Cutting back of Splenda with Medifast

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First..thatnk you to all those that responded to my cofffee post! Great idea you all gave me.. I can see that I have got to also get rid of this Splenda addiction I have! In my coffee, I currently use 3 packets in each cup. So that is 6 to 9 just in the morning. Then I use it on my grapefruit or strawberries. I won't need to worry about that being on MF, but I also put it ont eh Medifast oatmeal..

Anyways I use about 12 packets a day! Wow......

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Try Truvia...It's stevia, at the grocery store. Healthier. I try to use Splenda as little as possible...I just have a feeling 10 years from now, we are gonna find out it causes us to grow a third eye...or something.....

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Why is splenda bad? I have been using it in the oatmeal, brownies and the berry flavor infusers..

Side note: Are you addicted to coffee or caffiene? The flavor infusers for the water have caffiene in them and taste good...

Comment #2

It's not just Stevia and has twice the carbs as Splenda so use accordingly. If you want to try real stevia, try Stevia in the Raw. Awesome stuff and not bitter like some of the other brands of stevia can be..

Lulu - Splenda isn't bad per se, but it has almost 5 calories and .9 carbs a packet. Over use it too much and you could be sabotaging your plan. As with everything in life, it needs to be used in moderation...

Comment #3

As you get into the plan, your taste-buds will begin to change and I don't think you'll feel the need for all that Splenda. I weaned myself off of it just by eliminating one packet a time. I still enjoy a little Splenda in my coffee, but I'm much more sensitive now to "sweet" flavors...

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Thanks, good to know because I can't stand the bitter taste of it...

Comment #5

Thanks...Could not remember the name, you got it...I think Truvia is actually the one mixed with it's the 100% stevia I use...I also use the liquid stevia from Whole Foods...Thanks!.

Yea and I don't know if Splenda is "bad" I just am careful of artificial sweetner's...Just my own health goal.....

Comment #6

I agree Michele...I have noticed that after just 19 days on MF...So glad that is one of the benefits...I truly have had a sugar addiction and I find it amazing as I was telling my HC, that the brownies, bars, etc, don't give me those raging cravings after eating them and she told me it's because it's balanced carbs, fat, protien and fiber, so it digests differently, which I know to be true, as that is how I lost 50 lbs prior to MF, was cutting out all sugar and "white stuff"...Once we are finally free from that hold on us...I don't want to ever go back!..

Comment #7

I would suggest maybe starting by trying a 1/2 packet of splenda where you've been using a whole one. The packages kind of psychologically trick us into thinking this is the amount we need, but I've found for about 90% of the things I use splenda for, a half-packet is plenty (and you could always add the other half if you tasted and really felt it wasn't enough for that particular food or drink.) Or get a box of Splenda like for baking and try adding 1/4 tsp or 1/2 tsp and then tasting. That cuts down your intake and also makes you more in control of how much you decide you want, not the makers of Splenda..

I also find that the Splenda flavors for coffee, especially the vanilla, go even further than the regular packethalf of one of those is plenty for me, and a whole one is actually too much! And I use those for a lot of things, not just coffeethey're yummy in oatmeal...

Comment #8

The package for my splenda says zero calories and less than one gram of carbs per serving. I dont know if it's .9 or not but it is calorie free. I get the point though that the carbs can add up if you use to much of it. I'll just have to cut back some...

Comment #9

Packaging and calorie counts can be just be careful. Just because it says it is calorie free....doesn't mean it is in fact calorie free. If something has less than 5 calories per can be called calorie free. If something has less than one carb per serving...which yep, can be .9....that .9 has calories associated with it, the label magic can just get away with saying no calories. Not true. Diet soda is not calorie free either....not truly carb free either. When I was on MF...any of that calorie or carb free stuff, I mentally counted as at least 5 calories and 1 carb...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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