Medifast recipe for Cheese Crackers?

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I decided to try to make a cracker...this is what I used...

1 packet cheese and broccoli Medifast soup mix.

1 tsp baking powder.

Spinkle of basil.

Mix together.

Add water slowly, I used enough to make it a pancake substance I then dropped it by teaspoon on a baking pan sprayed with olive oil pam. I baked at 375 for about 6 min and then flipped them over....for another 5-6 min both sides are browned and crunchy..

These actuallly are pretty good, I think with some tweaking by some of you they could really be a great change....

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This sounds like an awesome idea. I have some broccoli soup that I just can't bring myself to eat, and it's too late to return it. It may also be a good thing to do with the creamy chicken soup - make like a "chicken in a bisquit" cracker..

Any advice from the Medifast Chefs out there?..

Comment #1

Also, they seemed to tast better once they cooled completely and had more of a crunch to them. Let me know your ideas on improving them!..

Comment #2

WOW what a great idea. I'm going to try this today, I'm going out of town for a few days and I won't have access to a stove or microwave so this would be great to break up all the shakes I'll be drinking!! Thanks. I'll let you know how mine come out or if I try anything different. One thing though... is there a 'cheese & broccoli' soup?? Or is it the creamy broccoli??..

Comment #3

I just looked and it is creamy broccoli...although the crackers due taste kind of cheesy. I love the basil taste I sprinkle in as well...

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I thought the "cheese" and soup mix sounded so yummy! How about adding 1/4 or 1/2 cup shredded fat free cheese? (Deducted from lean and green.) Would that work, do you think?..

Comment #5

I will try anything at this point, I can't stand the cream soups! Thanks for recipes they sound Great!!!..

Comment #6

Oh! These are good!! I used the tomato soup, added a little garlic powder and a sprinkle of onion flakes. Yummy! I'll be using this recipe to use up my 2 boxes of soup that I don't like. Thanks a bunch!..

Comment #7

Have you guys who hate the cream soups and love cheese thought of sprinkling a little Molly McCheese on them? I use the stuff, albeit sparingly because it has some calories, in all the cream soups, the chili, etc. It's yummie...

Comment #8


BUT BUT BUT.....don't be like me and try and save time and make 2 batches at once! LOL.

I thought I was being so clever, had my nice little round cream of broccoli "crackers" on the left side of the cookie sheet, and the tomatoe "crackers" on the right...the timer went off after 6 minutes and I had a pretty cookie sheet half broccoli half tomato!! I hadta cut them out to flip them over...waiting on them to cool now for taste, but I bet they're good! (moral of the story, one batch at a time! )..

Comment #9

Hey I tried something else....I made one large one the size of a tortilla.....then chopped up tomatoes and added more basil....pretty good !..

Comment #10

Oooooooooooohhhhhhh that sounds like a great idea!!! I wondder if we cook it a little less,if we can get it pliable, like a soft tortilla, and use it to make a wrap type sandwich?..

Comment #11

I finally made some of these, and they are just as good as they sounded. Food you can chew, what a concept! I used Cream of Chicken, a bit of garlic powder, a bit of onion powder (it really doesn't take much), and added some FF cheese. The cheese I used is shredded cheddar: 45 cal, 0 gr fat and 2 gr carb for 1/4 cup. Actually, I'm not sure how much flavor the cheese added. Maybe not enough to justify adding even this small amount of calories.

Once again I am in awe of cruisin240 and anyone else who gets creative, and comes up with something completely different and delicious like these crackers. I don't mind tweakin', but I could simply never have imagined using soup to make crackers..

Hat's off to you!..

Comment #12

I am all over this one! Am gonna try it today!!! Just in time too. I was getting tired of the soup...

Comment #13

I tried these yesterday with cream of tomato and a little shredded chedder and put a little tony sachery on there (spicy cajin seasoning) and I think I added too much water because it didnt harden up and became a gooey mess! the edges crisped up (and were very very yummy, like a pizza pringle) but the rest stayed soupy. can anyone tell me exactly how much water to add???..

Comment #14

I used about 1/4 cup of water......this was to the cream of broccoli.........I just keep adding the water slowly to the dry ingredients until the consistency is that of a pancake mix. Hope that helps......

