Medifast recipe for Chili recipes with ground turkey??

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I am brand new to medifast and I was told there was a recipe for chili made with a bit of ground turkey that you subtract from your lean (and green) protien portion. can anyone help me with that information please? thanks so much. can't wait to try this diet. a co worker lost 45 lbs on medifast and loved it so I ordered it and will start next week...

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If you are adding one ounce of ground turkey to the chili you can have 4 oz of meat later on...

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We're only allowed 5 oz. of lean me a day right?..

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5 oz of red meat like pork or steak. 7 oz of poultry or fish, so if you have 1oz of ground turkey, you can have 6 more oz later...

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Do a search for the "HELP Chili is YUCK!!" thread. There are lot's of recipes to try.

I made a batch in the crockpot yesterday and it was much better then the box directions...

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Regarding the ground turkey: I had been having 7 oz of ground turkey every time I ate ground turkey for my L & G. I'd been doing that for 4 months. I use Honeysuckle White 85/15 ground turkey..

Nutrition Support informed me last week that the only 7 oz portion of ground turkey allowed is fat free ground turkey. Any other kind of ground turkey is a 5 oz portion..

I've been losing just fine with the 7 oz portion of 85/15 ground turkey, but if I hit a plateau I will cut back to 5 oz. I've also been experiencing hair loss, so that extra 2 oz of turkey may help with this problem. Nutrition Support recommended having a bit more protein to help the hair loss along with some vitamins..

Hope this helps those who like ground turkey, but were unaware of the fat free requirement in order to have 7 oz..


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It doesnt have to be FAT FREE I dont not sure thats even possible actually if youre eating 7 oz they recommend 97% fat free or 7% fat..

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