Did you drink alcohol on the Medifast Diet and still lose weight?

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First question I have is Did you drink alcohol on the Medifast Diet and still lose weight? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... Ok I tried to be resourceful and search on the threads for the "pancake mug muffin" recipe but I can't find it.

Anyone have the "recipe"?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

I remember reading one recipe involving baking powder?.

But I'll try yours too. Thank you!!!..

Comment #2

I just make it regular too. Sometimes I throw in a packet of sweetener...

Comment #3

I got the chocolate chip ones.. I know they're not gonna be as tasty as the ones that got me overweight in the first place, but will they need some sweetener?..

Comment #4

CMB, I think the choc chip pancakes are pretty sweet all on their own. I baking powder necessary. Just make sure your mug is big enough. The ones that work the best are the ones that flare out a bit at the top. I nuke mine for 70 seconds and it's perfect. You don't even need to spray with pan.

When I have done it with an original flavor pancake, I have sprinkled with 1/8 tsp of truvia and/or sprayed it with ICBINB. I don't like to use up condiments on Medifast meals, but I do occasionally..and usually regret it when it's time for my lean/green meal...

Comment #5

It doesn't need a sweetener. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for it to be sweeter. The cc pancakes are one of my favorites. Try it without sweetener first. I eat it without most of the time...

Comment #6

Cmb - I have this for breakfast every morning. I mix as directed on the package and pour the batter in a coffee mug. I only nuke mine for 65 second, but it depends on the individual microwave. No additional sweetener or baking powder is needed. A little WF pancake syrup and my day is a happy one. Oh, and I eat mine right out of the mug at my desk. Perfect work breakfast...

Comment #7

Pancake in a mug is my go-to Medifast breakfast. I love it, have it every morning with a TBSP of sugar-free syrup and a mug of black coffee. It is a great breakfast alternative for those of us who never got used to the taste of the oatmeal..

I use a very wide mug, mix it per package instructions, and nuke for 1.30 because my microwave at home is weak. (I only need a minute on the megamicrowave we have at work.) Then I plop it onto a plate..

This is, hands down, my favorite Medifast meal...

Comment #8

Thanks for the help, everyone. I'm excited to try it out this weekend!..

Comment #9

I add 1/8 tsp. baking powder (one of my condiments) along w/the 1/4 cup water, either let sit in fridge up to 30 min., or immediately pour into round coffee mug and they come out tall and fluffy! I microwave for 1 min. 30 seconds perfect!.


Comment #10

Our pancake muffin recipe in a ramekin: 1/4tsp baking powder, 2tbls liquid and 60 seconds in the microwave. I use it to mop up herbal tea...

Comment #11

I am so excited to try this! Pancake in a mug - genius! :-D..

Comment #12

When I make the plain pancake I add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and if I put it in a mug, I add 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and 1 truvia. With the CC PC, I only add the 1/2 t BP and truvia. On the weekend, I like to make them like pancakes on a griddle...

Comment #13

I have one almost every morning. I mix it with 2TBSP of water and 1TBSP of sugar free chocolate syrup. Microwave it for 70 seconds and wah lah! If I'm really crazy I'll use a dab of cream cheese on it....DELISH.....

Comment #14

You can also mix it 50/50 with the brownie mix which in turn makes the brownie more cake like. I made them in a small Pyrex dish..

Comment #15

I use a little baking powder in mine, add it to a cappuccino cup and it's delish!..

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