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I am trying to expand what I eat. Right now, I just use eggs and cheese for my lean, not fond of the texture and such of the 'meat' products. I don't even care much for cottage cheese. So I get real bored and discouraged. I just had a month break, not intended to be that long, and I am exploring tofu again. I just keep trying so I can do this plan and stay with it to goal without feeling the need to go off plan out of boredom!.

I am looking into low carb vergetarian cookbooks and tofu cookbooks. Do you have any that you really like and think is worth adding to the collection? I love cookbooks and have quite a stash but don't have any all vege cookbooks yet...

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I go to library book sales all the time.

I came across an OLD Weight Watchers Quick Success Program cookbook from 1984.

It had a recipe in it for "cottage-cheddar puffs" that was excellent. Even if you HATE cottage cheese.

It had lots of great cheese/eggs/veggie recipes.

If you library has a copy, I'd check it out!!!.


An OLD 1931 editition of The Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer (sp?).

The Joy of Cooking 1931 edition has been reissued so it is out there.


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Thank you both. Good ideas. I went to Amazon to look for some books. I may order a few as long as they have the nutritional counts..

I'm still a little nervous about the soy controversy. I have downloaded what this site has but there is so much stuff out there that is scary. I don't know what is true and have not looked into enough to alleviate my concerns. At least my cholesterol is the lowest it has been so the eggs and cheese are not hurting me one bit. My total cholesterol was 144 last visit so I have been cleared to eat as many eggs as I want!!!..

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Hi Teleek -.

Don't get discouraged. I was in the same boat as you with not liking the fake meat textures, tofu or eggs (for me) but I do love Cottage cheese. Have you tried it on the lasagna bake with brocolli and/or green beans? I ate this about 4 days a week and the other days I got my lean from making COT pizza with cheese on top. I am on week 10 and have lost 27lbs and the cheese has not slowed me down a bit. I am interested in looking up the cottage puffs though. thanks celtic.


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I have not tried the cottage ch lasagna. I once put some in a blender to smooth the texture and made a cheese crsip sort of thing over a tortilla and it was not bad, pre MF, of course! I guess I should give it a try but I use the ricotta. I bake it with an egg white or whole egg and I have an inside only manicotti. I have been doing the eggs and cheese only since mid March!!!!.

What do you mean with the green beans? Bake the beans and cottage cheese together? Are you referring to one that uses squash for the lasagna roll up or lasagna layers?..

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I'm not vegetarian but am learning to cook vegan food for my vegan boyfriend that only eats veggieburgers or ramen..

Cookbooks by Sarah Kramer are wonderful, fun to read, easy to use. She just published a new one called Vegan a go go that is travel size and has all of her recipes for faux meats, cheese, mayo, etc. that were in her other books.

I'm new to Medifast so I guess I'll use this during maintenance phase; hopefully before if I can figure out nutrition stuff..

Now I'll have to check my cookbooks and see if there is nutrition info..

There's another good one called Veggie Planet that I read more than I actually cook from..

I also like Rozanne Golds 1-2-3 cookbooks, although not veggie..

Marilu Henner makes diet and cookbooks too, there's one called Healthy Life Kitchen where there is good info on using non-traditional ingredients. You could probably get it real cheap used on amazon.

Have you found any good ones?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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