Day 4 of Medifast and have cut insulin in half!

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I can not believe this!! It has been only four days on this program and I am a type two diabetic and am on insulin and glucophage and have had to go from 2000 mg of glucophage to 1000 mg and have gone from 50 units of Lantus insulin to 20 units. I must say I have had quite a few insulin reactions, but that is what is going to happen during this process. I was taking Regular humulin insulin on a sliding scale several times a day, which I have not had to take in four days. That is a relief! For the reactions I have been using glucose tablets only. I have to do something for them obviously. It makes me feel a little bit guilty, but that is just my head playing tricks on me.

My doctor is very pleased about this. He is the one that actually recommended medifast to me. I have been on Insulin for approximately 24 years and it is hard to believe that all it takes is this program and my commitment to be able to not have to take shots everyday pretty soon. I feel like it is a miracle...

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Hi Laura,.

Congratulations to you! I had similar success. I was using 50 units NPH twice a day, and had to cut it in half almost immediately! I've been on Medifast for 7 weeks now and have lost 30.4 lbs And I'm down to only 10 units NPH at night; 9 units for the daytime. No more Humalog either!! I still take 2000 mg. glucophage per day. I'm sure as I continue to lose, my insulin needs will diminish even more, and maybe I can also get off the glucophage..

Keep up the good work! I hope you don't have too many more reactions. I know how hard they can bounce you around! The boards are very helpful, and so is joining a team! There are at least 20 teams out there, and as you can see from my signature, I'm on Team Purple. Everyone you meet on the boards is so kind and helpful - you will just love it!.

JoMarie - nice to stop by for a quick hello! Hope you are also doing well!..

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JoMarie, you are doing so good. 30 pounds already!.

Hi Laura! Good job!.

Hi Jackie, my Purp!!..

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Will this be a thread where you all will be checking in everyday or is there another one that would be better for posting on diabetes.


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Hi Sandi, you can check in here. It is not an official posting place for people with diabetes, however, I am subscribed to the thread as are others and we will keep up with you. Post away!! How are you doing?..

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I really needed to read this thread. Day 2 and it's really difficult for me but I'm hanging in there. My insulin needs are way down. I just recommitted the other day as I need to do this for my health. I'm toying with the idea of doing the 4 and 2 plan for a few weeks until I get used to the routine. I still do some weight training 2x week and had my trainer lighten the weights a bit today. I really want to be successful this time...

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