Medifast recipe for Cranberry mango yuck!?

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I had such high hopes, it sounds delicious, but I just don't like it. To me it doesn't taste anything like mango, and definitely nothing like cranberry. I have a whole box and I want to salvage it somehow. Anybody have any tips? It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much!..

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Chucks - I make mine with about 12oz of Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade. I do the same with the Tropical Punch Drink. Something about the lemonade & the extra 4oz of water smooths out the taste. I also like to make mine in a bottle of water, which I then freeze & take to work. By afternoon it has melted enough to have slushy ice in it. Adds to the taste and I can sip on it for a while. And you're are right, you don't really taste a good cranberry or mango, but try it this way & maybe you will like it just enough to finish off your box...

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I buy the Cranberry flavored water and also the Mango/Peach flavored waters specifically for the Cranberry Mango drink. I just mix the package with one of the waters, lots of ice, make it really slushy. Love it, drank it all summer. Also, someone on the boards suggested mixing it with Hansen's Tangerine/Lime soda, delicious!.

Hope this helps...

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I mixed mine with Tangerine Clear Splash and it made a BIG difference! I don't care for it au naturel either...

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I love it personally and drink it blended with ice like a slushie. But you could try putting it into sf ff jello. We're allowed one cup a day as a snack. It's really good that way but very sweet!!..

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I use my yucky Cranberry/Mango drink as part of a muffin recipe with delicious results..

Don't know if you are into making muffins, but give it a try. The portability factor is wonderful. Here's the recipe:.

3 packages oatmeal (any kind, maple/cinn & apple/cinn. work best with cran drink).

1 package cranberry/mango fruit drink.

1 tsp baking powder.

1 to 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon.

2 tsp vanilla extract.

1 cup water.

1/4 cup diet soda pop or seltzer water (just use what you have. I've used diet 7-UP, diet Vernor's and seltzer.).

Mix dry ingredients then add wet. Batter will be on thin side. Let stand for 5 minutes to thicken a bit. Spoon and divide equally into 8 regular size muffin tins lined with foil liner cups. (Paper works too, but muffin pulls away completely from foil liners.) Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes. Check at about 20 minutes to see if ready..

Makes 4 Medifast meals at 2 muffins each Medifast meal. I log it in under oatmeal when counting the calories and carbs. Note: You can add a bit of Splenda if you would like. I don't because of the aftertaste..



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Try putting in a blender with water and ice, and add 1 tablespoon of coconut SF syrupI use Davinci. Really good!..

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Thank you so much guys, I think i'm going to try them all!..

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You can also try mixing it with the diet ocean spray drinks...i used the orange this morning, but would be great with the cranberry too. And mix with ice like a slushy...good luck with it!..

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