Comment #15

I tried these but they didn't come out like crackers. I think I didn't use enough water. I think I used 1/4C water for a double batch. They were more like flatbread or thick tortillas. Good flavor though. They did the thing where they hollow out in the middle and then flatten, so you could almost make a little pita out of it and fill it with something...

Comment #16

We have liftoff! OK I tried these again with the right amount of baking powder/water and I got 10 nice-sized crispy CHIPS. They were paper thin and very crunchy, just like baked lays or pringles. YUM. This is a great recipe, cruisin! I wonder if I used slightly less water would I get 'crackers' like everyone else?? No matter, these are FAB Would be really good to take to the movies or have on the go...

Comment #17

I have created...BREAD.

Well, sort of. More like a nice flat bread/soft tortilla thing. I used the cream of chicken soup, 1 tsp of baking powder, 1/3 cup of water, and some Molly McButter - cheese flavored..

I cooked these in a pan like pancakes, just to see what happens. However:.

If you want (2) "cakes", cook them one at a time. My pan wasn't big enough, and these spread as they cooked. The resulting cake was too large to turn on it's own, so I messed up one side and it got all wrinkled and smushed..

They are thin, so if you're using them for a hamburger bun (like I was) - watch your fingers! I got a little scorched since the burger was hot, and the bread was thin..

I don't know if these will crisp up if left to cool. I made them at the same time I was cooking my meat, so they only had a minute or two to sit before I put toppings on. However, they are very sturdy as well as flexible, and I was able to wrap them around the burger and the toppings..

I'm next going to try a smaller pan, to see if I can thicken it up any. I'll report back if I have any success.


Comment #18

Ok, I am making mine with cream of chicken and adding sage and poultry seasoning. If it works out ok...I have the "stuffing" problem worked out before thanksgiving....

Comment #19

Do you think these will travel well? I'm taking a 2 day trip and trying to think of the best things to take to help me get through this without eating out every meal...

Comment #20

Although they could break, I think it's a great thing to travel with because they're ready-to-eat. At home I really enjoy the soups, so when I travel and have shake after shake I get tired of them...

Comment #21

These are awesome. I had one sample pack of creamy tamato soup. I made these tonigh, but I forgot the darn baking powder. They turned out nice inspite of my braain fart. The edges were crunchy the middle was crunchy/chewy (probably from lack of baking powder) I then diced a tiny bit of tamato, added a TINY bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar and a tad bit of onions for a bruschetta. It was AWESOME! Now, I'm kicking myself for not ordering more of these or trying them sooner...

Comment #22

Wow, what a fabulous thread! I'm going to try these tomorrow! It's nice to have a non-sweet option besides just soups eaten as soups! Thanks...

Comment #23

You all are brave souls.... and thank goodness..... because I love using all these recipes.... they sure do help me stay on plan....... thanks everyone.... I would be afraid of trying to make up a recipe....

So glad you all are soooooooo smart.... thanks again.


Comment #24

Just to keep this thread going until everyone has had a chance to see it and maybe give these a try, I will add here: I have these crackers/chips/crisps/whatever every single day for lunch. Sometimes chicken, sometimes brocolli, and only once tomato. I usually use garlic powder and onion powder, and sometimes Molly McB Cheese. I really look forward to my crunchy food!.

One more time - thanks crusin for the inventive and delicious recipe...

Comment #25

Werecat, Did you have any success with the bread using this recipe? I'm sooo craving bread or a chicken sandwich right now...

Comment #26

So how many does this recipe make and does anyone have a measurement for how much water goes in.....


Comment #27

I've been looking for a bread recipie that would be bland and this could do the trick, werecat! Thanks!.

I won't be using it for hamburger buns (that's kinda doubling up the meals), but I do have a spray on butter, a SF/0 carb rasberry spread and peanut butter syrup with which I can try different things - bread & butter, PB&J, etc!..

Comment #28

Trying the smaller pan to get a thicker "cake" didn't work too well. Probably user error though - I've never gotten these to be chips or crackers! I've been so swamped with work that I haven't had any baking time lately, so there hasn't been any further experimentation.

Hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to putter about in the kitchen...I'm thinking about mixing it all together using a cream of broccoli with some actual broccoli bits mixed in to get a veggie muffin sort of thing. If I get time, I'll let you know!..

