Day 2 of Medifast Again!

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Hi, all! I am starting Day 2 (again!) on Medifast. I had tried it out in May of this year, but I wasn't ready to really commit and only made through three days before I sent the unused portion of my shipment back. Now, things are different. I found myself with a horrible back ache last week that took a week to heal. That was the final straw for me. Oftentimes, I was stooped over trying to walk as the pain was great, and I realized that my weight was only making it hurt worse! So, I vowed then and there to jump back on board with Medifast and do things right, no matter how hard things get.

I love biscuits, but I would not let myself entertain the thought of eating just one. Yay me!.

As I was trying to fall asleep last night, I started to make a list in my head of all of the reasons I wanted to lose weight. When things get kind of tough, I think it's important to revisit these reasons to help pull us through. Here's the list that I came up with. Let me know your reasons for wanting to lose weight. This could be a powerful motivator for all of us!.

1. I don't want to need someone to help me put on my socks and shoes like my dad does..

2. I want to be healthy and not have to live with diseases caused by obesity..

3. I want to be able to exercise more than five or ten minutes without feeling like I am dying..

4. I want to be able to buy any clothes that I want without having to make a special trip to a plus size clothing store..

5. I want to be thin for the first time in my life!.

There you have it! I'm sure there are many other reasons that I am forgetting right now. I look forward to hearing from all of you!.


Comments (13)

I want to date and not be worried about my weight..

I want to bike fast.

I want to wear cute clothes...

Comment #1

Glad you made the choice to come back. Best wishes on your journey. I keep a written list of all the reasons I want to lose weight with me at all times. Whenever I feel weak or just need a reminder, I look at my list. It keeps me on my path.

Some of my reasons are:.

1. I want to be healthy.

2. I want to believe it when DH says I'm sexy.

3. I want to run again.

4. I want to shop for clothes ANYWHERE I want...

Comment #2

I want to get off of Crestor (cholesterol med; I'm only 36).

I do not want to feel like the biggest one in the room anymore..

I want to shop in normal stores and get to wear a sexy dress to the Marine Corps Ball..

I want to have energy to do active things like my dh does...

Comment #3

I want to sit down without having my tummy bulge out into my lap.

I want to have thighs that don't touch.

I want to wear skimpy clothing without worrying that my butt/tummy is poking out too much.

I want to walk into a store and feel confident trying on anything.

I want a cellulite-free butt!!..

Comment #4

1. I want to have babies and be healthy doing it!.

2. My husband thinks I'm sexy, but I want to FEEL sexy for him.

3. I want to reverse the diabetes without medications..

4. I want to live a happy healthy lifestyle and set that example for others.

5. Sure, I'll even say cute clothes!..

Comment #5

As I enter into my 40's I want to be the healthiest I can be. Not just for myself but for my family too.


I want to be completely free of a "muffin top".

I want to wear clothes with 1 digit. (Size 8).

I want to look fabulous for my first cruise in April (can you say bathing suit).

I want smaller breasts http://simplybeinghealthy.blogspot.c...ily-curse.html.

I want people to blow peoples minds with my success!..

Comment #6

I want to feel good about myself..

I want to look good in nice fitting clothes..

I want to be healthy and set a good example for my kids..

I WANTED to stop snoring. DONE!! I no longer snore and my husband has returned to the bedroom YAY!!..

Comment #7

I want:.

To be happy and not worry about what others are thinking about me,.

To be able to wrap a normal size towel around my body,.

To shop in any store and buy cute clothes,.

To change a family history of diabetes and heart disease because of weight,.

To feel sexy for my fiance. (he has always been fine with my weight.).

My list could go on and on. I really needed to see and do this as I'm feeling down today...

Comment #8

My reasons for losing weight are:.

Lowering my cholesterol (just being on Medifast for 2 months and dropping 15 pounds shaved about 40 pounds off my cholesterol, I'm now in the normal range!).

Reduce my waist size from 40" to under 30" (I'm at 36" now).

Keep my sugar in check (never had an issue with sugar until my last checkup, it was 104, not that bad but I want it to be under 100).

I want to feel comfortable in my own skin (aka nekkit!).

I'd like to be able to shop in any store/boutique without worrying that people will think I don't belong there.

Get my sexy back, I've not felt sexy in any way, shape or form for poor husband!.

Become a better tennis player!.

Actually attend a fitness class I've always wanted to try at my gym (cardio boxing!).

Look forward to socializing with the people instead of food at any parties I attend!..

Comment #9

Reasons for losing weight:.

1)Being responsible with the body God has given me.

2)Not passing this on to my kids.

3)To actually see what God designed me to look like!.

3)I want to be a Zumba instructor!.

There's more.......

Comment #10

These are all great replies!.

Lynn, I'm glad this post helped lift your spirits some! Keep up the good work!!! And if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here!..

Comment #11

Get off all medications!.

Have a healthy attitude of life and living!.

Fit into cute clothes and look and feel good about it all!.

Learn to love daily exercise/movement!..

Comment #12

To feel respectable. I am now enjoying what my body looks like in clothes. I'm not afraid, as a matter of fact I'm Proud! to run into people. I don't want to feel the shame, and carrying around that with me ever again..

To keep my soul at peace..

To fit into clothes that I want to wear, and to be able to shop anywhere including juniors!..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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