Digital camera drop off at Vitamin Shoppes?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Digital camera drop off at Vitamin Shoppes?.

My 2nd question is: We can eat 2 NS deserts a day yet only get 28 per order?.

Shouldn't we be getting 56 an order? Or is this NS new math?.


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Your question was: Digital camera drop off at Vitamin Shoppes?.

Men's ultimate plan gets 2 NS snack/desserts and so there are 56 in each food order costs more per order.

Men's silver & diabetic & vegetarian have 1 NS snack/dessert.

None of the women's plans have 2 NS snack/dessert items - only 1 per day.

Which plan are you on??? call NS counseling if it's the wrong one.

You can change the online diary to the appropriate plan see also last item (Results Kit Replacement) at My Account for link to printable copies of the different plans' daily diary pages...


Comment #1

My Plan is listed as tye new one (with 2 snakcs/deserts per day), but my Auto Order page does not reflect that. Can we get this changed on line, or do we have to call?? I called the other day and was on hold for over 30 minutes. They never did answer...

Comment #2

You'll have to call NS and get it straightened out if you signed up for the "regular" men's plan, you should see 2 sections on your order form - one called Snack and one called Dessert - they each contain the same list of foods (aka Dessert/Snack to the rest of us).

If you ordered and paid for the regular men's plan - you should have 2 NS snacks (ok, 1 snack & 1 dessert, but they are the same thing)....

If you ordered any other plan, you should get ONE NS snack/dessert there are other snack's on the various meal plans but they are generally dairy/protein with fruit (or not, depending on which plan and which snack)....


Comment #3

Not so! There is only one section (Dessrts/Snacks) on my Auto Order update area. And non of the Advance foods are listed (even in the a la cart section, as some suggested)..

So they promised it by 17 DEC, today is 26 DEC. Maybe I misunderstood: did it say 2008?.

I have tried to call on several occasions. One day I was on hold for more than 30 minutes and finally hung up. Today I waited more than 10 minutes. I do not have the time or the cell minutes to do that for too long.

So today I tried the on line counselor. She seems very sympathetic, but had absolutely no answers and apparently could not so anything. She said she had no idea when the new foods might appear on line, but seemed to indicate that it might be several more weeks. Just another broken promise from those who run the company!..

Comment #4

Sometimes it gets confusing because I think that all the plans call for 2 snack/desserts per day, but you only use 1 NS dessert and the other is a snack made up by you (fruit and dairy/protein) and you only get 28 desserts in your plan. Then there is one of the men's plans that calls for 2 NS desserts per day and you get 56 NS desserts in your plan..

It is getting towards the new year and the phone lines will be swamped with people calling in to order because of their New Year's resolutions. Just be patient and call. Know which plan you are on, which one you want to be on, etc. Have your planner on hand and anything else that might help when talking to customer service...

Comment #5

I wish it were that simple. I have tried to call several times, at the cost of over an hour of my cell phone minutes. (My wife is not goign to be happy since we are on a shared plan!) At this rate it will cost me more to wait for someone to answer my call than it costs for my food each month.

I tried the on-line counseling, but the counselor had absolutely no answers to any of my questions and was no help at all..

My auto order link is still not working. The new foods are not showing up. I am supposed to be on a plan that calls for 2 snacks/desserts per day, but the auto order link (which I still cannot update) does not reflect this..

I have been trying to get an answer for almost two weeks now. I cannot get through on the phone. The on-line counselor was as frustrated as I was, and was also wodnering when the new foods would show up ("We were told December 17, too. Maybe sometime after the first of the year.") I appreciate the feedback from other customers on this Board, but I haven't seen the Administrator weigh in on these issues. I have tried sending an email message to Support, and am still waiting for an answer.

Well, last month I bought th ebook on Amazon. Maybe it's time to quit buying from the company and do my own thing...

Comment #6

My whole order, minus the fet. alfredo for lunch and the taco's for dinner were all Advanced and I received that yesterday. I also called and it never rang, a NS rep answered and handled my exchange with no problems. I would call again, maybe try a different number, I used the one on the $50 coupon they gave me the previous month, but I threw it in the trash yesterday. Good luck!..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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