Comment #29

One burger and one layer of bun (ie. bottom bun) = same satisfaction. I learned this on the Arkins diet. It cuts your bread carbs in half and is somewhat like an open face sandwich..

OT ... Btw, can I ask the origin of your screen name OrangeBlood? Just curious. It's so unusual...

Comment #30

I'm a hockey fan. Specifically, the Philadelphia Flyers. Their colors are orange and black..

A hockey movie with Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze was titled "Youngblood"..

I tried to join a Flyers message board and they said that someone already had "Youngblood" as a handle, so I modified it and used "OrangeBlood". Since then, that's my basic handle for any Internet activities...

Comment #31

As far as "doubling up on meals", a small chicken breast, like a fast food sandwich, is only about half of what we can have. So, if you could use one "bread" and a small chicken breast, you would still have 1/2 lean left as well. I've been using lettuce (which I hate) to eat sandwiches and it just doesn't cut it for me, so I think this will be a great change. I'm so excited to have bread! Maybe I'll bring it with me when we go out and I know everyone is having a burger, and I can eat a sandwich like a "normal" (questionable!) person!.

Thanks so much for this idea. It's ingenius!..

Comment #32

HEY! Could this be the base for a pizza that people have been looking for to replace the big mushrooms? I haven't made this yet, so I don't know if it would work. Any ideas?..

Comment #33

I've been making these from my creamy tomato soup and loving them since I started 2 weeks ago. I ordered early and got the cream of chicken (it's on special this month). I made crackers tonight that tasted like those chicken n biscuit crackers I used to love so much. Thanks, cruisin240, for sharing this recipe with us!..

Comment #34

Thanks so much for this recipe! I've had a box of Cream of Broccoli soup in my pantry left over from my very first order back in JULY! I just couldn't stomach the stuff, so I pushed it to the back and figured I would eat it if I ever ran out of my other Medifast foods.

I tried the recipe out this morning and again tonight. Tonight's version was MUCH better! This morning I made the error of adding garlic SALT instead of garlic POWDER figuring it would be ok. NOPE! Waaaaaaaaaaay too salty! I ate them anyway with tons of water. Tonight when I made them, I left out the salt and just added a tiny bit of dried rosemary. By mistake, I added a little more water than I thought I should. They turned out great! The thinner batter made them flatten out to nice "chips." Nice and crispy and quite savory.

Here's my final recipe:.

1 Packet Cream of Broccoli soup.

1 tsp baking powder.

1 small pinch of rosemary.

Just under 1/4 cup of water..

The batter was a little thin. I dropped 6 even pools onto some parchment paper. Baked at 375 for 11 minutes on one side (till edges were brown) then turned over and baked for 6-7 minutes on the other side. They were nice and crispy. Even kind of crunched like chips.

Thanking you for helping me find a use for that dreaded C of B soup!..

Comment #35

You guys are so crafty, I love the idea of making crackers out of the soup. I will be trying this one tomorrow. I haven't tried to do to much with the recipes, maybe it is time to try out some of these ideas. What is Molly McCheese though? Never heard of that, is it like a spice with cheese in it? Like Molly McButter? I've got to look for that. I will let you know how they come out...

Comment #36

I'm thinking a little cayenny pepper too...can't wait to try them.....

Comment #37

Wow! What a great recipe. I forgot the baking powder the first time but they actually were ok. A totally different result but good. Then I tried them with the baking powder and they were good too. Such a nice change from the sweet muffins and cookies. I can tell the possibilities will be endless.

THANKS for the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #38

I was worried too about the cream of brocolli soup so I had 1 tsp of bacon bits (8 calories), 1/4 cup of fat free cheese, some seasoning salt and it went down not too bad. I've had worse things in my life. I was thinking of adding a little precooked brocolli from my dinner L&G meal. Anything helps!..

Comment #39

My crackers were a fab success! Fantastic I love having food that is a bit salty chewy. Just too cool. Thank you thank you!..

Comment #40

I made these and LOVE them... Here's another thing I did with them:.

Make "crackers".

