Medifast recipe for Da Vinci Syrups?

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I was thinking of buying these. Are they really good? And can you buy them someplace other than on-line? I was thinking of getting the peanut butter, the cookie dough, and the rasberry, anyone try them? Let me know what the good flavors are, thanx!!..

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I've used them. They're just as good as Torani. I know you can buy them in stores, but only on their website do they have all flavors (I think there are over 50)..

I've never tried the flavors you listed, but their products are good...

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I don't think the Peanut Butter really tastes like Peanut Butter, so I was disappointed with this one. Cookie Dough is ok. Raspberry is really good. English Toffee is good especially in Chocolate MF. My all time fav is the Spice Blend in Chai Latte. I have it most every morning.

DaVinci does have a sample pack of 4 or so flavors that is a good deal to try those few flavors...

Comment #2

My personal opinion is that I couldn't DO this diet without the Davinci Syrups. I bought about 20 flavors. I put them in everything. They are my favorite part of doing MF...

Comment #3

I got mine at Walmart right above the coffee. My Walmart had rasberry,vanilla, and caramel...

Comment #4

TJ Maxx normally has a large selection in the gormet food isle...

Comment #5

The butter rum is great in the banana shake..

The creme de menthe works great in hot choclate or in the chocolate shake (if you like the chocolate mint bars it gives you a similar taste).

I tried the cherry in with the chocolate pudding this AM and it was very good..

I didn't like the macademia nut as much as I thought I would or the white chocolate..

I have the cinnamon which is okay - not as good as the others..

I have had a number of flavors but my kids like to use them to make flavored milk - which is great no extra calories and gets more milk into them...

Comment #6

Thanks to whoever said to look in the coffee section at Wal-Mart; I found them!! I'm sure I wouldn't have found them otherwise. My Wal Mart has vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and kahlua coffee. I initially bought them for Medifast baking, but I think I'll use them more in the drinks!..

Comment #7

Mellibelli - You can order the Torani syrups from and the davinici syrups from I use the syrups in all on my shakes, chai tea, and fruit drinks (cranberry-mango and tropical punch). I am like some of the others I would not be able to do this program without the syrups...

Comment #8

This sounds interesting! How much of the syrups are we allowed to add to the shakes? Are they good in anything else?..

Comment #9

If you have a Cost Plus import store near you, they have the Torani (LARGE BOTTLE) for $4.99 a piece in several flavors...

Comment #10

I was in Sam's club yesterday for a monthly run and I found they are now carrying the syrups. 4.19 for the large (750) bottle. The sugar fee ones where limited to Vanilla, Hazelnut, Kahula, and two others which I do not remember at this time..

4.19 is the best price I have seen..


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