Medifast recipe for Crock Pot Chili -- Help?

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Okay so since it seems that I have to be a good little MediDoobie and stop talking about MediSex.....

I decided to try the crock pot chili thing. But I might have blown it. I don't DO the crock pot thing a lot and the huge thing collects a lot of dust. But I am having issues with what to do with the long days in my office. So I decided to try the crock pot chili. I think I put too much water in.

= 64 oz. and that's what I did. But it isn't really cooking down much and it has been cooking since 6 am, or about 8 hours. I turned it on high and it's boiling. Does anyone know if this will thicken up a little? Also, how much water per pack do YOU all use when you make chili in crock pot? Thanks..

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When I make the entire box, I put in about 4 cups of giant can of stewed tomatoes. Oh wait..cook mine on the stove so it boils away. Take the lid off and it will evaporate some too!!!..

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Thanks Nancilynn. Will take the top off and see what happens. Wayyyy too much water and too runny. Ugh...

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I can't find the great crock pot chili recipe that was floating around a couple of months ago but from looking at the quirkyiq chili crock pot recipes, they added ground turkey meat, chopped peppers & onions and canned tomatoes along with the spices which would make a thicker chili because of all the stuff in it.

You may have used too much water, but maybe it could be jazzed up by browning some meat and adding some sauteed peppers & onions & spices to it? Then there's my fav fix: add some LF shredded cheese!.

Sorry I wasn't much help. I'll post that chili recipe when I find it or maybe the original chef will re-post...

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Thanks Sue. I should have looked for a recipe first but usually I am pretty good in the kitchen. Just not with crock pots apparently...

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Din't worry, Bettina! You're not the only who has trouble with crock pots. Last year I bought myfirst one and was so excited I went out and bought 5 crock pot cookbooks. Nothing I've made has been any good! lol! At least you're trying, love!..

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Well, whew. My crock pot chili experience has finally come to an end. Divided it up in all 8of it's tupperware boxes and it's done. Not the best I ever made but thank God I have something to take to work. So, since I was in the big crock pot mood, I just dumped a bag of frozen chicken breasts in with some 0 carb, Fat Free, Louisiana Hot Wings sauce. We'll see what happens.

Love B..

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I'm the queen of crockpot cooking and you're actually supposed to use less than water than you normally would because the slow cooking creates condensation that adds moisture. Taking the lid off the crockpot will let all the heat escape and is not really enough to cook it down... I would take what you have and put it on the stove and let it simmer down on medium heat...

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[i]When making things in a crock pot, I generally cut the liquids by about half, unless it is specifically a "crock pot" recipie...add the ground meat and watch it leaving the lid off. If you decide next time (will there BE a next time, lol) to use the tomatoes or a can of rotel, that would be pretty much all the liquid you would need..

I am not a crock pot expert, nor a Medifast chili expert, but I made my Medifast chili in the crock with rotel and a little meat, no added water on low for 6 hours. Turned out ok..

Hope it helps!!..

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Thanks so much guys. There WILL be a next time. Gotta reorder chili now actually. I know it's not most people's faves but I LOVE IT. I will take all you Hot Medichicks's advice for the next batch. XOXOOX..

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I love the chili too, Bettina. I add a dash of chili powder and 2 tbsp of salsa since I like mine spicy hot. Sometimes a bit of tabasco sauce too. Yummy ... makes me want to drink more water sometimes too which is good...

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I feel like the minority with that chili. But I figured out things to do to it. I always use the BTB chili base, and a tiny bit of salsa and sometimes some Molly McCheese. Oh yeah and cilantro, which I love. I can doctor that stuff up like mad. XOXOXO..

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