When done take 2 crackersmine come out large - the size of a good sized pancakeplace 2oz of 99% FF Turkey or Chicken Breast from L&G on one cracker. Place small amount of spicy brown mustard on other cracker. Put together like a sandwich and ENJOY! It was sooooo yummy!.

Thank you for all of your WONDERFUL ideas and blessings!..

Comment #41

I made this a little different to get a potato pancake effect. Same recipe but added very little water to make it a sticky mixture that I picked up with a teaspoon and had to help push off the spoon onto a pam sprayed pan. Made 6 pancakes and it was delicious...

Comment #42

I tried the cracker recipe. I must have used too much water because they spread out really big. I had to cook them a long time, probably 10 minutes per side. Some of them kind of squashed up when I tried to flip them..

In spite of all this once they got brown and crunchy on the edges and dry in the middle, I put them out on a plate and munched away. Delicious! I don't feel very full from the soup when I make it like soup, but I felt like I sort of had a meal with the crackers..

I wonder if I should adjust for altitude? I live at 5300 ft. Maybe less baking powder....

Anyway, thanks so much for the recipe, I will keep using it...

Comment #43

I got the same result the first time I tried making them. They never were really a cracker texture to me. The second time I used a silicone baking mat on a cookie sheet (helps to distribute the heat more evenly) and they were very easy to flip. I used the same amount of water as the first time, and they did spread to nearly twice the size. Turned out perfect though...

Comment #44

I just found this post and I am so thankful. I don't really like the soups much unless I add a lot of salt. I don't like to do that. But I am so so so glad that I found this. I might have to give up my chocolate pudding tonight and trade it in for some Medifast "crackers" as I am craving something crispy. Thanks again for all the wonderful recipes.


Comment #45

Bumping this up for the new people. I love this recipe.

I only had the chicken soup so I ordered the tomato and it got here today. Wow, what a different taste than the chicken. I sprinkled in some onion power, garlic power, mexican seasoning and a dash of tabasco. It sure was nice to have a non-sweet snack meal. I think the chicken will always be my favorite but this tomato was pretty good...

Comment #46

OMG!! YUMMMYYYY! I just made them - thank you so much for this recipe! I am so not a sweets person and I have been dying for some ideas for salty snacks!..

Comment #47

Hi all...please have patience with this newby...but..I've scoured this thread and can't seem to find out how we should log these crackers ..

I did make a "version" with the one of the cream soaps...when I first found the recipe, but didn't log it correctly and was waaaayyy over my limits for that day..

When I baked turned out more like one large fritatta sort of thing (prolly need to add more H2O next time). It was gorgeous though and I put my salmon patty and steamed veggies on it. It was something like you'd pay big bucks for in some fancy schmancy restaurant.

I love this thread and the great's just been a week for I'm just starting to get brave with concoctions. thanks so much! love and peace...lynnann..

Comment #48

I love making these! When I make them, I use parchment paper and don't bother flipping them. I just let them bake for 12 - 14 minutes until they start to brown on top. They peel off of the parchment paper quite easily...

Comment #49

I used the cream of tomato last night - mmmm, mmmm good. I am so excited to make them using the cream of chicken for lunch today. I don't think I will ever "eat" soup again as I love these so much. I forgot to add the baking powder and they still turned out ok. Will try it with the baking powder today. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe.

Going to take a batch or two to eat while waiting on Thanksgiving meal to be cooked, while everyone else snacks on greasy, fattening foods. At least I can have my "chips" now..


Comment #50

The other day someone had a receipe on here that used the tomato soup and make what they called a pizza crust.

Make it almose the same as the cracker, but put rosemary, oregeno, and a little parm. cheese in it and baked it. They said is was great. Doen't remember the entrie thing. Have it written down at home...

Comment #51

Had them again for my mid-morning meal....I have decided to buy an entire case of cream soups and eat nothing but these yummy crackers for the next year on MF..

Comment #52

I bake them as one big piece on release foil so they peel off easy - I also turn up the edges of the foil to make a shallow little pan of it. I add quite a bit of water, so I don't think parchment paper would work as well. When the edges are brown, I turn them over to make sure it's crispy overall. Yummy!..

Comment #53

Thank god you came up with something to do with the broccoli soup. I could not stand it and I have a box and a half left. Funny thing is today I said Ok I take the broccoli soup to work today just to start getting rid of it. It actually came out real good today added 4oz water and stirred it and stirred it and sprinkled on some pepper and this time it was good. But I want eh cracker back in my life so Im going for it...

