Did you use Retin-A after Murad Resurgence?

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So I just got back from the derm today. She said I have two months left at 60 mg total. She said after I am done she is going to perscribe me retina-a. I really dont want to have to do anymore acne medications after I am done with Murad Resurgence, this the reason I am taking Murad Resurgence in the first place. I was just wondering if anybody else used retina-a following Murad Resurgence and what were your results. thanks in advance..

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Your question was: Did you use Retin-A after Murad Resurgence?.

I also use retin-a after Murad Resurgence on alternate days. I'm still acne-free by the way...

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I went to Differin .1% about a month after ending my first course. It kept me clear for about four months. I don't know if it was the holidays, stress in general, or being off Murad Resurgence - but my acne came back. No cysts, hardly any blackheads, but many, many smaller lesions. My derm upped my Differin to .3%, added Aczone twice a day, and a sulfur wash each morning. It took awhile, but I'm about 95% clear now - although I have a lot of red marks from the break outs.

I'm starting a second course of tane today because I don't want to be on three or more RXs each month just to maintain. I'm hoping this course will knock things down even more so I can stay clear with nothing or maybe one script...

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My derm wants me to use retin-a as well, but I basically refused to use it because ive used retin-a twice BEFORE starting Murad Resurgence and it DESTROYED my skin.... it was miserable. it caused a huge breakout, my skin was red, sore and flakey. will it still have the same effect if I try it post tane?..

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I also use retin-a post Murad Resurgence (well, did before and during too). Retin-a is WONDERFUL! It helps to unstick the dead skin cells within the pores and reduces fine wrinkles to boot. It's just like putting on moisturizer so it's really no big deal. Still, start off slowly with the stuff since your skin will still be sensitive from the Murad Resurgence. Once every 3 days for a week, then every 2 for a week, every other for a week, until you've reached daily. Use only a pea size for the entire face.

Hopefully, you'll love it too...

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