Cheating on Nutrisystem and still lost weight?

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Is it possible that after a few months of Nutrisystem your body is just a fat burning machine even when you slip? Last week was my birthday week, so all weekend I was being taken out for dinners etc and even had a couple of drinks. I would have been happy not gaining this weekend. I just did my Monday weigh in and I lost another 2 pounds like I had every week prior to today! CRAZY!.

I guess when I went out to eat, I did try to practice portion control, and I did try to follow the "What to order" parameters, but needless to say, this was kind of a nice birthday surprise from my body!!.

Oh, AND this weekend I bought a new coat. I bought a Small!!! The last coat I bought was in May, it was an XL.

Feeling pretty good on this Monday morning...

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Your question was: Cheating on Nutrisystem and still lost weight?.

Maybe they are used to seeing you as a larger person? Maybe they are a bit jealous you are doing well? Maybe that's just their way of trying to compliment you? I dunno. But how much you lose is up to you!.

I'm just now going thru clothes and fitting into pants I haven't worn since 2006. I still have a ways to go but progress makes me happy!..

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Pop-Tart, you'll find more and more people telling you that you don't need to loose any more as you get closer and closer to your goal. I think that most Americans no longer know what is a normal weight. Those people I reassure that I'm working with my doctor and that I'm not in any way going to starve myself or diet to an unhealthy weight. I look at myself, and I've finally gone from and 24W to a size 10 and a few 8's, and I can still see that I really do need to loose the last 16 to 18 pounds but no one else does, unless they see me in a swim suit. I've gotten really good at buying clothes that flatter the figure I'm at right now. So there are people who just don't realize how much is left on my hips and abdomen/waist.

Some people may be saying this because you are scaring them.... you are no longer the comfort zone... (at least I'm smaller than her) plus you are proving that if you want it enough and are willing to do the work, it is possible to loose weight and reach your goals. That can be very threatening to someone who is not quite ready to take that step.

And some people are just jealous. Those you can just ignore.

Congratulations on your success. Keep going until you meet your goals...

Comment #2

When will people ever say to us "you're doing a great job!" with no commentary, and if the subject of goal weight/size comes up, say "I'm sure you know what is right for you."..

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Congrats on your weight loss. I just started just over a month ago, but down 16lbs, and fitting into jeans I have not been able to wear in over a year. No one even says anything to me until I tell them my lastes measurements. But that is why you come here to the boards, you can get all the support you need. Keep it up, and make your goal!..

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Don't give up on your friends. When you have so much to loose like I did, it takes a while for others to pick up on the changes and to be sure enough to venture saying anything. When I started I'd seen posts referring to the fact that after dropping 10 pounds you would be a size smaller. I had to drop about 40 before I started moving down in clothing size. It was about this time that people started noticing the weight loss. My co-workers all knew what I was doing, so they picked up on some subtler changes a little before that, but I didn't start getting comments from others until after reaching that 40 pound mark...

(But I had an awful lot of weight to loose) I think people are afraid to hurt your feelings and are not really sure if what they are seeing is accurate. Now I get comments all the time, many of which start with..."You're not still loosing weight are you?"..

Comment #5

MY thoughts exactly.

If You know what your target weight is then keep up the good work, after all you are doing this for yourself...

Comment #6

Cinderelli22- I have a picture of me sitting in that exact same chair as you have in your profile! Just thought that was funny.

And yes, you are all correct. I would prefer the support minus the commentary. Some are jealous because they were my eating buddies before I started. Others, I don't know, maybe I'm good at hiding my fat bits too?.

But I agree, wish they could just say good job..

And great job to the rest of you!..

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