Crackers that are Nutrisystem friendly?

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Does anyone know of a high protein, low carb, low cal healthy cracker?..

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Your question was: Crackers that are Nutrisystem friendly?.

I bought the Kashi like triscuits at big lots and HATED them,I compared them to rf triscuits,basically the same but more vitamins in the Kashi,the only thing is they have a vitamin taste to them...

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My sister is really into raw foods and she makes flaxseed crackers that are low carb and relatively low calories the major contributor to the calories is "good" fat that is in the flax seeds so I feel pretty comfortable with them..

She makes them herself, but there appears to be some available from I've never tried any of the store bought brands, but the ones my sister makes are really good and satisfying...

Comment #2

From Netrition GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread. Each cracker has only 12 calories and is fat free...

Comment #3

One slice of the Wasa can be a free food at 20 calories...not extremely high in protein but it's big for a cracker..

Comment #4

Hi Michelle,.

Would you sister be willing to share her cracker recipe? As I move of my dependency on Nutrisystem food I would like to start cooking again..


Comment #5

How about a spread? I was trying to think of a way to create a high protein spread using the protein powder supplements but want to avoid peanut butter. Ideas?..

Comment #6

Found a cracker by special K. good protein/carb/cal balance. Problem is I ate the whole box in 3 portions. I think crackers is on my trigger food list...

Comment #7

They also have a wheat-thin version for 75cal. I like that version even better...

Comment #8

Not really, but you could have multi-grain or wheat crackers as a carb serving instead of using a roll with the entrees that call for one...

Comment #9

I eat Triscuits on occasion, but I plan it. I was always very much a cracker person too...

Comment #10

I found wasa crisp 'n light 7 grain crackerbread at big lots this is what the dietitions corner said.

You can have three slices of the Crisp 'n Light and count that towards one carb serving or you can have one slice and count that towards one extra food...

Comment #11

Lite Fiber Gourmet crackers (like cheeze its) are available online at Fiber Gourmet or netrition. 80 calorie bag has 22g. carbs but 12g. fiber, 5g. protein, and 2g. fat. I find them delicious...

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I often use Reduced Fat Triscuits (5 for a serving), but I'm a guy and I get some of those evil carbs. Kashi has a similar version too, a touch more calories but about half the sodium. I buy those when I make it out to Trader Joe's.

On the women's plan, you could still have crackers like that with the Chicken Salad or something...

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I am also thinking ahead to maintenance. The Nutrisystem food has clearly increased my daily protein intake. I for sure will continue to do the salads and get my protein using shrimp, tuna, or chicken just like I am. But the snack type foods are hard to replicate because of the higher protein level. I miss my crackers and was hoping to use a high protein cracker as a snack once I get to maintenance. I will look into the ones everyone suggested...

Comment #14

I went online at Amazon and got the Gensoy lightly salted soy crackers. Nutrisystem provides some of the BBQ and sour cream and onion versions for their snacks/desserts so I knew they were OK. I really like these crackers, crunchy, salty and you can have 18 for one serving which is very satisfying...

Comment #15

Hi Gina, I found the WASA crisp'n Light recently and it's great. Since I can have carb 2 x day. I use it for lunch and dinner-3 slices. It satisfies the need for crunchy. However, I would have to agree thin is better than crunchy...

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I bought the Kashi like triscuits at big lots and HATED them,I compared them to rf triscuits,basically the same but more vitamins in the Kashi,the only thing is they have a vitamin taste to them...

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