Comment #54

WooHoo, YeeHaw, Happy Happy Happy! BT, can I borrow your happy bunny dancer ??.

I finally got these right and just had the best meal ever. I made like a pancake/flatbread out of the cream of broccoli soup and put some mustard and deli turkey slices on it! Folded it in half like a sandwich! YUMMY! Woohoo!!!!!!! I may get brave and try the tomato soup again tomorrow!..

Comment #55

Everyone wants BT's MediBunny. Clearly it' shakin' off some serious lbs. Look at that ticker gooooooo!!!!..

Comment #56

I haven't eaten soup since I found these. Today I took about a 2" piece of zucchini and grated it and added it to the mix with the creamy chicken soup, spices and water. Gave it a nice chewy texture! I won't miss that little bit of zucchini in tonight's dinner and it made a nice change for lunch...

Comment #57

What is "release foil"? I want to try this, but don't want to mess it up I've heard references to silicon baking things and all sorts of accoutrements that I've no idea of... I am feeling stupid as a result although I *had* thought I was competent in the kitchen..

And I have several boxes of cream soups... *sigh* I was looking for lower carb alternatives, and I'm not a fan of artificial sweetners or of having sweet food all the time, as a result it's been a lot of Chicken noodle (13g carb, same as the shakes) to balance all of that sweet..

The medifast people told me that they are working on more non-sweet foods but who knows how long that will take. Non-sweet and lower carb both would be good..

I have a fairly neat recipe for "Pumpkin Pie" different from the one in the guide, more work but much better, lacking confidence to post it :P If anyone actually responds to this, perhaps I will...

Comment #58

Oh Kaana....You HAVE to post your recipe and join all the fun and madness with the chefs here. I would do anything for a pumpkin pie recipe...Yippieeee. Release foil (which I just bought for the first time) rocks. It's just reynolds wrap you buy at the market that keeps things from sticking. I love the stuff. XOXOXOX..

Comment #59

Release Foil is Reynold's Release Foil It is right next to the regular Reynold's Wrap Foil in your grocery store..


Comment #60

Ok Thease are GREAT but how are any of you loggin them? I would think you just log them as eating a soup? Any Ideas?..

Comment #61

Yes you just log it as the soup. Great, huh?..

Comment #62

Just an aside on the release foil... Be sure you have the correct side up (read the label on the box). When I first started using it last year, I discovered the hard way that only one side is "release."..

Comment #63

These crackers are delicious. Nice job on the recipe. I grated a little (less than a tsp.)fresh romano cheese on them when they were done baking. I'm going to share this one with my friend. Thanks!..

Comment #64

Werecat, what a wonderful recipe and idea~.

I followed your basic recipe and method and made something approximating "Almost Pizza with minimal borrowing from Lean and Green Bread" LOL, that's a mouthful, here is what I did:.

I also used a pan and just a touch under the amount of water you used, perhaps a quarter teaspoon less..

I took a small piece of yellow Zucchini and grated it, then chopped it up finely to add texture as someone else had thank you to the someone else, I'm sorry I don't recall who did it, but it does give great texture, just as you said..

I added 3/4 of a teaspoon of Molly McButter it was a touch much, I think a half teaspoon next time. Other than that, I followed Werecat's basic recipe and method..

The resulting bread was a bit thin and hard to turn over, but when I did, it was toasty and the toasty bits tasted very good that bit of texture from what ended up being under 1 tablespoon of cooked vegetable really added to it..

My husband had bought some low fat Mozzarella and other low fat cheeses... and some low fat, low carb, no sugar added sauce for cooking later in the week. I thought I'd try grilled Eggplant, sauce, a bit of cheese, perhaps the rest of the lean as chicken or tofu.. whichever... and bake it. It sounds good, I hope it works out ;).

Anyway, I took a tablespoon and a half of the sauce, and very thinly spread it on the top of the "bread" in my case it was more like a thick crepe in density, I only made one in a largish pan. After spreading the bit of sauce I added the cheese..

