Could I put my horse on Medifast?

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Question I have... Could I put my horse on Medifast? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... I've had a *rough* day, heck, a rough WEEK. (I'm a lawyer and seems like all sorts of client-related crap has hit the fan this week). All I wanna do when I go home in about an hour is put on my pajamas, curl on the couch and scarf down some pizza.

I'm 5 weeks away from my wedding and about 4-5 lbs away from my goal. Need some ENCOURAGEMENT to stay on track and not give into the stressed out bride/lawyer who just wants some friggin pizza...

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Of course! however you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Carlie 4-5 pounds away from your goal? Girl you can do this! Never mind the pizza, it will make your tummy hurt and you will feel horrible. Why don't you search around the boards and find some pizza-esque recipes? You can do it , don't give in..

Comment #2

I suggest a nice, long, warm bath with bubbles and a book. Play some relaxing music, drink a cup of tea, and try to chill. The pizza would be yucky anyway - I told them to put worms on it..

Seriously, hang in there. You are sooooo close!..

Comment #3

That's a good idea. My game plan is to go home and stay busy outside of the kitchen lol..

Comment #4

The worms comment gave me a much needed laugh.

Thank you..

Comment #5

I know you already know how awful you will feel, emotionally and physically, if you indulge in the pizza. It can be harder to break the emotional ties to food than it can be the physical. Whatever you can do for yourself that will cause you to increase your POSITIVE feelings about yourself and require active relaxation (food consumption is passive), like taking a walk, a nice shower or bath, or some yoga. You need to do something to turn your mind from the urge to binge on the pizza..

When we feel sad or stressed, the first inclination is to isolate ourselves away from the world. We need to do the opposite of emotion and engage, wholeheartedly, with someone or some other activity..

You have come so far and this is one more test in your journey. You can do this and you will feel better about yourself for making different choices...

Comment #6

Just think your wedding is only a few weeks away and you want to be at goal by then. Hang tough. You can do it. When in doubt just take a bath and go to sleep early...

Comment #7

Thanks Laura, that is really great advice!!.

Thanks everyone too for the help. Already feel a little bit better. I'm sure we can all relate to the difficulty in breaking the turn-to-food-for-comfort mentality. Took years to develop, so I'm sure it's going to take some time to break down as well..

Part of me wants to go to the gym to work out the stress, but my gym is right by my favorite pizza place! I am afraid that even going in that direction will be too tempting (or that I will rationalize my way into getting the pizza because I got in a workout). Thinking I may just have to pop in a yoga dvd at home and snuggle my dog til the fiance gets home!..

Comment #8

You are doing great! Just think about not having to wear Spanx under your wedding dress and actually being able to BREATHE during your wedding and reception. No piece of pizza is worth that!..

Comment #9

Courtesy of my success thus far on MF, I actually don't have to wear the Spanx now already!.

I have ROOM in my dress now!!.

Now to get the last bit o'jiggle off before honeymoon in Hawaii!.

No pizza is worth feeling like a beached whale!..

Comment #10

So what are your coping mechanisms going to be once you HIT goal, and once you GET married? Start engaging in those coping mechanisms TONIGHT! The last thing your new hubby will want to see is his new bride scarfing down pizza on the couch in front of the tube!.

So, stop at a Yankee Candle on the way home from work instead of a pizza place, buy yourself a wonderful smelling jar-candle that you can light in the bathroom while you relax in a nice bubble bath with a cup of hot tea. THAT sounds like a guilt-free way to relieve stress if you ask me!..

Comment #11

That's a very good question that honestly I've been wondering myself. I'm hoping that the answer till be "exercise!"...

Comment #12

Go to the mall and try on smaller clothes...

Comment #13

That's a good idea, too! I'm just excited to be BACK in the clothes I was wearing 2 years ago though :-D..

Comment #14

A few ways that I get myself off the ledge:.

1. looking at (not a weapon that would work for everyone, but it does the trick for me..

2. Perrier.

3. Acknowledging the uncomfortable fact that there are heaven knows how many kids in the relatively small city that I live in that will not be eating dinner tonight. I don't want to be the person on the couch eating half a pizza while ignoring that...

Comment #15

I think #s 1 & 3 will work for me! Not so fond of Perrier, but I'll try to get in some extra water to subdue the cravings!..

Comment #16

I used to work in a pizza place, have you seen the size of the rats those places have in the kitchen? Holy moly! No pizza for you!..

Comment #17

There is one on tumblr..

And ha! to the rats. You could always watch that Dominos vid travesty that happened last year....

Seriously, worse than rats...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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