Crock pot ideas for Medifast?

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Hey I am a very busy working mom. I am looking for good crock pot ideas? I already use it for a roast that I cook with a jar of peperocinis and a cup of water and it comes out great. My whole family will eat it. I use the juice from the peppers as a "gravy".

Anyways I stole this idea from my sister, anyone got any other crock pot ideas?..

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Your question was: Crock pot ideas for Medifast?.


1 can of petite diced tomato with juice -1/8 C.

1/8 C frozen diced peppers.

5 oz ground turkey.

1 oz lowfat cheddar to top.

Low sodium taco seasoning to taste.

This recipe is for one. I think the turkey comes in 20oz packages, so this could easily be quadrupled. If youre using 99% ff turkey then you can add more cheese to get your lean amounts correct...

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I saw a GREAT one today that I'm going to do soon.

1 box (7pkts) Medifast chili.

7 C water.

Soak overnight in fridge.

Add 1 can rotel + 1 bag morning star farms crumbles and any seasonings you want (cumin, chili powder etc).

Cook on low all day, come home and enjoy - makes 7 Medifast servings plus some lean due to the crumbles. Can be frozen and re heated for 2 min in microwave....



Comment #2

Kira - For the roast, is that all you put in? That sounds good!..

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I have one for pulled pork. Place a pork tenderloin in the crock pot. Add 1/3 cup of balsamic vinegar and 1 tbl of dijon mustard. Cook on low for 4-6 hours until meat falls apart. Delicious!!!..

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Not really a recipe I just dump it in and let it go:.

Frozen boneless chicken whatever I have on hand.

White or red cooking wine 1/2 cup or so?.

Reconstituted bouillion (I use Better than Bouillion in the jar chicken or veg flavor) 1-2 cups?.

Black pepper shake and shake until it looks good!.

I cooked mine on low for 10 hours..

Mmmm... I think next time I'll throw in a bag of frozen broccoli or Normandy blend.

So moist and good..

I always use cooking wine for crock-pot meats. If I don't, for some reason the meat comes out tasting "canned" to me. Learned this trick from the Fix It and Forget It cookbooks...

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Yup that's it! It's amazing we eat it for days!.

Thanks for all the ideas!..

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Here is a good one - 1 Pkg Chicken Breast Tenderloins (cut off excess fat), 2 Cups Water, 1 Can Rotel, 1 pkg low sodium taco seasoning - cook in crock pot for 2 - 4 hours, pull the chicken apart with a fork (makes it shreeded) and serve with lettuce and 1 tbsp mexican cheese and sliced tomatoes or in lettuce (make wraps) - 1 -2 tbsp salsa..

This works for me when I crave mexican food!..

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So this is my first post but I had to share..

I love this and so do my kids and anyone who has ever tried it. Now guests ask if I'll be making the chicken..

Frozen chicken breasts.

Kraft Greek style vinagrette.

(that's it no water if ckn is frozen).

I used to serve over pasta with Feta and tomatoes before plan but now I eat the chicken with veggies or torn up on salad.


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Just take a pork tenderloin and add 1 can of diet root beer. Let cook 8 - 10 hours. Separate the meat from the juices. Shred the meat. Put both back in the fridge over night. Reheat in the crockpot the next day with the juices (skim the fat off the top ) and sugar free bbq sauce.

We can eat this all week...

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I love using the crockpot on MF!.

Beef Roast:.

I buy a big one at Sams Club and cut it in portions and freeze. Economical..


Olive Oil.

Soy sauce.

Worchester Sauce.

Pinch of Dry Mustard seasoning.


Can of crushed tomatoes.

* I have done this without the crushed tomatos- just plain or added cabbage on the bottom. I have also substituted low sodium beef broth for the other wet juices and added a bay leaf and crushed pepper..

Pork Tenderloin:.

Again, I get a big one from Sams that has some spices (look and check the carbs tho)....this is super delicious..

Pork Tenderloin.

Olive Oil.

That's it...delicious and oh so tender. You could definitely add SF BBQ if you wanted..

One thing I love about the crockpot is the tenderness and I try to make 2 nights worht of meals for convenience. Just set it and go!!!..

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I just posted this recipe as a new post but thought I would add it to your thread. DELISH! I'm trying that one with the pepperoncini this week. That sounds good!.

Last night I made pepper steak in the crock pot and served it over smashed cauliflower. I did not dredge the meat in flour like my old recipe called for and did not use any additional fat in it. I used lean round steak cut into strips, sliced green, yellow, red pepper and onion with fresh garlic and 1 can crushed tomatoes with no salt/sugar added. Added 3T soy sauce, 1 t. red pepper flakes and 1 t. ground mustard and cooked all day in crock pot.

Thickend the rest for the family with a little corn starch. Served the families over rice and mine over smashed cauliflower and all with fresh green beans. OMG! This was an awesome fall OP dinner. It really felt like cheat food! Enjoy!.

Don't forget to count the peppers, onions and tomatoes as part of your green serving. When setting my portion aside I tried to separate the meat from veggies so that I could weigh and measure everything separately.

I'm making clam chowder today using cream of chicken Medifast soup to eat during football. Everyone else is getting the real deal. I'm positive mine will be just as good!..

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I made this tonight ... was pretty tasty (if I don't say so myself ).

Slow Cooker Chicken.

(recipe is for 1 serving.).

1 frozen chicken breast.

1 tbsp raw onion (condiment).

1 tbsp salsa (condiment).

1/2 c canned mushrooms (didn't have fresh ).

1 tbsp parm cheese(condiment).

Spices to your taste.

Throw all in the crock pot. Cook for 5 hours on low. I served mine on Tofu Shirataki noodles and for my roommate I put hers on brown rice. Sprinkle with parm cheese & enjoy.

Counting all but the parm cheese and Shirataki.. the dish is 353 calories and 6 carbs..

Comment #12

What is Rotel? I have read it here a couple of times now but don't know what that is...

Comment #13

Do you put water or anything in with it? Is it just the pork and olive oil?..

Comment #14

Rotel is a brand of canned tomatoes. I think they have mostly mexican blends. You can fine them in your grocery store by the tomatoes/sauce/paste etc...

Comment #15

Rotel is a brand name of tomatoes that are combined with green chiles to give it a spicy taste. It comes in different heats from mild to hot. It is used alot with velveeta cheese to make yummy NOT OP queso!.


Comment #16

Hey, lowfat cheese is a lean option. No reason you could not make queso out of lowfat cheese & Ro-tel, and dip celery sticks in it...

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Here is an easy one but not sure how you count it. Put a 2 1/2 lb chuck roast in the crock pot. Mix 1 pkg each ranch salad dressing, italian salad dressing and brown gravy with one cup water. Pour over roast and cook 6-8 hours. I make mashed potatoes and veggies outside the crock pot with this one and just skip the potatoes for me...

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1 can of petite diced tomato with juice -1/8 C.

1/8 C frozen diced peppers.

5 oz ground turkey.

1 oz lowfat cheddar to top.

Low sodium taco seasoning to taste.

This recipe is for one. I think the turkey comes in 20oz packages, so this could easily be quadrupled. If youre using 99% ff turkey then you can add more cheese to get your lean amounts correct...

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