Could I eat a dinner as lunch during Nutrisystem?

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I am in my third month on Nutrisystem and it's going well! I travel for work and often have to be out to dinner with clients or at family events (I have been trying to make smart choices when I am out so that is not an issue).

What I am finding is that it is easy for me to bring Nutrisystem breakfast and lunch on the road and eat them wherever I am. Since I am eating out at dinner, I have a pile of Nutrisystem dinners at home that I am not getting to consume!!.

Can I use the Nutrisystem dinners at lunchtime on some days, so I can get through the mountain of inventory that I have? Or am I better off just buying breakfast and dinners a la carte for my next Nutrisystem food order, and skipping dinner orders?.

Advice appreciated! Thanks!..

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Your question was: Could I eat a dinner as lunch during Nutrisystem?.

From Nutrisystem Dietary Services....

You can have a dinner entre at lunch time and another dinner entre at dinner time. If you do decide to have two dinner entrees in one day, you will need to eliminate the dairy/protein serving that is called for a lunch time since most our dinner entrees are higher in calories and protein.

You can have a lunch entre at lunch and a lunch entre at dinner, but add another dairy/protein to your day..

Breakfast and dessert/snack entrees are interchangeable...

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Of course you can. I have eaten dinner for lunch sometimes, just because I am in the mood for one of my dinner entrees. I wish you the best of luck!..

Comment #2

Michelle - thank you for the 'official' view of this from Nutrisystem Dietary Services. This is very helpful in managing the inventory food and how to substitute so I can balance it all out during the month.

Thanks everyone for your quick responses!!..

Comment #3

Great to know as well that I can eat a lunch and protein at dinner, too typically end up with less dinners because my hubby-to-be wants to eat the same thing as me!..

Comment #4

Looks like your saving a good bit as a whole. :-p..

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This is good to know since I have more dinners than anything else too, saves on figuring out a protein for lunch too...

Comment #6

Great question- thanks. I am in the same boat...

Comment #7

Seems like alot of folks get this way as the diet progresses. I wonder if Nutrisystem has ever considered letting folks order more breakfasts, desserts and less dinners to "balance" the inventory at home? Seems like more would stay on the program...

Comment #8

You can order extra food ala carte if you want...

Comment #9

Yep- cha ching! I checked and the varitey packs don't carry alot of what I like. Individuals are yikes!!..

Comment #10

When it happens again, I am going to do just that. Hopefully it will keep me on track. Did y'all know you can delay a shipment? That was new to me and would help considerably if it piles up...

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