise decisions over time. I found again...for me, that when I first made a commitment to stop eating whatever I wanted to and focus on health and a healthy weight, that I was VERY strict with myself and needed to be...BUT, when I did stray in the beginning, before successful weight loss occured...I beat myself up everytime I "blew it" and THAT started another problem of weeks going by off my WOE...So now , through the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal...I think about what I eat and drink, and if I choose to treat myself, I decide if I really want to mentally. It's all mental for me, some physical involved, but my thinking is what I have radically changed and that is the most successful part of what I have learned..

It FEELS better to be healthy and have sustained energy, than to be fat and depressed...I do not let myself forget where I started...The fear of going backwards for me, is greater than the fear of charging forward!.

Every passing month that I keep this off and lose more, I see I can live real life, as long as I don't quit!!..

Comment #12

What a beautiful sight...AND I think you worked off the 5 beers.....

Comment #13

Thanks for updating us ! I really DOES sound like you worked it off but good! And thanks for the picture. I like it so much I set it as my background on my computer! Keep up the good work and good attitude!..

Comment #14


I would say that with five beers, where the carb load for an *average* beer is 12g and the calories add up to 167/beer, you had 60 carbs and 835 calories alone in just beer. I doubt any amount of food for the rest of the day, even with conscious calorie and carb counting, that you managed to stay in ketosis, even with the exercise (which sounds like so much fun!) added in..

I am being a downer only to give perspective and a warning to not expect getting back into ketosis/fat burning to be easy, especially considering your crazy work schedule. I know from experience that the second time around that getting back into fat burning is harder. You may still lose weight (mainly because of the exercise), but if ketosis helps you with controlling hunger, this may be a rough couple of weeks...

Comment #15

EMT: Where is the mountain you patrol? I love mountains, it's beautiful..


Comment #16

Good for you for doing what you want. You're a adult, and that's that. As you know, it would be best to go right back on plan, and hopefully you did, but you don't even need ME to tell you that...

Comment #17

EMT - Been thinking a lot as to how to respond to this. Not going to preach to you about the evils of going off plan, or quote you the statistics of how your body metabolizes alcohol. I am going to give you and all of you who are in this to make changes in your life and feel that it includes eating "normally" some food for thought. I hear it so much. "Yes Medifast is a diet but we still need to learn to eat in the "normal" world". Over and over again.

If eating in the normal world is such a good thing, WHY ARE YOU HERE??? Every single one of us, myself included, are here because eating like a "NORMAL" person WAS NOT WORKING FOR US. So why not try to change the behavior and redefine what society considers "normal"?.

1 consciously consumed beer I can actually understand, but 5? Nope. I'm glad you are satisfied with your choice, it was yours to make. You are, however fooling yourself if you think that your carbs were in check after consuming 5 beers on top of what you ate OP. I do hope that you can bounce back from this digression quickly and that you still consider that it was worth it a week from now. Best of luck to you...

Comment #18

[quote=yogamom]Good for you for doing what you want. You're a adult, and that's that. [/QUOTE.

But isn't being an adult understanding that we can't always do what we want? Just had to throw that out there...

Comment #19

I'm glad you're back here, and glad you're talking about what you did. I just want to offer my perspective on the whole "I made a conscious choice" thing..

I don't believe there's a distinction to be made. So the greedy inner demons demanding their FIVE beers spoke up a while before the event instead of right then. And you GAVE IN to the inner demons BEFORE the event, instead of at it. I don't think that there's a meaningful distinction there. All it does is tell the "I want it I must have it gimme gimme gimme" part of you that if it "plans ahead" it can have whatever it wants..

For me, at 235, I felt my obesity was life-threatening and lifestyle-crippling. I decided that I needed to defer to someone who knew better than me. The Johns Hopkins docs and the maintaining vets seemed like a good choice. Chris challenged me early on to stick to the plan and see if I learned something. Guess what, I did, I do, every day. I believe that going off plan would not be as productive, whether I made the "conscious choice" to do it 3 weeks before or as it was on it's way into my mouth..

Welcome back!..

Comment #20

I don't believe there's a distinction to be made. So the greedy inner demons demanding their FIVE beers spoke up a while before the event instead of right then. And you GAVE IN to the inner demons BEFORE the event, instead of at it. I don't think that there's a meaningful distinction there. All it does is tell the "I want it I must have it gimme gimme gimme" part of you that if it "plans ahead" it can have whatever it wants..

