Cortisone injections for cysts?

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Ive seen people suggest cortisone injections for cysts and I was wondering if that makes the cyst go away, or just help with inflimation. I have a few stubborn cysts that wont seem to go away,and a few places where I have reoccurring cysts. I want something that will kill it and make it go away... not just supress it for a while. any suggestions or info on cortisone?..

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Your question was: Cortisone injections for cysts?.

Ive found that the shots work really well on new , painfull pimples that have just sprung up... they usually swell down and are flat by the end of the terms of wether or not they come back, I dont think the cortisone destroys the root of the bacteria but it really takes down swelling and dries it up nicely..

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LOVE THEM!!!!! I only get cysts on my chin area usually only one mabey two at a time and since I got on tane, and looked at this site, I get the shots eachtime one comes up. I usually just call my derm. and the nurse will let me come on in (usually have to wait though bc it wasn't an app). He will inject as many as you want for on cost. I have met my deductable so the dr. visit plus the shots only cost me 20% of the total 18$ US.

I have not had any indention marks like you might read..Shot are a blessing for me..Actually I had a cyst pop up Sunday. I just tried calling the derm to get one today! Try..esp. if you have insurance!!..

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I have got the injections and yes it did get rid of the cyst appearance but not the look of it being a zit, it actually looked worse and had a black dot where I think he injected. It was nice though not having the huge cyst. It did come back after about a week...

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I'm at school so I have a different dermatologist and she wont just let me call and come in the same day. does that mean they wont be effective?..

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It doesn't have to be the same day. I would look around for a derm that is a little more sympathetic to your needs-It takes a whole 5 minutes to give you a shot. A lot of the time it's the staff the works the front desk. Talk to your doctor and tell them "I want in right away next time I need an injection". That way the staff knows, if that doesn't help go find a real doctor...

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They make them go away & they reduce redness. love themmm..

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Ill talk to my doctor, but would they still be effective if I get them after the cyst is more like a bump and not so inflamed?..

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I got another injection on 3 spots on my face one of them was a cyst. I will let you know how it goes...

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I always get them..the one I got injected last though didnt go all the way was the first time this happened though. usually it works wonders. only one time did one leave an indention they can do this but ive read it goes just looks like a little pit scar...

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I asked my derm about it this week and he said getting an injection while on Murad Acne Complex might leave a pitted scar so he wouldnt do it... so hopefully the Murad Acne Complex takes care of the cysts that are stuck under my skin!..

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