Medifast recipe for Clumpy Hot Chocolate?

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I've tried the hot chocolate mix twice & it was sooooo clumpy...I'm talking huge clumps of the mix that I was trying to chew up & swallow...gross!!! I tried stirring it in cold water first, but that didn't work. Can anyone tell me how to get the hot chocolate to come out smooth? Is it even possible? Help!.

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I ether use the shaker that came with my order, or I use a wire whisk. You could also blend it, if you wanted or use a hand mixer. You could also mix a bit of water and the powder to a paste with a fork an add more water slowly. Sorry to hear you are having trouble; the Cocoa is one of my favorites...

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Yeah I was having the same problem for the first three days. It was horrible having to swallow and chew those clumps...haha. I finally decided to use my blender and it did the job! When I warmed it up in the microwave it gave it a nice foam on top. I no longer have to fish out huge clumps...

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Mine comes out perfect every time now that I know how to do it! I simply add just a small amount of either cold or hot water first and stir until it makes a smooth paste. Then I add the remaining water. Then it's perfect! When there's only a little water, it's MUCH easier to stir out the clumps.

Good luck!..

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I do what menowd does learned this on the boards several months ago after I complained about the same thing!.

Mix with cold water, not hot, just enough water to form a paste, which incorporates all of the powder. Then add the remaining cold water.

Microwave for 1 minutes (more if you like it hot but watch to make sure it doesn't explode!)..

If you mix it with hot water the way the package says ... you will get evil lumps...

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Because Hot Cocoa was my favorite meal I know how to make it.

I use 8oz of very cold water from my water cooler in the shaker cup. Add the mix and cover. Shake, shake, shake. Open and if you see anything not mixed. Close and shake some more if there is. Pour in glass.

It is perfect everytime...

Comment #5

Thanks so much, everyone! I'll use your suggestions until I get it right..

Have a beautiful day!..

Comment #6

Mine has never been lumpy, usually heat up on stove and mix with a wire whisk until frothy - very tasty..

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I'm so glad others had this problem because this was going to be the subject of my next posting! I usually end up making either the hot chocolate or the chai in the afternoon at work(a warm drink helps me with the afternoon munchies!) and although I love them both, the clumps turn me off. I was just dumping th packt into water then microwaving but I will try the "paste" method next time and see how that works. Thanks!!!..

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Stir in a little water at a time. and then add the remaining water and heat..

Much better..

Comment #9

I thought at first that my chicken noodle soup was lumpy, but that is the bits of chicken! day one is a riot for me! at least I am having fun with this and laughing at myself...

Comment #10

So instead of using a blender yesterday I tried the other method of a little water. It worked well!!! Thanks for that tip! It's better than having to use the blender and then having to wash it and such...haha...

Comment #11

Same problem here too. I love hot chocolate so I was determined to make it just right. I use a 4 cup glass measuring cup add the water for the cocoa mix, (but do not add Cocoa) pop water only in microwave for about a minute. gradually add cocoa and wisk up portions at a time. Only takes a few seconds, and it is perfect. Also if you make your water too hot it will be clumpy. Use a spoon to stir between sips...

Comment #12

I've run into the same "clumping" issue with the Cappucino. I'll have to try the suggestions given for the hot chocolate. Thanks!..

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