For me, at 235, I felt my obesity was life-threatening and lifestyle-crippling. I decided that I needed to defer to someone who knew better than me. The Johns Hopkins docs and the maintaining vets seemed like a good choice. Chris challenged me early on to stick to the plan and see if I learned something. Guess what, I did, I do, every day. I believe that going off plan would not be as productive, whether I made the "conscious choice" to do it 3 weeks before or as it was on it's way into my mouth..

Welcome back![/quote]. usual your words of wisdom resonate...

Comment #21

Once again, I bow to you, oh wise one...

Comment #22

I'm glad you do. It makes me sad at times...

Comment #23

Here.. Last one here does the dishes.. <says while running out of the room>..

Comment #24

The full compliment of "WiseOnes" has spoken! Thanks to all the successful vets for their words of wisdom. This is exactly why I posted! I know that I am accountable to myself, and only I can do it however, I ALSO knew that you guys wouldn't "LET" me get away with anything! Happy to have that confirmed. And you guys didn't even make me cry! And not that it makes it any better, but just for the record, it was MGD64 beer:.

Genuine Draft Light 64 (Miller).

Serving Size: 12 oz, Calories: 64, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 2.4g, Protein: 0.8g..

Comment #25

You should just be grateful the De did not SMACK you..

I still have a mark she left on my arm...

Comment #26

Ick ick ick ick....

If you were going to go off the farm, could it have not been something palatable?.

My New Year's single glass of champagne will be some Moet. Mmmmmmmm....

Just teasing!..

Comment #27

Taste buds have changed. I used to be a dark (think motor oil) beer girl. The extreme lite beer tasted good to me last night. 2 months ago I too would have said ick ick ick! Now, champagne....that would SO BE A TRIGGER FOOD (?) FOR ME! I did some wedding planning a while back and discovered some wonderful, undiscovered ones. I could never stop at 1 glass....or even 5!..

Comment #28

She'll have to climb the mountain to find me!..

Comment #29

<GASP> I NEVER!!!!!.

That wasn't you I was aiming for it was tramp. You really need to be quicker in getting out of the way! Love you my friend!!.

EMT - I have eyes everywhere. You will learn...<snicker>..

Comment #30

I always knew I was your favorite.



As for the TRAMP, well, we all know what she is up to these days. She is having the time of her life living this healthy lifestyle that Medifast taught her.

Oh and EMT, she means it! I don't think rain, snow, sleet, or........... wait that is the Post Office. Well De is as reliable, for sure...

Comment #31

This entire post really bothers me. I went off plan a few days ago. and I'm struggling - really struggling - to get back on the wagon. However, I didn't come here and flaunt a choice that I made. I guess I'm just not sure what you wanted from people, although the way you said you were prepared for the negative comments sounded like you wanted to swirl up some drama.

I don't see how whether or not it was conscious matters. And I don't see how exercise justifies going off plan. And I think you can let loose without beer and bond with people without drinking.

Although, I don't think you really care what any of us thought? Sounds like your justification has already been made... complete with you saying that you weren't trying to make excuses... then listing the excuses of wanting and needing to let loose.

Maybe this is just me being selfish b/c I guess I don't have the capability to just drop off plan and hop back on like you do...

Comment #32

Just to clarify... when I was talking about being perfect... that is just something, atleast in my house... with growing children, and an over weight mom who is 'trying' to be better so that I can truely have any hope at being my best... I doubt that my best truely is perfect. I believe that everyone can have perfect moments...

We can all strive for our best... I just never subscribe for perfectionism... My intentions were not to offend anyone. To be honest, I was just trying to be supportive. And I was under the assumption that these boards were created for all of our imperfect souls.

Coming here and being honest is hard. I could be wrong.. but my take on the original poster is that she was making a confession of sorts... and moving on. And moving on, on program.


Comment #33

My son says that MGD64 tastes like water and it's terrible. *L* Another reason to just drink water and save your money and your carbs and your plan!..

Comment #34


Great point, actually. It wouldn't be my choice, so I shouldn't be so non-chalantly condoning it. Thanks for that throw....great point...

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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