Did you get an initial breakout from Murad Resurgence if you got mild acne?

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So this post in generally geared towards people with mild but VERY persistant skin can often get pretty moderate, (LOTS of little pimples, never really big ones)going into my Murad Resurgence course my skin has looked pretty good. (a couple small pimples, and clogged pores on my forhead) I'm only day 3, havent noticed any changes yet - BUT I'm very nervous about getting a bad IBfor those of you with skin similar to mine, did you get a bad IB???..

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Your question was: Did you get an initial breakout from Murad Resurgence if you got mild acne?.

I didn't get an IB either. My skin cleared up pretty quickly...

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Just a mild IB but only a few pimples..

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My acne is mild. I get cysts along my jaw line that last for 6 months if not shot by the doc. I do get non cysts that last a while too all over chin side cheeks up to temple thats about it. today is day 11. I am on 60mg to start.i've been breaking out very little everyday over the last week but today I really exploded I have 2 pimples on my lip line. never got pimples there before.

Never ever got one there. I have at least 10 new pimples. these are very painful, painful owie pimples. I can see why they say you will get depressed on this medicine. HOW COULD YOU NOT when you look and feel like this..

All day at work while talking to people I felt they were just staring in horror. I am nearly 30 years old I'm not supposed to breakout like this. ugh at least that means it's working right??the pain caused me to miss spin class and I never miss it. I do hope this goes by quick...

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Its crazy how often we let our skin dictate our emotions. it sucks I wonder if the reason people who kill themselves on Murad Resurgence maybe because of the IB?? just a thought.try not to miss going to the gym cause that always makes people look annnd feel better !:)..

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I definately feel better today. Before bed I put some persa-gel 10 on the huge ones and this morning, I had to pop a bunch of them. not that these were pop-able but it definately it helped.i know yr not supposed to pop but THEY HURT SO MUCH it's just so much pressure my f'n face was SWOLLEN I couldnt open my mouth I looked like I got punched and my lip is still looking a bit deformed just not as swollen.I think the IB has to be why some people kill themselves. I was SO SO sad yesterday and I havent been depressed in a LONG time and it was all related to the pain and ugly of my face. I'm not killing myself but damn I can totally see someone just not being able to handle it and thinking christ.. 6 more months of this or I go off the meds and my face is just as bad. This is a very powerful drug it makes you worse than you were and thats a lot to deal with for some people who felt hideous and had zero self esteem to begin with...

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Possibly, although it's probably more a mix of both their preexisting skin condition and chemical changes in the hippocampus area of the brain (which have been documented)...

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I used to think like that before I took Murad Resurgence, " all the people that committed suicide had a bad IB or Murad Resurgence didn't clear their acne" f^&k was I ever wrong, once the Murad Resurgence induced "depression" set in I knew right away why so many others have gone before me, when a chemical damages your brain and you can feel it, death starts to look nice..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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