7 grams (One quarter ounce) of low fat mozarella cheese. I didn't intend to be so exacting, but I read the nutritional information for a 1 ounce serving, which is 28g, and 80 calories, mostly fat, even with reduced low fat cheese and I didn't want to use too much.

The sauce worked out to 15 calories, 1.5 carb, and the cheese has 1 gram of carb per ounce, so a quarter of a carb for a quarter of an ounce the Molly McButter is 1 carb per teaspoon I used 3/4 of one, so the cheeses totalled 1g of carb, and the 1.5 from the sauce..

It was... almost pizza. It was also really good. Just enough sauce and cheese to give the taste of it. I folded it over, let it sit for a minute or two so the cheese would melt, and then ate it really slowly. I had used the chicken cream soup mix also btw.

I know I won't do this very often (the bread part sure, but the adding sauce and cheese, probably not) but as a treat on a "no bar" day it was really good. The whole thing ended up far below a bar, in calories and carbs, and was worth it for a treat and I deducted the green and the bit of lean as best as I could figure out..

I was wondering, those of you who are inventive... using flaxseed meal, would that work in this soup bread? There are lots of recipes for muffins and cookies and such would it work in this bread/cracker recipe?.

Had anyone tried it yet? I know that some regular unground seed would be a nice crunchy addition to this, but a teaspoon to tablespoon in the mixture, I wonder if that would work. It would be nice to have a baked or pan cooked item that has flaxseed meal in it, and isn't sweet. Any ideas?..

Comment #65

Cruisin - thanks for a great idea! I did it a little differently - mixed up the soup with dried onion flakes, garlic and pepper and baking soda - added enough water to make a pancake texture, the "fried" in in a 6 inch nonstick skillet. Added 1/4 C ff cheddar on top after flipping. GOOD! Almost fooled myself into thinking it was pizza. Think I will go hog-wild next time and add a splash of pasta sauce on top before adding cheese...

Comment #66

Which flavor soup mix did you use, if I may ask?.

I have used the broccoli and the chicken flavors, both as crackers and as the "pan bread" the chicken soup flavor came out well, but the broccoli taste wasn't good and I tried it twice different ways and it had the same unpleasant flavor, even with Molly McButter/Cheese, and with a bit of sauce and a bit of cheese... the chicken flavor tasted great with far less done to it, nothing unpleasant to try to mask..

Has anyone tried the tomato soup flavor with these? If so, how did it work out and what did you do to it, if anything additional, to make it taste even better?.

And has anyone else noticed an off or unpleasant flavor with the broccoli flavor soup when making these? They came out perfectly and crispy and looked great... but there was just an off taste that wasn't obvious at first, but got worse as I ate the crackers until the last bit was hard to eat..

Any ideas/input?.

Thank you!..

Comment #67

I tried those broccoli soup crackers yesterday and WOW were they good. thanks for the ideas. I don't know much about cooking and would be lost without this receipe board. thanks so much for everyone sharing their ideas and recipes...

Comment #68

Bumping up another great recipe for the newbies!.

Got a new silicone baking sheet today and I'm breaking it in tonight with these crackers!!!..

Comment #69

Just made a batch on my new silicone baking sheet!.

OK, you've got to bake them for the FULL 16 minutes and let them cool, but they turned out WONDERFUL!!!!.

Made a tuna spread for them, will split it two ways with my L&G for lunch tomorrow!..

Comment #70

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the recipes! I just made a pizza crust out of the Cream of Tomato soup, and it was great! I pulled the baking sheet out after 12 minutes at 275 degrees, put two of my "free olives", thinly sliced, on top, then 1/4 cup of ff cheese from my l&g, & baked for a few more minutes. Fantastic!..

Comment #71

Oooooooh my lord, I'm FULL!!!! And so happy I could cry!! Thank you thank you thank you for this recipe! It was wonderful!.

I positively hate the broccoli soup, so I decided to try and use that. Stirring it up I was mighty hesitant, as it didn't smell very good at all. Onward, though... My oven is literally older than I am, and the heat is unpredictable at best. I had to flip early and then remove early to keep it from burning - but what I had was wonderful, fluffy little bread-like things. Lightbulb moment: *Sandwich!*.

