Dieting Guide

Let me state the obvious. We all want to lose weight. We hear the numbers over and over, but let me tell it to you one more time. More than 1 billion people in the entire world is overweight, and obese. It ain't decreasing anytime soon. So many people have told me how hard it is for them to stick to one diet. They lose motivation after a few weeks. Others tell me they lose a few lbs, but then eventually gain everything back.

So why do our diets fail?

Is it because our mind is lazy and we lack the will?

Why do we keep gaining weight instead of losing?

Well, here's what you all need to know about dieting:

The problem with certain diets is that the foods you consume are low in carbs/fat. This means, if you keep eating low-carb/low-fat foods, you will eventually lose all your energy, can't sleep, and have chronic mood swings. Sugar cravings are also common. Ever wonder why you always feel like you must have that chocolate bar, or ice cream whenever you're on a diet? Well, the lack of sugary goods eventually makes you feel crazy, and want to eat sugar!

So this is why dieting is a failure for many people. It's not your motivation. It's not your mindset. It's your body's natural reaction, which is incredibly hard to fight. This is why you tell yourself you lack the will to stick to a diet program. Trust me, I've tried more than 10 different diets, and I have failed in every single one. I told myself the same things. Eventually, I learned that this is just not so. We aren't giving our bodies the energy and nutrients it deserves.

What else is wrong with these diets?

When you keep on denying your body of carbs, you're essentially telling it that there is a shortage of food. As a result, our body will respond by storing and keep fat. It will exert extra energy to absorb anything. You, the dieter want to lose as much weight as possible. Your body, though wants to consume as much as it can.

So even though you may keep starving yourself, your body system will start producing hormones. These hormones will enable your body to consume more food. It's a battle between your body and you. And of course, your body will win ultimately.

So you see, depriving yourself of all carbohydrates and sugars just is not a good weight loss plan.

But the more fat you get, the more weight you will gain?

A lot of people tend to think that you absolutely have to eat low-fat stuff if you want to shed the pounds. But these foods just won't make you feel 'full'. If you don't eat enough fat, you will eventuall have to eat more food to satisfy your body.

So eating fat doesn't make you fat. This is a myth that is prevelant among a lot of people. Wait.. a minute, you ask. Eating fat will not make you fat? Yes, this is what I'm saying. It sounds counter intuitive, but you must start believing this. Americans eat the most foods with little to no fat. Europeans, on the other hand eat much more fat than us, such as the French. They, however have much less obese people than Americans. So it's just not true that eating fat = more body fat.

Here are some key points on dieting, some I have already mentioned:

1. Simply eating low-fat stuff is a waste of time, and a bad diet practice because you're depriving your body. You will always have cravings, which you will have to battle. Your body will want you to consume more fat, and more food in order to feel full. Noone can win this battle, folks, so don't even try.

2. Don't avoid fatty foods. They are incredibly satisfying and can make your body feel full fast. Foods such as avocado and mashed potatoes with butter may feel and look unhealthy, but the truth is it will make your body full for awhile.

3. It is protein that you need to decrease your consumption of. Why protein, and not fat? Well, think about it. Eating cooked meat doesn't really satisfy your hunger that much (not as much as fatty foods). Cooked protein is also unhealthy in that is contains harmful, addictive substances such as beta-carbolines. These substances make your body want to eat more and more!

If you've paid attention in your high school science class, proteins are also used to make enzymes. When you eat a lot of protein, your body will produce a ton more enzymes, and convert amino acids into fatty acids, because you are not consuming enough fat.

4. Not enough fat and carbohydrates in your diet will lead to chronic mood swings. I have experienced this many times, and you may have as well. I would get irritated often at work, but some days I would be happy, and in others I would just get angry at everyone! Do not follow any weight loss plan that tells you to avoid as many carbs and fat as possible. These simply will not work.

So, now that I've told what diets to avoid. What diet program should I follow to lose weight?

First, you need to realize that our body tends to remain at its ideal weight most of the time. We can try and try to lose weight, but if our body is satisfied with this ideal weight, it is very difficult.

The reasons we are obese:

1) Everyday, we consume foods that damage/impair this system that maintains our ideal weight
2) Consume foods that contain addictive substances such as cooked protein.
3) Avoid all fats/carbs, causing our body to go into a starvation-state, and keeping more fat.

So to lose weight, we need to:
1) Stop eating these bad foods that damage this system
2) Stop eating foods that contain addictives, and cause cravings
3) Not avoid all fats/carbs.

That's the gist of what you basically need to do to start losing weight. Stop following the latest fad diet, and start eating healthier. Not only will you lose weight, but you will look and feel healthier in the long-term.


Most diet pills and diet programs simply do not work, and are full of horrible side effects. In addition, there are no studies that show they really work. For me, I was able to lose weight with MediFast, a diet program. They basically deliver your meals to your front door, so you don't need to cook, or count calories. Unlike diet pills, it's natural, and there are clinical studies by John Hopkins University that show it works.

Over 1,000,000 people have lost weight with Medifast






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