Medifast recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Drops?

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Ladies/Gents...I just spoke to Tom from Capella Coffee...1) The Chocolate Peanut Butter drops will be available in January, Mid-January at the latest, at which time the website will change a lot and they will be adding a lot of custom flavors. 2) They are coming out with a "pump" for the larger size bottle that will help with the issues with the dropper bottles. I am having problems with the minis although no one else seems to be.

This guy is SO nice he's the /img/avatar2.jpg, and he himself created the Egg Nog custom flavor that we are all loving. And of course there is our new 10% discount that our MediPal Larbec got for us...

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I have problems getting the drops out of some of the mini bottles too. The Double Chocolate and the Caramel seem to give me the most trouble. Dont know if it's the flavor or the bottle? You have to hold them the right way I think. Once I got tired of twirling the darn bottle trying to find the right spot so I took the lid off. I put too much in but surprisingly it was still good!..

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Ooooh, that's gonna be one I order first thing! Too bad about the shipping, especially since I live in Hawaii and it's soooooo expensive to get anything here, but I will order anyway...

Comment #2

Are you kidding...For chocolate peanut butter drops I would walk to Hawaii. Yummie. I love this stuff. He said flat rate shipping, doesn't that apply to you too? I guess not. Order now before the free shipping changes...

Comment #3

He says that the problem with the drops and the bottles might be because of the viscosity of certain flavors and they are checking into that. They USED to have squeeze bottles but everyone squirted out too much. I suggested dropper bottles, with like an eye dropper, so you could really do DROPS. Might not be cost effective but I was thinking.....

Comment #4

Already ordered another another mini pack a few min. ago! Can't wait for the new flavors to come out in January though. Perhaps I will get the flat shipping rate...I'll just have to see ...

Comment #5

I have ordered three of the minis and just ordered a large size of the Eggnog and another custom flavor. I am stocking up until the new flavors are out. Yippieeeeeeeeeeeee...

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