I took the hot little pancakes, spread with a teensy bit of Walden Farms Bacon Dip, and topped with a teeny bit of FF cheese. Microwaved a sec to finish melting the cheese.... Holy smokes! Mini grilled cheeses!.

I am so satisfied and super happy - thanks SO MUCH!!..

Comment #72

I made chili crackers..

1 pkg chili (ground fine).

Onion powder.

Garlic powder.

Dash cumin.

1/4 c. water minus 1 T..

Not bad at all. Far better than the soup itself...

Comment #73

I made the Cream of Broccoli Crackers for the first time....

I am NOT a Broccoli person , let me tell YOU !.

And I kept reading about this recipe , and was trying to figure if I should give it a try or sell my box on Ebay ...LOL.

Well, this morning I could NOT SLEEP !.

I woke up at 3:30am and just could not go back to sleep ..

I wanted to COOK!.

I made some Mashed Cauliflower for later tonight ..

And tried to make the Brocolli Soup crackers... let me tell you.

The smell was superb... I had to taste them !.

OMG !.

I will not sell this box of Cream of Brocolli...LOL !!!.

I am going to be buying more soups ... Cream of Tomato( which I like anyways ) and then maybe try those CHILI crackers that were also posted by nosugartalking ..

What an exciting Concept ! I always had a hard time getting all 5 meals in and now I can enjoy these crackers and get my 5 meals in that way !..

Comment #74

I made the crackers tonight and added McCormicks Basil and Garlic seasoning blend. GRRRRREAT! Now on to the tomato soup crackers. thanks for the tip...

Comment #75

Hi..I am a newbie...just got my first shipment yesterday. I was planning on having the brocolli soup for lunch today and you all have me scared to try it. Can someone who has perfected this recipe for the crackers give all the instructions? I would really appreciate it. I'm not sure whether to bake them or fry them or how much water, etc...and what temperature if in the oven? I have read the whole thread and now I am just confused..

Please HELP!.

So far the meals I have had tasted fine. The only one that was marginal was the chicken noodle soup, any ideas?.


Comment #76

Im a newbie too and I just tried these with my free sample pack of Cream of Broccoli.


Looks like I'll be ordering a lot more soups..

Y'all are geniuses, thank you!.

I am SO glad I checked out this board. Tonite my daughter had a friend over and they both wanted my husband's famous Tuna Noodle Casserole (3 little ones jumping up & down chanting TNC! TNC!) Well I love it too and I was pretty bummed I had to obstain. I just lucked upon this thread. I had these right before dinner and sat happily eating my salad and veggies while all around me noodley abrosia was wolfed down..

Another bonus is this is easy. I didnt cook at ALL untill my kids were born and since then as little as possible, (thankfully my husband digs cooking). This is unquestionably my favorite Medifast meal now. I recommend everyone try it out right away..


Ps: For Diane1, I did exactly what the first poster cruisin240 said. Here's what I saved to my notepad. Pls see previous posts for due credit on the variants & notes..

Broccoli Cheese Cracker.

1 packet cream of broccoli Medifast soup mix.

1 tsp baking powder.

Sprinkle of basil.

(I added a dash of Molly McCheese).

Mix together.

Adding the water slowly to the dry ingredients until the consistency is that of a pancake mix, I then dropped it by teaspoon on a baking pan sprayed with olive oil pam.

Bake at 375 for about 6 min and then flipped them over....for another 5-6 min both sides are browned and crunchy..

Also, they seemed to taste better once they cooled completely and had more of a crunch to them..

Varient Tomato Garlic Cracker.

Tomato soup, added a little garlic powder and a sprinkle of onion flakes.

Varient Chicken Biscuit.

Cream of Chicken, a bit of garlic powder, a bit of onion powder.

Varient Bruschetta: Tomato soup Cracker. Add a tiny bit of diced tomato, added a TINY bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar and a tad bit of onions.

Variant Chili Crackers:.

1 pkg chili (ground fine).

Onion powder.

Garlic powder.

Dash cumin.

1/4 c. water minus 1 T..


When I make them, I use parchment paper and don't bother flipping them. I just let them bake for 12 - 14 minutes until they start to brown on top. They peel off of the parchment paper quite easily.

I bake them as one big piece on release foil so they peel off easy - I also turn up the edges of the foil to make a shallow little pan of it. I add quite a bit of water, so I don't think parchment paper would work as well. When the edges are brown, I turn them over to make sure it's crispy overall...

