Did anybody see the Medifast beef & veg soup??

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I was just logging my soup in My Medifast and noticed they've added a beef & vegetable stew to the drop down menu, so I checked to see if it's available to buy and can't find it anywhere...??? anybody else see this?..

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Wow. I saw that too. Maybe we get som new stuff. I am dying to know. Went to "shop" area and didn' see it there. Hmmmmmm......

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Maybe they are releasing them soon? I know a few months ago we were asking for some new things (both of those being suggestions I remember) and I think admin said we could expect some new stuff this fall. October is definitely fall right? So maybe, just maybe we are getting something new. You would think since they are up on this site they would be available to buy tomorrow. I hope so. Vanilla pudding here I come!!!!..

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I called Medifast directly today and spoke with CS, Brian..

He told me they will be available tomorrow!!!!.

So glad I read these boards daily as I was going to place another order today!..

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I know. Getting pretty excited and about to have to reorder. Would love to know when we can order the new goodies. Beef Stew and Vanilla Pudding here I come. Already thinking about making pumpkin pudding or something. My wheels are spinning...

Comment #4

LOL We're wired the same way! That's what I was thinking about too~!!!.

And with adding the different SF syrups.....the possibilities are ENDLESS!..

Comment #5

Woohoo new products tomorrow. Yeedoggieee. And yeah we can do so much with that pudding. I am thinking ICE CREAM. Any flavor we can imagine...

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I noticed the beef and vegi soup and wondered what was up.. but, darn it, I just reordered a huge order. I am hoping one of the gals at the office has to order soon and I'll try to jump in there and try the both of them... I do so much better with variety. If it weren't for all of these Medifast chefs, I would probably be bored but there experimentation has helped me get the meals in and stay on track..

So a big thank you to the cooks out there... I never would have thought of pancakes, cookies, muffins or kisses...

Comment #7

While we are celebrating the new chow, I agree, thanks to everyone who spends their time sharing all these recipes. I haven't missed the old food because of all the tips here. You guys all ROCK...

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