Chicken broth with Medifast

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I love the can of broth an adding veggies thanks to someones great post..but don't know if a can is too much how do you count it?? Thanks for your help...

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Lisa, one cup of broth is equal to one condiment. A can is usually 14.5 oz, so that would be almost two condiments...

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Really?? that stinks I use my condiments in my coffee Thanks for letting me know..

Comment #2

Yeah, 3 condiments doesn't go very far. Especially when you need cream for your coffee. Have you tried the vanilla shake, cappucino or cocoa? Since you've been around for a while, I'm sure you've tried it all...

Comment #3

I have always used cream and sugar in my coffee!!! Always!!!! However, I have found that I can now drink it without creamer. Have you tried it lately??? I have found I love the pumpkin spice coffee black. Not sure what Medifast has done to me but I now drink black coffee...

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I also use the resealable containers for broth (actually my favorite organic broth comes in 8oz packs of four, which is great for a single person cooking, but unless I'm making an L&G soup, I don't think I ever need a full cup.) With a lot of the condiments, I find I don't need anywhere near the MF-allowed size, which makes me feel less anxious if some days I end up tweaking them a little bit. (I'm not claiming this is 100% OPbut I think it's actually good real-life practice to see how little of a condiment I need, anyway, as my taste buds are retraining a little bit.)..

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Nice to hear I am not the only one who does this. Especially with salt. I thought I was going to go nuts without salt, but I find I am not missing it that much. Now sweet, that's another subject. But again, I don't need but half of what Medifast suggests and I count that a very big food victory. I know I don't ever need to change how I season food - I can eat like this for the rest of my life..

(and I'm getting the chicken broth and making chicken veggie soup! Yum)..

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I'm so there with you! My taste buds have changed and I don't find black coffee disgusting anymore. I enjoy it..

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