Comment #77

Thanks..I am going to try these. Actually yesterday I had the cream of brocolli soup and made a portion of chicken bouillion at the same time and poured them together and had them and they tasted pretty good. Better than the chicken noodle!.


Comment #78

I'm posting on this to bring it back to the top for the new people. I just love this recipe. I made it this weekend twice once with the cream of chicken soup, garlic powder and onion powder. Then again with tomato soup, mexican seasonings and black pepper. I ordered the tomato soup a while back just to make these. I don't even like tomato soup but love these.

I use my silicone baking sheet and get about 12 cracker per meal. These even travel well and are good a few days later...

Comment #79

Thanks for posting and bringing this thread up again for those of us new to the diet. I made them tonight with the Cream of Broccoli soup, a tsp of Hidden Valley Ranch Powder, a teaspoon of Molly McButter - Cheese flavor, and Pepper. They were SO Yummy!!! I call them my CheesyRanch crackers! And I'm sure I'll make them often!!!..

Comment #80

Another modification - don't know if anyone else has tried and/or posted this, but I did it this morning out of desperation. If it's in an earlier post, forgive me..

I was trying to make the crackers but went overboard with the water - the mix looked too runny to continue. Then I looked in the fridge and spied the cream cheese. Being a Southern girl, I decided to add a bit - just as I would to cheese straws. The end result is fabulous!.

1 pkt cream of chicken.

1 T cream cheese (I used the kind in the tub) - 45 cals and 1 g carb - 0.5 oz from lean.

Sprinkle of curry powder.

Sprinkle of garlic powder.

~2 oz of water.

This mix should be slightly fluffy and pretty thick. I dropped by tablespoons (I got 5) onto a cookie sheet liberally sprayed with PAM. I flattened them to about 1/4" then baked for 10 minutes at 350, flipped them and baked for another 5-6 min until golden brown on both sides. I let them cool on a rack a little before I tasted them..

Thanks to everyone who suggested I try making crackers with the cream soups! I'm in love!..

Comment #81

About the water - the packets have been off lately - some seem heavier than others. So I'd add the water slowly, starting with just a couple of tablespoons. Don't make the mistake I did this morning and flood your crackers!..

Comment #82

This is great and easy for us non- cooks!!!.

Thanks to all for the easy recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #83

These sound awesome, I can't wait to get home and try them.....

Comment #84

Those of you that have tried the crackers-about how many did you get? I tried this weekend and my "crackers" were huge! I ended up with about 7. They tasted good, but I couldn't get them crunchy without burning them. Any suggestions?..

Comment #85

Bump. And good question. How many do you get?..

Comment #86

Ok, I'm bumping this recipe up, as I just finished eating Cream of Tomato soup crackers and they were wonderful..

I used the COT soup, 1tsp of baking powder, and some sun-dried tomato & basil seasoning. I filled my measuring cup with water,just barely to the 1/3 cup mark. Mix all the dry ingredients first while my oven preheats. I used my baking stone and sprayed it with no-stick spray. Then I added the water a little at a time, stirring to check the consistency...but I did use almost the whole 1/3 cup. Then I use a spoon and scoop out little dollops onto my baking stone...I think I had 8.

I set my timer for 8mins first, but I flipped them at 10 mins. Then I shut the oven off and left them in for a few minutes longer. They were almost a chip! I did sprinkle them with a little garlic salt after they were out of the oven.

Anyway, this recipe works for all of the cream soups. If you don't like those, try these crackers...

Comment #87

Wow these sound great! I just got some CoT soup in yesterday's shipment, so I will go home tonight and try these. I actually do like the cream soups (guess I'm in the minority!), but this is only my 2nd week, and I can see where the time will come when I'll start to get bored with them and want some variety, and I am missing crunchy things. The Medifast garden veggie crackers are ok, but I didn't like them as much as I thought I would..

Thanks for the creativity and sharing of all the ideas! Maybe I'll get brave enough to try creating something one of these days.....

Comment #88

This sounds like a good ideaI do not like the cream soups...Also, does anyone know how to change their ticker? Mine has not updated for a few weeks nowthanks...

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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